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Ultimate Ebook Creator Review - Formatting for Kindle Made Easy

Ultimate Ebook Creator Review - Formatting for Kindle Made Easy

Recently on Affilorama, we have been featuring a number of webinars on creating, promoting and selling Kindle books; but one of the complaints we hear time and again from users is the trouble they have formatting their ebooks for Kindle. Because of this, they have given up on marketing through it; which is a wasted opportunity. Mark Ling is a big fan of Kindle and is regularly making thousands of dollars off of sales. Ebooks are nothing new; but thanks to Kindle they have now become a mainstream product that the average user is happy to purchase. Kindle has “legitimized” the ebook market, and with the market still wide open it is the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge with the world – and make plenty of money along the way. That is why we are very excited by a recent product launched; Ultimate Ebook Creator.


What is Ultimate Ebook Creator?

It is a software tool that lets you easily create ebooks to publish and upload to the web. In particular, it is optimized to be used with Kindle and includes a number of nifty additions to make things easier for you. With the software, you can easily create:

  • A home cover page
  • A professional introduction page
  • A table of contents that automatically lists chapters created (with a unique addition of being able to easily create segmented pages within chapters)
  • Different pages, chapters and segmented pages for your ebook using the included visual editor.
  • Plus lots more additions included.

Today, I am going to take you through the software and show you how easy it is to create an ebook with it.

Step 1: Adding in Book Information (+ tips on optimizing for SEO)

The book information will automatically generate the meta data that Kindle needs to add your book to their database. Does that sound scary? Well, with Ultimate Ebook Creator, it isn’t. All you need to do is click on the ‘Book Information’ tab and fill in the different sections.



PRO TIP: This information is very important when optimizing your ebook for the Kindle search engines. Make sure that your book description includes keywords and phrases that people will be searching for when trying to find ebooks. Be sure to include these in the keywords box as well.

One thing we noticed is that there was no “enter” button included in this page; which made it a bit confusing for us as we didn’t know if the information would be saved if we navigated away from the tab. It turns out the information is saved, and this is a very small quibble.

Step 2: Add a Book Cover Image

This is as simple as simple gets. Simply use the upload dialogue to upload an image which will be your book cover image, and the program does the rest for you.



PRO TIP: We recommend that your image be 600x800 pixels as this is the size that Kindle is optimized for.

Confusingly, the program does not tell you this when uploading it, but this mentioned in the Ultimate Ebook Creator training documents and videos. Another thing we wished it would do is automatically resize images that are too big. However, to compensate they include a video which gives you an overview of how to use GIMP (a free graphics editing software tool) to create a image that is 600x800 pixels. The video is very good, very clear and easy to understand. Again, this is a very small quibble and it is very easy to create an image that is the right size.

Step 3: Create a Title Page

You may have noticed that professional ebooks usually include a title page with legal and copyright information. This protects your content from intellectual thief, and something we recommend that all authors and publishers include. To make things even easier for you, Ultimate Ebook Creator automatically generates this for you. All you need to do is fill in your information and you are done.




Step 4: Add Content & Generate a Table of Contents

Adding a page is very easy, and this is where the software really shines. Underneath the ‘Table of Contents’ tab, simply right click and select the ‘Add Chapter’ option from the menu. In the dialogue box that opens, input your chapter title. You will then be taken back to the main software dialogue, where you can input your content into the visual editor box.



The visual editor box is fantastic; one thing that has been frustrating publishers for a lot time when uploading to Kindle is that their ebooks are often rejected because of formatting issues. Ultimate Ebook Creator is optimized for this and all of the formatting options are Kindle-friendly. You can bold text, add italics, underline words, add bullet points, create indents, add pictures and more. To make things even easier the text is automatically set to Arial and is size 12 by default; this is the recommended settings for Kindle and looks great when published.

Your Table of Contents page is automatically generated, and it creates clickable links so that you can skip directly to the different chapters. You can create unlimited chapters; and within those chapters you can create segmented sections. These are part of the chapters; and they will appear indented blow the chapter as clickable links. It is very easy to create and it lets you organize your ebook for your readers.

Step 5: Generate your Ebook & Upload it to Kindle

Simply click export, and select to export it to the Kindle format; .mobi – it will then save it in this format for you. All you need to do then is to submit it to Kindle on their website, and you are done!


  • Easily create and generate Kindle ebooks; the streamlined process is great for beginners that need help creating ebooks ready for Kindle, and advanced users that want a software tool that will make creating ebooks faster and easier than manually.
  • Content is added using visual editor boxes, making it easy to design your pages to look exactly as you want them to look without code.
  • Makes formatting for Kindle easy.
  • Easy meta data boxes, so that you can optimize your ebook for Kindle’s search engine and be found by users.
  • Lots of other great additions; some of these include the ability to create segments within chapters, the article database tool, a host of training material/videos and more – all included as part of the package.


  • Some parts of it can be initially confusing; for example, we didn’t immediately know that we could navigate away from a tab and we hadn’t missed the “save” button.
  • It does not automatically resize cover images to Kindle’s specifications.
  • What we would love is for each chapter to have a “preview” button where we can see what it would look like on a Kindle-sized screen/resolution.


The team at Affilorama were really impressed by Ultimate Ebook Creator. It streamlines the process it make it easier for beginners, and faster for advanced users. The visual editor’s features are optimized to work with Kindle, and so you shouldn’t get any more of those frustrating Kindle formatting issues and have your book rejected. Be prepared to watch the training videos and read the material; I highly recommend the videos. They are very easy to watch, are very clear and outline what to do. With them, you’ll be up and running with your first ebook on Kindle’s marketplace in no time.

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  • Reply Davin Ogden - That Davinator Guy • 3970 days ago

    Yes, indeed UEC is an excellent, top notch product. I was one of the first purchasers when Nitin first released it. Even though it was already excellent from the start, he keeps updating it consistently, and it's always improving.

    Definitely a two thumbs up for Ultimate Ebook Creator:-)

  • Reply Master. Andre • 3970 days ago

    I am glad you are in the news and you truly deserve it. But, to tell you the truth, this is no news to me. I stumbled on your product while surfing the internet a few months ago. I have been using this product since then and I love it. As far as I am concerned, anyone involved in the publishing industry should have a copy.

    Congratulations Nitin and I hope the media would pick up on it.

  • Reply Shakeel Mirza3970 days ago

    Yes, agreed ... it is a great product !

  • Reply Master Andre • 3970 days ago

    I forgot to mention in my previous comments that I am enjoying great customer service from Nintin as well. I thought it was important to mention that because it gives me assurance knowing that he is just an email away. I also enjoy the constant upgrade to keep up with the market demands as well as the videos he puts together for oour enjoyment. I can tell he enjoys what he does and appreciate his clients


  • Reply Rick Thomas3970 days ago

    I was a beta tester for Ultimate Ebook Creator and was very impressed at this great formatting tool in it's infancy. It has grown in leaps and bounds in it's releases to produce what I can best classify as the best Kindle formatting tool available. The product creator, Nitin, has produced other excellent software and this is in that same class of excellence. Amazingly I know of a competitor who was intimidated by Nitin's excellent product and tried to spread bad reviews. I highly recommend this also especially since Nitin is very responsive to customers and product improvement. I use this tool for all my books.

  • Reply Rosalee Waight3970 days ago

    Ultimate Ebook Creator is one of the easiest tool to use. I've tried several others, but the creator has made it easy understand and follow. The formatting fits my Kindle perfectly. I also like that it is always being improved upon.

  • Reply Donna Patterson3970 days ago

    Previously I had used another program that was soooo complicated. How happy I am to now be using the ultimate-ebook creator. It is a joy to use especially adding pictures easily is a huge advantage. You will like it too.

  • Reply chuck swope • 3970 days ago

    I've been using UEC for awhile now. It;'s the easiest and best thing I've found for formatting Kindle, Ebooks, PDF and other flles you may need. Its genius is that it's SUPER EASY to use.

  • Reply Philip Clark3970 days ago

    I purchased UEC some time back and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use. It does exactly what it claims to do, unlike a number of more expensive examples! Another really good thing is that the author of this software is so approachable and willing to deal with any challenges quickly and efficiently.
    I can highly recommend the UEC and its creator.
    Philip Clark.

  • Reply John Argubright • 3970 days ago

    I created my three volume book series "Bible Believer's Archaeology -Historical Evidence that Proves the Bible" with Ultimate Ebook Creator. It amazed me that I couldn't find any software package out there that would allow you to easily create an ebook compatible for Amazon.com. Then I came across the Ultimate Ebook Creator. It was very easy to use and I had my ebook created without needing to be an expert programmer. I highly recommend this product. If you want to see a sample of how my books turned out follow the link below and then click "Look Inside" .

    John Argubright

  • Reply Eddie Smith3970 days ago

    I love this program. I'd bought three others, but they were more complicated, less effective. This one is the only one I use now. I'm through shopping for a Kindle formatting program.

  • Reply Ken Gullette3970 days ago

    After struggling with the concept of formatting an ebook for Kindle, I discovered Ultimate Ebook Creator and bought it. The videos that Nitin shows are correct. It is easy to use and I created my first ebook a month ago. It made nearly $350 in royalties the first three weeks. I added my second ebook last week and it is selling. I am shocked at how easy Ultimate Ebook Creator made this process, and I have at least 20 more ebooks planned. You don't have to be a math genius to see how profitable this can be. I'm a very happy customer.

  • Reply Tricia Martinez3970 days ago

    Great tool and support! I am a beginner in writing e-books. This tool makes 'reinventing the wheel' obsolete. I do not have to use precious time learning file conversions,formatting and specified regulations, to qualify my E-Book for submission to all the available marketing sites! This tool empowers me with the ability to market an e-book to readers from their personal, mobile devices! My e-books will not be limited to P.D.F. and P.C. formats. I can also create my E-Book in a Word document, (a program that I am familiar with), and this tool converts it to P.D.F. or other desired formats.This is an incredible opportunity for me because I am ignorant in formatting details for mobile device applications. This tool also provides a complete, organized, and professional program that only requires the user to input their desired data to accomplish a professionally marketable e-book! I am very excited and grateful to have this tool and I am just a beginner with a list of topics! As a beginner, this tool enables me to move forward, without meeting obstructive hurdles, that will block my path to success!
    After my purchase of this tool, the creator, has followed up with me, in my inbox, with a wealth of helpful information to aid in my success. He does not fill my inbox with affiliate, sales offers. He is genuinely interested in assisting and aiding others to succeed! What a breath of fresh air and mutual kindness and caring for your fellow man! He is very sincere in his assistance and has prevented any possibilities of dissatisfaction. His Ultimate Ebook Creator is so simple and all the "brain work" is done for me! This leaves me with only the simple task of typing!
    Thank you, Nitin Mistry, (Ultimate Ebook Creator) for helping those of us that desire to create e-books but had no idea how to do it! Thanks for eliminating the stress and frustration of ignorance and enabling us with a tool to move forward and succeed!
    In sincerity,
    Tricia (Future-E-Book Author)

  • Reply Tim Snapper • 3970 days ago

    I have been using this software for a year now and it makes making books so easy. It formats not only to Amazon, but Smashwords, Lulu, Epub, PDF, and Word for windows. With it's host of features it is far and away the best ebook formatter out there.

  • Reply Steve Wright3970 days ago

    I wanted an easy solution to writing and publishing e-books, and yup, this application is what I have been looking for. Not only is it easy to use, but it has great tutorials which make the application even easier to us and will be helpful in allowing me to create informational e-books for easy viewing.

    Thanks Nitin, great product.

  • Reply 3970 days ago

    I have used Ultimate EBook Creator (UEC) for all my books and I am very pleased -- no funky formatting errors to displease the reader. We all know that funky formatting can get us a bad review, even if the content is stellar! UEC is easy to learn (reading this very blog post is almost all you need!) and works like a charm. I recommend it and never use anything else. By the way, UEC also works for Barnes & Noble submission to Nook with the same source file!

  • Reply Markess • 3970 days ago

    The best of it's kind. Hands down the best eBook program in the world. If you find another one like it it's just a copy so just stick with the real thing.

    I could not have done my books without UEC. The name speaks for itself.

  • Reply Diane Chesson • 3970 days ago

    I really like working with UEC for a few reasons. First, as Sarah Crisp shows you above, it's easy to use...really a pleasure. Second, Nitin, the creator, frequently improves the functionality. Third, Nitin very quickly responds to any questions you might have. All in all, it's a great experience.


  • Reply Allan Webber3970 days ago

    I have used this product for three months and have already published two books to Kindle. Unlike so many things in IT software this product DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS. it makes the process easy. And behind the product is an author with a rare quality, he cares about his customers.

  • Reply Jerome Weaver3970 days ago

    I own the Ultimate eBook Creator and I was glad that I found an eBook software that was easy to use. And yes the videos are great! I agree that the UEC need some more components to make it the Ultimate eBook on the market today. One component is an editor that will allow copy and paste without loosing the visual features that are optimized to work with Kindle; and the automatically resize cover images to Kindle’s specifications. I am looking to publish my first ebook with it soon. Keep up the great work UEC.

  • Reply Michael Harvan • 3970 days ago

    I have found the Ultimate Ebook Creator intuitive and very easy to use. Additionally, the creator of UEC, Nitin Mistry, has been more helpful than any other product developer with whom I have had experience. He responds to emails promptly and addresses any concerns may arise in the use of UEC.

  • Reply Lilly Pearce • 3970 days ago

    This is a fantastic piece of software and a must for all writers and self-publishers. You write your whole book into it, upload photos and then it even formats everything for upload to the publishing platforms.

    Nitin is a great guy and always there with support and advice so you never feel alone.

  • Reply Ian Newbegin3970 days ago

    I bought ultimate ebook creator and must say, it is easy to use and reproduces ebooks which actually look great. I am pleased with the product and the designer, Nitin, responds quickly to problems, and works to fix the bugs. Didn't happen with my other programs!

  • Reply Heike Andree • 3970 days ago

    Having the test version since yesterday on my (old) PC ... and I'm definitely hooked. It's awesome. And, yes; I'm a big fan too!
    The only con for me: I'm a Mac user ...

  • Reply Cristian Andriesei3970 days ago

    I agree with Sarah, this seems to be a must in writing e-books for Kindle or other platforms. It is good for beginners and really cheap. I strongly recommend it.

  • Reply Grant Solomon3970 days ago


    Thank you for UEC!

    I am a writer in the UK with 3 books for adults published by mainstream publishers, HarperCollins and Piatkus.

    For children, I write and independently publish fiction under a pen name, 'Jack Trelawny': www.jacktrelawny.com

    Before UEC, ebook writing was difficult and complicated. With UEC, it is easy and simple. I often tell people how good UEC is.

    Before UEC, in order to get my 'Kernowland in Erthwurld' six-novel series published as ebooks for Amazon, etc., I had to use a printer with an e-book department to make them. With UEC, I can do it myself. (I also find the way UEC is structured - chapters/sections/links - makes it very easy, much better in fact, to actually write the story inside the program rather than using Word or other programs).

    This said, suggestions for improvements would be:

    i. a spellchecking function that allows auto-correction of all instances of a wrongly-spelled word throughout the book and

    ii. a paragraph indent function that would allow auto-indenting of all instances of paragraphs throughout the book.

    I have almost finished the first book in the new Jack Trelawny series, 'Thirteen Things', using UEC. This will soon be published in various formats using the very simple UEC 'Export' function.

    Like all authors, I am interested in developing my online and passive income streams as this allows more time to create and write. I see UEC as a means to this end.

    Keep up the good work, Nitin!

    Grant Solomon
    aka Jack Trelawny

  • Reply 3970 days ago

    I use the Ultimate Ebook Creator. It has been the answer to my prayers.

  • Reply Ully Roessle • 3970 days ago

    I´m from Germany and I use the Ultimate Ebook Creator. I can only subscribe to what Sarah wrote.
    I love it and would never create an Ebook without this software.
    It´s an amazing program to generate ebooks.
    I think everybody who wants to make Ebooks needs it.
    When I was a beginner 3 months ago, I wrote my first ebook in 3 days and it took me only 4 hours to be accepted on amazon.( You can take a look on Amazon, if you like- the title is: "Falsch machen erlaubt")

    For me it´s:
    + generating professional Ebooks
    + structured working and writing
    + comprehensible guide and videos
    + get prompt, friendly and helpful support from the developer.
    + have free lifetime software updates
    + during creating the ebook it takes only seconds to generate a mobi-file
    and have a preview on the kindle for pc to see how the ebook formatting looks like, so I can make changes before publishing.
    My advise is to take the great offer and try it free and see for yourself- think that´s the best way to find out.

    Make your own experience and many greetings from Germany

  • Reply Martin Baxter • 3970 days ago

    Hi Sarah, we have been in talks with the creator of Ultimate Ebook Creator (UEC) Nitin Mistry, to see how this exciting product can work for us at Edge Hill University.

    We're not looking to sell ebooks online, however we do want to explore the option of making an ebook version of documents accessible online to our students.

    Our area of interest is creating ebooks for multiple devices and making them available to our students via a repository and/or through Blackboard Learn (Virtual Learning Environment). The aim is to offer ebook versions of documents students would normally receive as Word or PDF document, such as a course handbook and make it viewable on their device in the appropriate format.

    When I first saw UEC I was quite impressed, so much so a team of us have just started testing to see what it offers us in Higher Education, with a view to piloting its use with tutors later in the year.

    Like you we love the user interface which is simple, familiar and intuitive. I agree there are just a couple of niggles to iron out in terms of auto image sizing or at least be able to click an image and rescale it by dragging a corner for example, but nothing major so far.

    Loved reading your blog post it helps to know what others are saying about EUC.

    Sarah Chrisp3967 days ago

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your comments. I'm glad that you found our review useful. It was an honest review and as you can see from all of these shinning comments that lots of other people agree with us! I'm sure that you'd find it very useful. Even if your tutors/professors aren't that tech-savvy I'm certain they'll find it very easy to use. It is beginner-proof. I have also been in contact with Nitin (the creator) and he is very open to feedback and is a great guy. I'm sure he'd be able to help update the product with any features that you need for your staff.


  • Reply James Gillies • 3970 days ago

    I thought that your comments were well made, including the criticisms. That said, the site's creator has a reputation for taking helpful criticism on board. One e-mailed comment from me about a problem I was having resulted in an update and a resolution within six hours. Impressive! I love this software. It has allowed me, a newcomer to virtual publishing, to plunge head first into the process with a confidence I would not otherwise have possessed. The video tutorials are friendly and wholly accessible. I thoroughly recommend Ultimate E-book Creator to anyone venturing into the world of virtual publishing.

  • Reply Ully Roessle3969 days ago

    I´m from Germany and I use the Ultimate Ebook Creator. I can only subscribe to what Sarah wrote. I love it and would never create an Ebook without this software.
    It´s an amazing program to generate ebooks.
    I think everybody who wants to make Ebooks needs it.
    When I was a beginner 3 months ago, I wrote my first ebook in 3 days and it took me only 4 hours to be accepted on amazon.( You can take a look on Amazon, if you like- the title is: "Falsch machen erlaubt")
    For me it´s:

    + generating professional Ebooks
    + structured working and writing
    + comprehensible guide and videos
    + get prompt, friendly and helpful support from the developer.
    + have free lifetime software updates
    + during creating the ebook it takes only seconds to generate a mobi-file
    and have a preview on the kindle for pc to see how the ebook formatting looks like, so I can make changes before publishing.
    My advise is to take the great offer and try it free and see for yourself- think that´s the best way to find out.

    Make your own experience and many greetings from Germany

  • Reply Vernon Johnston3968 days ago

    Nitin has bent over backwards to see that I understand and can use the program. His videos are excellent, but what is even better are his responses to my emails when I an 'stuck'. . . Vj

  • Reply nitin mistry3967 days ago

    Hi Sarah,

    It's me!! Nitin - the creator of Ultimate Ebook Creator (or UEC in short). I am humbled by all the wonderful feedback from your readers. I will continue to enhance UEC as I have done in the past. To this effect I am beta testing UEC with a brand new professional editor that rivals MS Word. I am also making this editor available for creating physical books - for which you may know the formatting is very different from ebooks.

    I am also thinking of creating a web based version for all the Mac users (and anyone else) out there that have asked me for a Mac version.

    Take care and I will talk to you very soon...


  • Reply Clive Basson3966 days ago

    After spending many hours battling with an arduous Kindle formatting process, I discovered Ultimate Ebook Creator. This easy to use product has certainly helped me to speed up publishing on Kindle!

  • Reply Larry Howeth • 3959 days ago

    UEC is a great product. It made creating and organizing my book so easy. Once the book was formatted by the software it went through the Kindle publishing process without a single problem. Highly recommended.

  • Reply Babujee Datta • 2416 days ago

    How do I get your product Ultimate Ebook Creator in Calcutta India, Nitin?

    Cecille Loorluis • 2416 days ago


    The Ultimate eBook Creator is a digital book. You can purchase it at http://ultimateebookcreator.com/?hop=affilorama

    All the best!

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