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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online by promoting the products of another company for a commission on each sale you generate.

People who promote products in this manner are called "affiliates", or sometimes "partners" or "associates". Most affiliates promote products through their websites or email lists, but you're not restricted to these methods: Basically, anywhere you can put a website address or a hyperlink can be turned into a promotional vehicle -- the only limit is your imagination.

Affiliate marketing isn't a pyramid-selling scheme, and it's not a tool for scammers and spammers. Affiliates are regular people looking to earn some extra cash from their websites, or individuals wanting a serious work-at-home business that they can perform from anywhere in the world, with serious earning potential.

When we say "affiliate marketing" we're actually talking about a bunch of things:

  • Finding good products to promote
  • Building websites
  • Conducting market research
  • Search engine optimization (getting your website ranking well in the search engines)
  • Creative ways to promote your products
  • Social networking and "web 2.0" strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Creating or sourcing content for your website or newsletter
  • Getting motivated, staying motivated, and avoiding potential mishaps
  • Earning money by displaying ads on your site (eg, Google AdSense)

... And there's quite a bit more.

Here at Affilorama we teach all aspects of affiliate marketing to take you from complete "newbie" to high-rolling "super affiliate", and we do it for free. No massive joining fee, no subscription charges, no ridiculous hype, no catch.

All you have to do is create your free membership, and you'll gain immediate access to all our resources. Pretty good deal, huh?



What is Affilorama?

Lessons & videos

Want to make money online as an affiliate? Not too sure where to start? Affilorama has free video lessons on all aspects of affiliate marketing, complete with comprehensive written notes.


Ask questions, get help with your website, or just shoot the breeze with other like-minded people. The forum is a great place to get tips from other affiliates and Affilorama staff.

Affiliate tools

Speed up your market research, check your backlinks, find out the quality score of your PPC landing page... and more! We've got a whole section full of affiliate tools to help speed you on your path to success.


Our intrepid founder, Mark Ling, travels the world interviewing some of the biggest names in the affiliate marketing industry. Get an insight into the minds of some of the most successful players in the market!

It's free!

There are lots of websites out there that promise you the "ultimate formula" that will guarantee you success... for a price. We're not into that. All the lessons in Affilorama are free. You need to register to see them, but that's free too.





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"Affilorama put me over the edge towards profits in Internet Marketing. I had learned a lot about Internet Marketing at other places, but it was the landing page techniques in particular that helped me create steady {, growing profits. Because of Affilorama, I'm on my way to financial freedom. Thank You Mark Ling for helping me create my financial dreams."

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"Everything is broken down into understandable language and do-able tasks"

"Everything was broken down into understandable language and explanation, and also into do-able tasks. I went into it feeling completely overwhelmed and came through the course finding a sense of ease and excitement. I took Mark's suggestions and built my first affiliate marketing site. Soon after, I had my first e-book sale. When I think back, I'm thoroughly grateful for having been able to have found a course that gave me the basic tools and knowledge I needed to get me started."

Wendy Wallace

"Affilorama and Mark Ling are like a breath of fresh air"

"Affilorama and Mark Ling are like a breath of fresh air in the often rather jaded world of internet marketing where in my experience people make outrageous claims and promises yet deliver very little leaving you feeling frustrated and even more confused."

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"Affilorama has been a really great product for me, because when I first began using Adwords generally I was breaking even on products or even making a loss on some products. And I just couldn't understand how other affiliates were making money out of it. But since learning everything from Affilorama, sales have just skyrocketed. Now generally I'd make about 80% profit for general sales overall."

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