Spot problems with your website 
before they hurt your business

Perform a complete health check on your website with AffiloTools, and 
get actionable advice on improving its performance.

AffiloTools health check

Are you making silly mistakes with your SEO?


AffiloTools will examine your website's on-page SEO factors and let you know if any issues are spotted (and how serious they are).

Solving SEO problems with AffiloTools

Learn how to improve your page speed


Slow pages mean fewer visitors, and possibly lower search engine rankings.

AffiloTools puts your website through rigorous speed tests, and gives you suggestions for improving your page speed—and keeping your visitors from hitting the "back" button.

AffiloTools page speed test

Every page goes under the microscope


AffiloTools doesn't just look at your homepage. It automatically examines every single page on your website so you can quickly see problem areas.

Finding pages on your site that have bad SEO

Don't freak out about the small stuff

Very few websites are 100% perfect, so it's important not to get too hung up on trivial matters.

AffiloTools prioritizes your issues so that you know which improvements are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck, and which can be safely put to the side for now.

AffiloTools prioritizing website problems

3 more ways AffiloTools will help

See the big picture
Get all your favorite tools, all in one place

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Improve your search rankings
Get better rankings and backlink analysis

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Analyze your competitors
Dig into their rankings, backlinks and more

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