Improve your search engine rankings

with even more insight from AffiloTools' suite of SEO tools. Monitor your 
performance and get actionable advice on improving your rankings.

AffiloTools website rankings

Monitor your search engine rankings in better detail.

Rankings on different search engines
See your rankings in greater depth

See how your site is ranking in different markets and search engines. 
Perfect for sites with international audiences.

Track your search engine rankings
Track your rankings over time

Is this a minor fluctuation or a major trend? AffiloTools tracks each keyword's movement in each search engine over time.

Find out which search engine rankings matter
See which rankings are most important

AffiloTools stacks your rankings up against your actual traffic, so you can see which keywords are REALLY important for your business—and where you should focus your efforts.

Build better backlinks more easily

Quickly sift through millions of webpages to find top-quality sites in your niche that seem open to building links. 
It's like an automated needle-in-a-haystack finder!

You choose which types of sites you want to find:

  • Blogs that allow guest posting
  • Websites with "resources" sections
  • Blogs and forums where you can comment
  • Sites with "sponsors" sections
  • Sites that may be interested in reviewing your site or product
Build better backlinks

Analyze and keep track of your backlinks

  • Discover which sites are linking to you
  • See important statistics for each page and site, including Domain Authority and Page Authority, and easily spot your most valuable links
  • Quickly see your spread of links by TLD, IP address and anchor text
  • See how many backlinks are "followed" or "no-followed"
  • Keep track of your results over time
  • Use this tool on your competitors too! (See how)
AffiloTools backlink analysis

Uncover technical mistakes that may hurt your rankings

  • Get an overall grade on how well your site is performing
  • Automatically analyze every page on your site for on-page SEO blunders
  • Spot issues with page speed and performance that could also hurt your rankings
  • Get actionable suggestions for improving your website's SEO and technical performance
  • Click here to learn more about the health check module
AffiloTools website health check

3 more ways AffiloTools will help

Happy website

See the big picture
Get all your favorite tools, all in one place

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Magnifying glass - analyze competitors

Analyze your competitors
Dig into their rankings, backlinks and more

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Healthy website

Check your website's health
Spot silly mistakes before they hurt your business

See how

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