Check out the competition ... 
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AffiloTools' powerful analysis tools let you peek inside your competitors' 
strategies so you can get the upper hand.

AffiloTools competition analysis

Watch your competitors' rankings in the search engines


AffiloTools lets you add ANY website as a project ... and that includes your competitors. This means you can watch their rankings over time and easily see if they are starting to catch up—or are making a dash for the top spot!

(If they are, you can also see how ... )

Competition analysis with AffiloTools

Examine your rivals' backlink strength and strategy

Scoping out a new market? Want to know how challenging it might be to take out the top spot? Or do you just want to keep tabs on your competitors, and perhaps seek a little inspiration from their link-building strategy?

Simply run AffiloTools' backlink report on any other website and you'll receive a full, detailed analysis of their backlinks, as well as vital stats like PageRank, Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Your reports are all saved, so you can compare reports over time and see who is aggressively building backlinks. These are the ones to watch!

See competitors' backlinks

Get to the bottom of keyword competition before you dive in

Some nuts are tougher to crack than others. AffiloTools' keyword research tool doesn't just help you spot keywords with good search volume ... it also helps you spot keywords where advertisers are crawling over each other for a front-page listing.

Often you can take that to mean the keywords are worthwhile, but may need a bit more effort to rank for.

AffiloTools keyword research

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