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AffiloTools is whole-picture web stats for online marketers

AffiloTools crunches data from a range of premium sources to find out what's REALLY happening on your website.
Search engines, social media, revenue ...

Integrates with: AffiloTools integrates with social media and affiliate marketing sites ... and more coming soon!

Improve your search engine rankings

Monitor your website's performance and get actionable advice for improving your search engine
rankings with AffiloTools' suite of SEO tools.


AffiloTools Google and Bing rankings
See your real rankings

See your website's movement in the search engines in exquisite detail with AffiloTools' detailed ranking reports. Monitor your rankings in multiple search engines and regions, and graph your progress over time.

AffiloTools backlink analysis
Get detailed backlink analysis

Discover which sites are linking to you, and quickly spot which backlinks are most valuable for you. Get valuable data on each link, including page authority, domain authority and whether the link is followed or not.

Build backlinks
Build better backlinks more easily

AffiloTools' groundbreaking intelligent Link Finder tool makes it easy to find quality link partners in your niche who are already interested in building links with you.

Analyze your competition

Keep an eye on other sites in your niche by turning AffiloTools on your competitors.


  • Spot the big players
    Who is rapidly moving up the rankings? How are they doing it? By tracking your competitors' rankings over time, you can identify your most serious rivals

  • Get "inspired" by your competitors' backlinks
    Where are your competitors getting their links from? Which ones are most powerful? Can you steal them for yourself?

  • Get advanced warning of potential threats
    Are your competitors actively building links? Should you be worried? Run regular reports on your biggest competitors to spot new link developments.

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AffiloTools competitor analysis

Check the health of your website

AffiloTools keeps a close eye on your website to spot any technical issues that might hurt your business. When you log into AffiloTools you'll be alerted to any problems.

  • Is your website running slowly? Has it gone offline?
  • Are there any issues with your SEO that could be hurting your rankings?

It's the easiest way to make sure your site is performing its best.


See even more of your data over time

See the long-term trends for your rankings, traffic, social activity, earnings and more. AffiloTools gives you
beautiful graphs to show you the overall picture.


  • Your rankings for each keyword
    Graph your positions over time for as many keywords and search engines as you like.
  • Your pages indexed
    Watch this grow in each search engine, or quickly see when the number dips (which may indicate a bigger problem).
  • Your ClickBank earnings
    Track your affiliate sales or merchant earnings over an even longer period of time (more than 3 months!).
  • Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets
    How far are your social efforts reaching? Watch your popularity grow over time.
AffiloTools traffic, social media and sales graphs

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Mac, PC, your mobile phone ...
AffiloTools works everywhere.

Everything is stored securely online so you can monitor your website from anywhere.

Always up-to-date. No need to
download any software.

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