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Lump Sum Profits Review – All Good or No Good At All?

Lump Sum Profits Review – All Good or No Good At All?

Everyone who’s tried their hands at flipping websites knows that it sounds really easy on paper, but the reality is often far more challenging. You may succeed here and there, but without a solid ongoing plan you’ll not make it far. And to develop that plan, you need someone to teach you the ins and outs of the business – which most often comes in the form of the many guides available out there. Today we’ll be reviewing one of those, which caught our attention with a number of factors, most importantly the simplicity of its explanations.

Lump Sum Profits is a guide and training course which covers the basics of flipping websites and profiting from even the most unexpected of your current ones. There are some tips and tricks you’ll learn from this which can turn dirt into gold – or at least so the authors claim. Let’s have a look at what Lump Sum Profits actually offers and whether it’s worth your money!

Content and Effectiveness

Whether you’re new to the concept of flipping websites, or someone who’s already been doing it for a while but need some fresh new approach, this guide contains relevant information for you in both cases. There are some seriously good ideas for beginners covered here (we’re not just talking about one-off plans that can generate a few quick bucks but then simply run dry) – and you’ll also read about some creatively developed plans that can work well if you have a bit more experience under your belt.

The best part though, is that the guide bridges the gap between these two situations very nicely. That is, if you’re a beginner and you’re reading this guide, by the end of it you’ll be close to a professional – provided you’ve been practicing everything you’re told as you should, of course. There are entire sections devoted to the transition between the amateur mindset and the quick-thinking professional attitude.

What you’ll learn here is actually pretty widely applicable – remember, the whole point of flipping websites is to turn a low-ranking site into a traffic generating machine that ranks on top of the search results for its relevant keywords. This means that you’ll be taught various tricks for boosting a page’s ranking in search engines, as well as general SEO – which in turn will prove very useful to you later on, no matter what you do exactly (as long as it involves Internet marketing, of course). This is one of the signs of a well-written guide in general – when it teaches you things that aren’t directly tied to the guide’s idea but have useful applications in general.

Moving on, you’ll learn how to spot potentially lucrative websites already owned by someone else, and optionally snatch them for low prices too. This is something that’s not directly related to Internet marketing or the idea of flipping websites, so it was refreshing to see it covered so thoroughly in Lump Sum Profits. Basically, this part of the guide tells you how to remain on the lookout for good-looking websites which you can potentially turn around, and how to approach their owners properly without alarming them about the goldmine they’re sitting on.

What It Lacks

Reading through Lump Sum Profits, we noted a few things which stand to be improved or we simply didn’t like much. There are such problems with every guide, and in some cases a more serious one can break the deal completely – luckily, this wasn’t the case with Lump Sum Profits, as most of the problems boiled down to small inadequacies.

For example, some of the claims made in the advertisements are rather inflated – while you may learn how to get good profits out of most websites, you’ll definitely not learn a magic trick that can turn any old website into a goldmine. In the end, if you don’t have the right domain name and a profitable niche, there’s hardly anything you can do to transform the website into a profiting one. There are some tricks you’ll learn which you can apply with some effect to save the situation, but again, don’t expect miracles.

In addition, even though the overall writing style is great and very pleasant to read, it had its shortcomings in some places – some things could’ve been explained more clearly, while in other situations we noticed an outright lack of information which was supposedly a prerequisite for completing the task at hand. Still, there were no fatal flaws that should seriously deter you from buying this.

Compared to Others

The most important thing about a guide of this type is how well it fares against its competition – if you can get the same (or better) information from a cheaper guide, there’s no reason to pay the price for this one, after all. And you should rest assured that Lump Sum Profits is well worth its money, as far as originality and comparative quality are concerned. There are several other popular guides for flipping websites on the market right now, and while some of them are quite good by themselves, they each contain their own unique pieces of information and you can’t directly say which one is better.
But this one definitely holds its own ground, covering tactics which you won’t read about anywhere else, and presenting things in a manner that’s easy to assimilate and stays in your head after you’ve put down the guide.

Worth Your Money?

As a marketer, you’re likely very cautious about buying highly advertised things – especially guides that tell you how to do your job. But when it comes to products like Lump Sum Profits, you should look at it as an investment, one which will pay for itself in a relatively short timeframe too – provided you actually go through with it and don’t put it down after the first 10 pages like some people do with every guide they buy. 

Get it, go through its contents and you’re definitely going to find a few gems in there that work great for you.

Note: The views and opinions of the author of this guest post may not represent the views and opinions of Affilorama.

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  • Reply Sadiq • 4672 days ago

    Thanks for giving a better insight into Lump Sum Profit. I surfed a few links for reviews but found yours to be more genuine.

    If you don't mind me asking, have you or any one you know personally put lump sum profit strategy to use and how have the results turned out for you or them.

    It will be great to know.

    Also is there a real market for people buying websites, or is it just a hype?

    Thanks again.
    Looking forward to hear from you.


  • Reply Lior • 4273 days ago

    Clearly this article was written by Ryan Moran himself, the owner of the product. If you hover over any of the links you can see the URL is a redirect but with 'rmoran' at the end, his own affiliate link to his own product.

    Of course the kid is a brilliant marketer, and wrote some cons along with his article. But beware, this isn't a fully genuine one. Any interest in buying sites using flippa.com should check out their new guides on buying sites at https://flippa.com/pro-guide-to-buying-websites.pdf

  • Reply Michael • 4263 days ago

    Lior, actually the links are not Ryan's own affiliate links. The redirect has rmoran in it, but when you click the link you can see it is actually "affilorama" as the affiliate and not Ryan. But that being said, I don't know who is writing the guest post...

    I did actually buy Lump Sum Profits about a year ago and tried it out. I sold three different of my old sites for a total of about $1000, which is cool but nowhere near the success in Ryan's examples.

    I think this review is accurate in that you can make money selling sites- but they need to actually be valuable to begin with. You can't just sell off an old site with no traffic and no income and expect to make anything.

    If you are really interested in flipping, you might want to check out the course eventually. But before buying anything, I would go ahead and read Flippa's free guide that you linked to.


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