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Rank and Pillage Review – All Hype or Truly World Class?

 Rank and Pillage Review – All Hype or Truly World Class?

The Rank and Pillage course is nearing its release and the hype is inevitably building up – will this guide manage to live up to the expectations everyone currently has about it, and truly break new grounds in terms of teaching people how to do effective yet simple marketing? From what we’ve seen ourselves with the sneak peek we got of the course’s contents, this is definitely something different than the majority of similar guides that have been flooding the market lately.

What You Can Expect

Rank and Pillage makes an impression right from the get go – it has an impressive amount of content included into it, with 250 pages of raw text ready for assimilating by your hungry brains, and a whopping 100 video tutorials with in-depth explanation of some clever techniques. The interesting thing is that all of the tutorials are interconnected in some way – yes, all 100+ of them. They each teach you discrete techniques which can be applied on their own, but if you look at the larger picture you’ll inevitably see how these can work together to create a smooth-running system that’s easy to manipulate.

We were truly impressed with the section that dealt with outsourcing issues – while most guides simply tell you that it’s a good idea to outsource as much as you can as your business is growing, Rank and Pillage actually expands on that and tells you exactly what it is you need to do in order to efficiently work with freelancers on your projects, so that both sides end up satisfied. There were some things that could be explained better (such as the organization of the working hours for several separate freelancers, which was covered a bit hastily) but it’s still quite the comprehensive section which no other guide on the market can offer you.

What’s truly best about Rank and Pillage though, is the simple sense of freshness you get from reading it and looking through the videos – while most other guides these days simply try to ”perfect“ outdated formulas that have been done over and over again, this is the guide which actually explores new grounds and attempts to give a new perspective to things, so that you can be more productive in your marketing without having to rely on the same old strategies to no end.

There are also some experimental plans discussed, with the disclaimer that they’re given ”as-is“ – the authors state that some of them may work spectacularly, while others may fail completely, and it’s all up to you whether you’ll try them out or not. It can be worth it to give some of these a shot though, especially the ones that take less initial investments.

Bonus Content

This is something else with which the authors of Rank and Pillage are making quite the great impression – the extra content you get with your purchase of the guide. First, there are some prize drawings (both officially sponsored ones as well as coming from third parties), as well as personalized coaching sessions and other nifty goodies. You’ll receive exclusive access to some websites if you’re among the first purchasers too, so it can pay to reserve your place in line with those waiting for the official release if you want to get your hands on those goodies fast.

There seemed to be some alternative pricing plans, which we couldn’t pay much attention to – but from what we saw initially, it seemed that you’ll be eligible for even more bonus content if you went for a certain version of that pricing plan. Nothing’s been set in stone yet though, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they just decided to drop the idea in the end and went for a unified pricing scheme – but keep an eye out for any extra deals when the time comes around to buy Rank and Pillage.

Potential Problems

No guide is perfect – and Rank and Pillage is sadly no exception. While it is quite unique and innovative in its presentation, and features some interesting new concepts that are surely unfamiliar to many, but it has some shortcomings in terms of clarity and presentation. For example, some of the videos felt like they could use some more polish and reviewing, which is somewhat understandable considering we were looking at still unfinished footage (supposedly).

In addition, some of the methods described in Rank and Pillage are only good as a one-off thing and not for long-term planning. While this can be good to make a few quick bucks, and the authors explain to you thoroughly that they’re teaching you mechanics with limited use, this still leaves the problem of other people using them before you – basically, it wouldn’t be a problem if each copy of the guide had some unique tactics covered for each person, but when everyone is told the same tricks at once it just becomes a race for who can set up their websites fastest.

Last but not least, we should point out that the language style can be a bit too high-level and complicated for the tastes of some people, as the book is really complex in some of its chapters, especially when it starts dealing with search engine rankings. You’ll need to be familiar with HTML and other Internet-related technologies, as the jargon use is very heavy in these parts of the book, so you’ll have to be careful about how you approach reading this – it’s definitely nothing to fall asleep by.


All in all, we can’t really say many bad things about Rank and Pillage – while it does have the occasional problem, it’s definitely miles ahead of its competition at the moment, and the instant it hits the market it’s going to be a hit – we can only advise you to make sure you get it earlier, so that you can exploit those strategies we explained above while they’re still fresh and going. Other than that, this guide is a must-have for any serious Internet entrepreneur looking to expand their knowledge and horizons.

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