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The Complete Guide to Traffic Review

The Complete Guide to Traffic Review

The Complete Guide to Traffic is a comprehensive video training series with over 40 hours of content in 30 different modules. Its sole purpose is to answer the most pressing question that all internet marketers face. “How can I get more website traffic?”

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The man behind it all is Paul Smithson, founder of Intellimon Ltd and well known for bringing us the website building software XsitePro, XsitePro2 and the free header creation tool Xheader Pro.

Rather than just give you his own methods of traffic generation, Paul and his team have partnered with the University of Bradford (one of the leading business schools in Europe) to pool together insights from thousands of internet marketers around the world. Their study is the biggest ever critical look at traffic generation ever conducted. This research is the foundation on which the whole course is built.

If you want to see the actual results of this study, they’ve compiled a lite version into ‘The Traffic Report 2010/11’ which can be downloaded for free.


The Traffic Report 2010/11, along with another report ‘Getting Traffic’ are available for free and serve as an introduction to the complete course. Though they are amazing as stand alone resources even if you’re not interested in spending the $497 for the full course.

Personally I found ‘The Traffic Report’ a little dry and technical, but it’s refreshing to see the actual research and data that stand behind the course.

‘Getting Traffic’ though, is 70 pages of truly valuable information. While it doesn’t go into the specific how-to details of the video course, it will give you a complete overview of traffic strategies. It'll also provide a unique strategic approach to generating traffic for your sites.


So far I’ve watched through three of the thirty modules. Just those three have 6 hours and 10 minutes worth of content, so you can see how the whole course is easily over 40 hours of content.

Based on what I've seen so far, here’s what to expect:

  • Top-notch production quality.
  • Easy to navigate menu structure. This makes it really easy to skip ahead or find your place in the video.
  • Each video or ‘slide’ is quite short. The longest I encountered was 20 minutes. This really helps if your internet connection drops and you end up having to reload pages (Happened to me a few times).
  • Sometimes the pace was a little slow as a lot of the material is aimed at the beginner to intermediate marketer. But it was easy to skip those parts. There is value here regardless of your level of experience.
  • The material is presented in a real down to earth style. No self-promotion or hype.
  • Every topic is covered in-depth. Each module not only tells you why and how to so something, it also shows you.
  • Courses are presented vith several styles of video content, keeping things interesting.
    • ‘Over the shoulder’ screen capture
    • Whiteboard style
    • Self-paced slide show style
    • PowerPoint style

Complete Guide to Traffic Whiteboard style lessonWhiteboard Style Lesson

  • Quizzes feature at the end of each module, including several variations of multi-choice questions.(They’re not that easy either!) Your mark for each module shows on the homepage as a percentage complete.
  • The quizzes, combined with the easy navigation structure make it easy to see which areas you've picked up on and which you probably should go over again.
  • Occasionally there's a slide with an interactive glossary or one that features useful links. This was also pretty handy.

Complete Guide to Traffic Whiteboard style lessonQuiz

So it’s more than just a collection of videos on generating traffic. There's been a lot of effort put in to make the course as interactive and engaging as possible. The full course also includes a 100 page workbook, which I haven’t been able to get my hands on yet. So it’ll be interesting to see how that is integrated.

The Complete Guide to Traffic is touted as the only traffic course you’ll ever need. Now I don’t know how true that is, but it certainly is a very high quality and comprehensive course.

At the very least, download the Getting Traffic and Traffic Survey free reports. They're well worth a read.

Here’s a little sample of what I learned from each of the sections:

Video Marketing

  • How to dig deep into the traffic data of successful YouTube videos
  • Specific pointers on recording and editing videos
  • The three options you have for submitting videos online

Viral Marketing

  • The secret behind the wildly successful Blendtec viral campaign
  • The essential ingredients of a good viral strategy

Press Releases

  • How to write, format and submit press releases
  • Where to submit press releases for best effect


Price: $497

Guarantee: 365days, 100% money back

Availability: Limited

Suitable for: All levels, although beginner to intermediate would get more out of it there’s still value there for the more advanced.

The Complete Guide to Traffic

Getting Traffic (70 pages) and The Traffic Survey 2010/11 free reports.

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    has anyone else out there tried this? i would like to hear a complete review of this and how it actually effected traffic to your site...

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