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Mobile Affiliate Profits Review – The Truth Behind the Hype

Mobile Affiliate Profits Review – The Truth Behind the Hype

As any Internet marketer knows, nowadays it’s about staying flexible and ahead of the competition – innovation is what drives profits in this market in most cases, so naturally you should ensure that you’re on the verge of that innovation if you want to keep your pockets nicely lined. Mobile marketing is the latest trend that has been gaining new grounds quickly, and it’s becoming more and more recognized among Internet marketers for a number of its factors – it’s simple to execute and implement, targets an audience that’s generally easy to work with, and of course, there is a huge potential for profiting.

The Mobile Affiliate Profits guide is one of the most prominently mentioned guides that deals with this type of marketing right now – and after hearing about it all the time, we decided to give it a shot and see what it offers for ourselves.

What It Covers

First impressions matter – and in this regard, Mobile Affiliate Profits definitely has it right. What you see initially would be enough to sell this to even some experienced marketers, as right from the get go it tells you about some of the more intricate methods covered in the course. The cool thing is that this course isn’t particularly aimed at experts or beginners, it’s more or less balanced between the two extremes and explains some things in detail while also delivering some quite innovative and original ideas that most of you have likely never seen or heard of before.

The course features several ”modules“ and they each concentrate on different aspects of working with mobile marketing. The good thing here is that it starts by giving you the basic explanations you’ll need if you have no experience with this market, and since this is put in its own chapter, you can easily skip it and just move ahead to the relevant stuff. This is in contrast with the majority of other guides out there we’ve seen so far, which simply throw the amateur explanations in the middle of the expert talk, and end up having a really confusing and unprofessional style.

There is even a module dedicated to those who’ve never tried this sort of thing before, guiding you through the process of setting up your very first campaign and seeing it through to the end. We were thoroughly impressed with the detail everything is covered in – it basically takes your hand and holds it throughout the whole process, and you just have to accept what you’re told and keep moving on.

Once you’re done with the basics, you can move on to the more advanced stuff – setting up PayPerCall services, as well as increasing the clicks you’re getting on your regular setups. All in all, Mobile Affiliate Profits examines some strategies which will likely be unknown to even some of the more experienced marketers among you – and it’s worth having a look at for that alone.

What we really enjoyed though, was the personal and direct approach to the actual writing – the guide has a very unique, down to Earth style of writing, and it contrasts quite heavily to most other guides out there which try to sound overly ”professional“ and complicate things for no reason, only to end up sounding pompous and pretentious. Mobile Affiliate Profits actually makes for good bedside reading, as long as you’re going through the parts that don’t require immediate practicing.


We’ve never seen a perfect guide for anything so far – and Mobile Affiliate Profits is no exception, although its problems are rather limited and from what we’ve seen, you can safely overlook most of them if you want and still get a good value for your money.

The first thing we noticed was that the jump between the beginner and advanced stuff was too harsh – that is, at one point you’re reading about how to set up your first campaign, with paragraphs telling you how to actually use the software you’re working with; next thing you know you’re being bombarded with jargon and complex talk which is easily understood by anyone who has a little experience in this sort of thing, but if you’re trying to read the guide in a single go it definitely won’t work out.

The problem is that the authors are expecting you to read this and follow it simultaneously – as opposed to reading it once and then coming back to it when you need help. This is a guide you’ll need by your side when you’re setting up your marketing and learning the ropes, as otherwise you won’t be able to assimilate the whole material and you’ll be left with some holes in your knowledge which will hurt really bad later on.

Extra Content and Bonuses

It wouldn’t be a true marketing guide if it didn’t use some common tricks itself, and it seems you’re going to get plenty of those if that’s your sort of thing. The authors are running a cash reward program, first of all – there are ten rewards which will be given out to buyers, plus various other goodies mentioned in the official release announcement. All in all, even considering just the bonus content alone, it still seems worth it to buy Mobile Affiliate Profits.

Plus, you’re offered access to bonus videos and documentation which outlines some more unusual tactics – sure, these are marketing tricks we’re used to seeing these days, but the things they’re mentioning that you’ll get seem quite attractive, to say the least.


Mobile marketing is still fresh – and largely undeveloped. There are numerous niches, nooks and crannies to explore and exploit; however, even those experienced with general marketing sometimes find themselves confused and lost in this field. When you need a guide which will show you pretty much everything you need to know, from A to Z, this seems like a solid choice and one that will last for a while, as it keeps letting you in on various secrets and tricks that can improve your marketing even more. Worth the money? Definitely!

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