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Super Suggester Review: More Keywords than you can handle?

Super Suggester Review: More Keywords than you can handle?

Super Suggester is a unique new tool for keyword research. Developed by Carlos Marinho and Frederico Vila Verde, it uses the search suggestion boxes in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube to find relevant keywords for you. Because it uses a different method than most other keyword tools it has the potential to uncover a LOT of keywords that you otherwise might not discover.

As an affiliate marketer you can use these keywords to:

  • Find untapped markets
  • Discover topics for articles
  • Brainstorm ideas for niche sites
  • Create PPC search campaigns
  • Discover negative keywords

Super Suggester is a specialized tool. It does one thing (finding keywords) and it does it very well. To find out the traffic and competition around those keywords though, you'll have to use another tool to complement it. In the training videos, Carlos and Frederico use Market Samurai, which you can download as a free trial. This is a good choice, especially if you're a Mac user. Otherwise we'd recommend Traffic Travis, which can also be had free of charge.

Let's see how it works...

First off, installation is really a piece of cake once you've downloaded and have your registration code. The interface is simple and doesn't take long to get the hang of. I do recommend watching the instructional videos that go with it (there are about 16) which walk you through how to perform different searches and how to use the keywords you're finding.

Super Suggester gives you the option of searching for keywords with two methods: Suffix searching and recursive.

Suffix Search

Let's say you want to find keywords around 'dog training'. Using the suffix search will tell Super Suggester to search the suggestion boxes of each site for 'dog training a', 'dog training b' and so on, all the way to 'dog training z'. It will return to you all the keywords that appear.

It's just as if you'd gone to Google, Yahoo, Youtube, and Bing and typed each of those terms into the search box yourself. You can also choose to have the program go through again, searching 'dog training aa', ab, az... all the way to zz.

This deep scan returns a large number of keywords - a search on the term 'iPod' using this setting gave me 2779 keywords. You also have the option of doing this type of scan using just vowels, rather than the whole alphabet, or with numbers 0 through to 9.

Recursive Search

The other option, recursive, takes each suggestion from the initial search and then repeats the process for each of those keywords. If you want to go even deeper you can also take recursive to the second level, which repeats the process on those keywords found from the initial search.

This second level recursive will return you a lot of keywords, especially if you combine this with the deep scan suffix searching. And remember, these keywords are from the suggestion boxes of the search engines, not the Google keyword tool. So you're going to turn up some unique results as compared with other tools.

Supper Suggester Ipod Search

You can see here that a search on the term 'iPod', using both deep suffix search and a 1st level recursive returned just over 12,000 keyword suggestions. If I took this to a second level recursive the number would be more like 70,000 keywords.

The Good and the Bad

  • Looks at four major search vehicles, giving you a wide range of keyword suggestions.
  • Can go really deep and give you thousands upon thousands of keywords.
  • Used on its own, it can't do any more than give you the keyword suggestions.
  • The deeper searches can take a while. Up to and over an hour in some cases. I was a little worried that if this process was stopped mid-way that I wouldn't get any results. But Frederico has assured me that the keywords are saved for the user and are recoverable.
  • Keyword results have a tendency to start with the initial keyword. This is more noticeable when you don't go deep with the search. Going deeper tends to bring out a few more alternatives.


Super Suggester is a powerful tool, especially when you consider the number of keywords that it will provide you with. Not only that, but you're going to get keywords that other software may not find.

Although Super Suggester is not a complete solution on it's own, if you combine the results you get with a tool such as Traffic Travis (or Market Samurai if you're a Mac user) you'll have much greater depth in your keyword research.

So. If you have a little bit of experience with keyword research and want to really dig deep and explore your options, Super Suggester is a really powerful addition to your arsenal of tools.

As of writing, for $77 you'll have a tool you can use for niche research, getting ideas for articles, and it'll be especially useful if you're getting into PPC and negative keywords. Just make sure you combine it with another keyword tool to really get the maximum benefits.

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