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Pitching Products to mailing list (frequency)

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Pitching Products to mailing list (frequency)

Hell guys,

quick question- i have about 40 weeks worth of emails to send out to my list but i am pretty new to email marketing.

i saw someware (affilorama or other) website that had a layout or blueprient of how to send emails to your list
as far as sending content emails-special offers and pitching products.

1st-2nd email are content
3rd email piching product
4th email content
5th-email is special offer---and so on

can anyone with a bit more knowlage in email marketing give me a rough idea of the ratio please (content,pitch, special offers?) or what works for you.
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Hi Nates,

I think the following blog posts will help answer your question:
2 Strong Email Promotion Plans
Getting your newsletter series off the ground

Have a good day!
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A lot ot that is up to you, also you should look at how you are pitching your content.

For example, I have some type of ad in the very first email. however, it is still considered a content email. In the introduction, I usually tell them a bit about what they will get through the newsletter, and have a good 600 word article with some valuable advice right off the bat.
From there, I generally will conclude with a recommended product that is relevant to the problem that they signed up to my list to solve.
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Hi Nate,

You may also check out the following resources on email marketing:

Email marketing overview
Setting up newsletter using mailpush

If you have further questions, just let us know here.

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