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How to setup your newsletter series using MailPush

How to setup your newsletter series using MailPush

This month we've been looking closely at the topic of ‘The Email List', and I've had a lot of people wanting information on the nuts and bolts of setting up an Autoresponder system.

I've created a video that demonstrates how to do this, and answers a few other questions too. The video covers:

  • Why build an email list?
  • Why use MailPush?
  • How to set up your Autoresponder sequence
  • Should you use a double opt-in?
  • When is the best time to send out emails?


Have you got any stories or tips from your own experience? Share them with us below.

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  • Reply Curt Reves3966 days ago

    Great tips Mark. Thanks for the info on days of week and times of day for best open rate. I had not seen that before.

    I think one of the best reasons for building a list is simply to build a relationship with your customers, sometimes just making them comfortable enough to make that first purchase.

  • Reply Marcelo • 3966 days ago

    Hi Mark,

    Excelente video and nice solution.
    I´ve been reading your emails and got so many nice advice, thks.
    Thank you again,
    Marcelo Melgaco

  • Reply Navaneeth • 3966 days ago

    You are such a darling friend. Awesome video and explanation.
    take care

  • Reply Owen Phillips3966 days ago

    Thanks for the video. I don't know if I am missing something about the way things are done, but I find step by step instructions easier to use when I get a combination of video and notes. When I only get a video I usually look at the video, take notes, then use the notes to do the step by step. What are others doing?

  • Reply Ron Hartwell • 3966 days ago

    First let me say that I have really enjoyed the things that I have learned from you even though I am not much of an affiliate marketer.
    I am not completely challenged and I do have some blogs with keywords on page 1 of google but I need to work on conversion. The big outpoint is I have no auto resopnder though I know I need one if I am ever going to be successful online. My problem is that I spent too much money foolishly learning about the internet and am in dire straights financially. If I were to start again I would listen to people like you and Matt Carter and I would have the $30,000.00 I wasted, to invest in being successful, instead of worrying where the rent is going to come from. As a semi retired math and science teacher who has lost all retirement my days are full of stress but I manage to stay positive and hopeful. As I make money I'll be re-investing in the business.
    I have a series of environmental blogs and I have become known in some circles as the green math dr.. I own the domain name thegreenmathdr.com . I am wondering if it would be too unorthadox to set up an auto-responder up on the www.thegreenmathdr.com web site which receives people from links from the other blogs. That may sound weird but I got the idea that there was some sort of charge for each page that has a squeeze page. The point is I need to figure out how I can make at least some money on line and I have never really done affilliate marketing even though I do have a lot of data on it and the squeeze page would be key to making this work.

  • Reply Horege Elconquistidore • 3966 days ago

    Hi Mark thanks for the great video

  • Reply Gary • 3965 days ago

    Thanks great tips love the video i found it very helful.

  • Reply 3953 days ago

    How effective are these sequential emails? Some send them out daily, but is that not too much?

  • Reply Buy Art • 3944 days ago

    Thanks you mark. I really happy to used that given video, I really glad on your great work. When I used your blog I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have very enjoyed . I will keep visiting this blog very often.Its a really very impressive blog.

  • Reply Destiny Karly3944 days ago

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  • Reply shima hbrahim3943 days ago

    it was so helpfull many thanks

  • Reply Kevin Jewett3935 days ago

    hello Mark great tutorial thanks

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