20 High Paying ClickBank Alternatives for 2024: A List of Top Affiliate Networks

By Mark Ling
20 High Paying ClickBank Alternatives for 2024: A List of Top Affiliate Networks


Affilorama is often confused as an affiliate network. While our members are mostly affiliates, and we do have our own affiliate program, we are not an affiliate network.

Like Affilorama, an affiliate network has affiliates for members. Unlike us, affiliate networks have merchants or vendors, sometimes even product creators and owners, as members. Affiliate networks help merchants and product owners find affiliates to help promote their products. They also manage each merchant’s affiliate program, tracking sales and paying out commissions to affiliates.

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ClickBank is one such affiliate network. If you've listened to much of my training, when it comes to showing you how to find affiliate products to promote quite often I personally refer to the ClickBank Marketplace. The reason I do this is because ClickBank approves virtually everyone (unless you are from Nigeria or some other country outside their approval zones), and they have an amazing selection of products to promote with high commissions.

The other reasons are because most of the money that I make comes from ClickBank and also because they are extremely reliable with their on time payments, and I've built up a good relationship with them over the years.

However, in this blog post I want to share with you a list of other alternatives to ClickBank for you to consider as I don't want my own bias to prevent you from seeing that there is a whole world of affiliate offers to promote outside of ClickBank.

I think joining all of these other affiliate networks will be overkill, but billions of dollars in transactions are being made every year through these other networks, and many have fantastic offers that are not available at ClickBank.

I have several affiliate millionaire friends who earn the majority of their income outside of ClickBank, and you may find some of these affiliate marketing platforms very useful to join.

In no particular order, here they are:

Rakuten LinkShare ( 4.7 stars G2 )

Best for: Experienced marketers 

Rakuten LinkShare offers affiliate programs from big brands, but it’s not always easy to get accepted.

About Rakuten LinkShare

They started as LinkShare in 1997, and in 2014, they were bought by Rakuten, and are now part of the bigger Rakuten Advertising. Rakuten LinkShare's main focus is physical products. They have over 1,000 advertisers, some of them big-name brands like Guess and Walmart.

Why choose Rakuten LinkShare?

The big brands under their belt are incentive enough to want to join this affiliate network. If it’s physical products you’re wanting to promote, then Rakuten LinkShare is one of the best places you can get into.

Rakuten LinkShare offers their affiliates various tools including a user-friendly dashboard showing monthly metrics. These, along with their reporting tool, helps affiliates track their performance.

Why NOT choose Rakuten LinkShare?

You may be able to sign up quite easily with Rakuten LinkShare, but it’s a different ballgame where the advertisers are concerned. Advertisers in this affiliate network prefer a website with considerable traffic.

You have to sign-up with each individual advertiser before you can promote their products. This draws out the process, but also demonstrates that higher-quality is important here.

Affiliate Support

There is plenty of documentation to help guide you as you learn your way around the website, but there is no affiliate manager or support email address available if you need help. There is a contact form you can use instead.

Payment methods

Cash, direct deposit and PayPal. Minimum payment threshold is US$50.

Rakuten LinkShare or ClickBank?

The choice may seem easy enough. If you want to promote physical products then Rakuten LinkShare is the obvious network to go with. Digital products are more your things, then head over to ClickBank.

The clincher is how easy it would be to sign up as an affiliate to both networks. ClickBank wins this one for sure. But if you have a website with a steady stream of traffic, then give Rakuten LinkShare a go.

CJ Affiliate ( 3 stars G2 )

Best for: Beginners

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is easy to use and full of useful stats. There’s a large variety of product types to promote.

About CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate was founded the same year ClickBank was: 1998. It was called Commission Junction back then until they were rebranded to CJ Affiliate in 2014.

Aside from having a lengthy and established presence in affiliate marketing, CJ Affiliate boasts of a large variety of products to promote; having, give or take, 3000 merchants in their network. Some of their advertisers include Office Depot, J.Crew, and Priceline.

If you’d like to know exactly how to use CJ Affiliate by Conversant, check out the guide in our free lessons here.

Why choose CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is known for their straightforward, user-friendly dashboard affiliate dashboard.  It’s easy to filter the products here by category, serviceable area, language, currency etc... This makes it very convenient for you to find the best products to promote quickly and painlessly.

Most affiliate networks provide affiliates with a single link or code to promote an entire series of products or an entire product line. As an affiliate publisher of CJ Affiliate, you have the option of promoting individual products of each merchant.

Why NOT choose CJ Affiliate?

Like Rakuten Linkshare, you have to apply to individual advertisers, which takes more time than the instant acceptance of many other networks (such as ClickBank).

It’s usually not too difficult to get accepted by most advertisers here. You will be asked for website information including how much traffic you’re getting. You can tick the “Not Launched Yet” button and complete the signup process. It’s signing up for the higher-level merchants or advertisers that can stump you. They prefer affiliates that have a track record of generating sales and that could be discouraging to new affiliates.

While their user dashboard is easy to navigate, creating links isn’t. You choose an advertiser and instead of being able to select a product and get an affiliate link, you click towards the bottom of the main sidebar and choose which links you want from there.

Affiliate Support

There is a knowledge base or “support center” to help you. You can make use of the “Contact Support” button and send an email using their contact form, or chat with a support staff during their support hours.

They have a phone number listed, and support hours are Monday through Friday 6AM - 5PM Pacific Time.

Payment methods

Payment threshold is US$50. They do have a reputation of paying affiliates each and every month without fail. Payment options via check or direct deposits only.

CJ Affiliate or ClickBank?

They say variety is the spice of life and, with a couple of thousand merchants, CJ Affiliate can offer an affiliate so much more options. They have a solid system in place that allows you to easily track your progress and search for better affiliate offers.

ClickBank isn’t so shabby though with more payment methods available to their affiliates. The ClickBank Marketplace is also straightforward and user-friendly but is limited to digital information products.

ShareASale ( 3 stars G2 )

Best for: Beginners

ShareASale is another well-known affiliate network with a lot of product options.

About ShareASale

ShareASale is another popular alternative to ClickBank. They don’t have as many merchants as Rakuten LinkShare or CJ Affiliate. The roughly 1000 merchants they do have span physical products and software services. Definitely enough to give you options on what products to promote.

Why choose ShareASale

It’s easy to sign up with ShareASale. They don’t require a number of views or visitors, making them less intimidating to new affiliate marketers.

There is a lot of data on conversions, data, average sale, EPC, etc. These are from their pool of current affiliates so you can get a good look at the product you’re thinking of promoting.

A bonus with ShareASale is being able to add products to your "basket," which means you can save information about merchants or products that you’d like to apply for, review, or export later on.

Why NOT choose ShareASale

It’s simple and easy to sign up for ShareASale, but it’s not the most straightforward platform for navigating the available features. Search for merchants using the "Merchants" icon at the top, then “Search for Merchants”. You can then filter via keyword, category, or a mixture of information in an advanced search.

It’s not easy to get started joining affiliate programs. You have to verify that you own your website before you can join any of them, which involves placing a key in your website’s header tag.

Affiliate Support

ShareASale has a Help Center, a knowledge base both affiliates and merchants can refer to for documentation and guidance. You also have the option of sending them a ticket or an email. You can even call them. Support is available from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm US Central time.

Payment methods

Their minimum payout is US$50. Payment is made through check, wire and direct deposits.

ShareASale or ClickBank

Both are established affiliate networks, but again, ClickBank carries mostly digital products whereas ShareASale offers physical products that include clothing and jewelry.

While both are great for beginner affiliates, ShareASale is more stringent. Not only do you have to apply to affiliate offers individually, they have a tendency to let under-performing affiliates go without warning.

Find out more about how ShareASale directly compares to ClickBank here.

Market Health ( 3 stars Affpaying )

Best for: Beginners

Market Health is best for affiliates looking to promote physical products in health-related niches.

About Market Health

Market Health is an established affiliate network with a broad variety of health products. If ClickBank is the go-to place for digital products, Market Health is where you should head to if you’re looking to promote health and beauty products. That might seem that its offerings are limited but not so. Some of the categories include general health, weight loss, colon health, men’s health, cosmetics, health and beauty, skin care, sports nutrition and others.

Why choose Market Health

It’s super easy to sign up, and the site is extremely straightforward to use. You can browse by product category, you can look at their featured products or you can sort by country/language. 

If your website topic is anything to do with the health niche, then this could be a really great network for you to use.

The health and skincare niches are profitable evergreen niches. Products in these niches will always be in demand, and Market Health makes it easy for you to access and promote the products in these niches.

Market Health offers as much as 50% commission for each sale, one of the highest for the health and skincare niche. 

Why NOT choose Market Health

While it is easy to register to Market Health, there are still residents of certain countries that can’t. The same can be said of the products that you can promote in their network. Not all of these products ship internationally.

There is not much documentation or resources for affiliates. There are the usual links, but not much information on how to promote the individual products. This is going to be a bit of a challenge if you are a beginner.

Affiliate Support

There’s the standard FAQ and contact form. There is no dedicated affiliate manager but are known to take good care of their affiliates, particularly the high-performing ones. Getting approved for higher rates is relatively easy if you’ve established a good track record.

Payment methods

Payout threshold is at US$20. They pay commissions through check, wire, Skrill, and

Market Health or ClickBank

It’s easy enough to get accepted in both so it comes down to the type of products you’re looking to promote: digital products or physical products in the health and skincare niches?

ClickBank offers CPS, CPA and CPL while Market Health can only give you access to CPA and CPS programs. It’s also difficult to get a good background of the products and how they are performing in the market. Still, Market Health has one of the highest commissions for health and skincare products.

Check out the full lesson for more information on Market Health and how it compares to ClickBank.

GlobalWide Media ( 5 stars Affbank )

Best for: Experienced marketers 

Previously known as Neverblue, GlobalWide Media remains as a CPA network with a great reputation, but it can be difficult to get accepted.

About GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media is a well- respected CPA, or cost-per-action, network. This basically means you get a commission when people go and perform an action, such as signing up or entering details into a form.

This affiliate network boasts some of the biggest names in eCommerce like Groupon, AliExpress and Hotels.com

Why choose GlobalWide Media  

GlobalWide Media connects people who want traffic and leads with those who can direct it their way. They have an incredible reputation. Everywhere I’ve looked, people are very happy with the support and communication, as well as the commissions and integrity.

Affiliates of GlobalWide Media get to enjoy having a dedicated account manager who can provide you guidance on various affiliate offers and campaigns available to you in this network.

The site offers a wide variety of opportunities to choose from, and it's known for paying correctly and on time.

Why NOT choose GlobalWide Media

The trickiest thing about GlobalWide Media is getting accepted. The site is very careful about the potential for fraud and will do a check on everyone before accepting them. In saying that, if you’ve got nothing to hide, just be honest and you’ll be fine.

Affiliate Support

You get the regular contact form to send your questions through, but this may not be necessary since you have access to account managers.

Payment methods

You can choose to receive your commissions from GlobalWide Media through PayPal, direct deposits and checks.

GlobalWide Media or ClickBank

If you’re new to the affiliate scene, then you’ll find it easier to go with ClickBank because getting into GlobalWide Media is not so.

ClickBank is into digital products as GlobalWide Media is into CPA offers so again, it might depend on which one you choose to start with: digital products or CPA offers.

GlobalWide Media might just decide it for you though because of their strict fraud and security checks on new affiliates.

Find out more about how GlobalWide Media compares to ClickBank here.

JVZoo ( 4 stars Affpaying )

Best for: Beginners

A digital product network like Clickbank, but that is where the similarity ends. JVZoo is not only younger than ClickBank, they pay commissions “instantly”.

About JVZoo

JVZoo is very similar to Clickbank in that it’s a network for affiliates and sellers based around digital products. It’s easy to navigate, and, just like with Clickbank, you can check out the marketplace to get an idea of the products you could promote before you’ve even signed up.

Why choose JVZoo

JVZoo is a great affiliate network to start with. It’s newbie-friendly so signing up and being a part of the network isn’t as difficult or intimidating compared to other big affiliate networks like it.

Similar to  ClickBank, JVZoo has a large pool of affiliates and digital products. Their main focus is MMO or Make-Money-Online products so if you have a website promoting such products, then be sure to check out what JVZoo has to offer.

In JVZoo, affiliates can get paid their commissions straight away. Not all vendors in the JVZoo network allow this so don’t expect to always have this option, but still, it’s nice to know it’s possible to get your commission up front.

Why NOT choose JVZoo

There are a lot of less-than-ideal affiliate programs on this network however. Some have terrible grammar mistakes or poorly-executed sales pages.

This doesn't mean that you can't succeed with JVZoo, it just means you have to carefully filter through the products before you decide to promote something on your site. This is true of any network, but especially important here.

Affiliate Support

JVZoo has the usual knowledge base and contact pages for its customers, affiliates and merchants.

Payment methods

JVZoo sends commissions through direct deposit and check. They can also send it via online methods like PayPal, Stripe and BlueSnap.

Minimum payout is US$50.

JVZoo or ClickBank

You have to be discerning when it comes to the product/s you’ll be promoting  regardless of the affiliate network, but more so with JVZoo.

If it’s digital products you’re looking to promote, then start off with ClickBank. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, then consider JVZoo. This doesn’t mean products in JVZoo, or JVZoo itself, ranks lower than ClickBank and their products, you’d have to spend time doing background checks on the products in JVZoo more. Jump right in if you don’t mind that, but some of us would rather spend that on driving traffic to offers.

I like how Nathaniel explains it in his review, “Can You Make Money on JVZoo?,” so check that out if you’d like more information about this network.

Go to the full lesson to see how JVZoo directly compares to ClickBank.

Impact ( 4 stars G2 )

Best for: Experienced Marketers

Impact used to be Impact Radius. They have shortened the brand name, but not their impact in affiliate marketing.

About Impact

Impact is relatively young. It was established only 13 years ago by the same internet marketing experts that started Commission Junction and LeadPoint.

Impact stands out from the rest by doing away with the usual affiliate network model. They are more of a platform for advertisers and affiliates to connect and communicate than an affiliate network. Here is Impact’s own explanation on why they are NOT an affiliate network, but still included in lists like this.

They have developed their own digital marketing products and offer these along with products in travel, technology and the arts.

Why Choose Impact

Joining Impact gives you access to over 500 affiliate offers in a variety of niches. Some of their merchants include Adidas, NordVPN and Vitamin World.

The affiliate dashboard is clean and breeze to navigate. There is no extra time spent trying to figure out how to find your way around it and their marketplace.

Reporting is equally easy to access and schedule.

Why NOT Choose Impact

It’s all the technical jargon you’d encounter in the Impact that will have you scratching your head. 

Accessing reports is not a problem, but getting to the data that you need without getting all other data thrown at you is.

Affiliate Support

Chat support is available. There are also phone numbers listed for their various offices around the globe.

There is the usual Help page along with a blog. They also offer free courses on affiliate marketing.

Payment methods

Get paid through ACH transfers, checks or bank transfers.

As an Impact affiliate partner, you can set your own payment threshold. The minimum is US$25, but this depends on the payment option you choose. You need to have US$100 or more in commissions before you can get paid that amount through bank transfer.

Impact or ClickBank

Signing up to Impact is as straightforward as signing up to ClickBank. But we don’t recommend you do it until you’re familiar with affiliate marketing. It will be a lot easier for you to understand how Impact and their reporting tools work when you have a firm grasp of affiliate marketing. 

Get a walkthrough of how to sign up and search for products in Impact.

Amazon Associates ( 5 stars Affpaying )

Best for: Beginners

An enormous variety of products to promote, but low commissions.

About Amazon Associates

Everyone has heard of Amazon. It’s a big player in the e-tail and internet marketing games, and as an affiliate you can take advantage of this huge network.

This is probably one of the broadest networks that you could promote from, with something for nearly any niche. It’s also extremely easy and straightforward to start promoting products.

The well-known name of Amazon means that there's a strong level of trust associated with buying from this network. This works in your favour when you promote the products here.

Amazon Associates is not an affiliate network, but an affiliate program. We are making them part of this list regardless because they are huge and arguably, one of the first to establish an affiliate program. Secondly, they make a great alternative to ClickBank, or a complement to it if you decide to promote both physical and digital products.

Why choose Amazon Associates

It’s free and easy to join. The amount of products you can promote is another incentive to join Amazon Associates.

These, on top of a solid reputation as an online store, guarantees profit regardless of what product you wish to promote.

And there is that too: finding a product to promote on Amazon is relatively easy. You can promote all of them and Amazon won’t mind.

Websites like thisiswhyimbroke.com earns just by recommending Amazon products.

Why NOT choose Amazon Associates

The downside here is that the commission rate is tiny, you have a much smaller window in which to convince people to buy (only 24 hours) and it's hard to get approved by the network. Ideally, you need a website which already has a healthy level of traffic to get accepted, and to make it worth your while.

Amazon Associates has also been known to suspend, even terminate, accounts with no warning whatsoever. And getting reinstated is next to impossible.

Affiliate Support

You can send an email to Amazon.com Associate support, or browse through their extensive knowledge base for information.

Payment methods

You need to provide tax information to Amazon Associates in order to receive payment. This, along with your bank information, of course, as they pay through direct deposit or check.

You can also get commission in the form of Amazon.com gift certificates.

Payment threshold is US$30.

Amazon Associates or ClickBank

Signing up to both networks is easy. The difference lies in how you’re going to earn and how much.

Products are more diverse in Amazon.com, with a wide range of both physical and digital products. You’re likely to find a lot of products on Amazon that can replace products in the ClickBank Marketplace.

ClickBank trumps Amazon when it comes to commission though. But that might not matter much overall if you have plenty of traffic to convert and funnel through to Amazon.com

You can find more information or sign up for Amazon Associates here.

Check out the full lesson to see more about how Amazon Associates compares to ClickBank.

Also, read why Amazon Associates may not be your kind of affiliate network.

eBay Partner Network

Best for: Beginners

Huge variety of products, but you need a website with quality traffic to succeed.

About eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network is a very similar story to the Amazon Associates network. There’s a huge amount of products available for you to promote, and you get the added advantage of eBay's credibility: People know that it’s safe to buy from eBay.

Why Choose eBay Partner Network

Joining eBay’s Partner Network is quick and painless. They don’t ask that you have tens of thousands in traffic to join, but you do need to have a website.

Like Amazon, you get access to a wide array of products to promote, and you’re backed by eBay’s strong online reputation.

Why NOT Choose eBay Partner Network

You don’t need to show your website is getting a lot of traffic but  you need that quality traffic to earn a decent commission here. 

Because commission rates in eBay Partner Network are low.

Cookie duration is only 24 hours long, same as Amazon Associates.

While you do get to promote all products on eBay, you only have access to specific markets like North America and Australia. 

Affiliate Support

There is support for affiliates but nothing out of the ordinary Help Center and contact form.

Payment methods

Commissions are paid monthly either through PayPal or bank transfers.

eBay Partner Network or ClickBank

Choosing should be easy enough: eBay if you want to promote physical products, ClickBank if you want to promote digital ones.

It’s probably more fitting to pit eBay against Amazon as they are more in the same league than ClickBank.  

You can learn more about the commissions you can earn from the eBay Partner network here.

Check out the full lesson to learn more about how the eBay Partner Network directly compares to ClickBank.

Be sure to read through eBay Partner Network reviews from SmartBlogger and SaleHoo.

Commission Factory ( 3 stars Affpaying )

Best for: Beginners

Australia-based Commission Factory is a fast-growing affiliate network that helps both advertisers and publishers succeed in performance marketing through user-friendly interfaces and up-to-date tracking technology.

About Commission Factory

Their website proclaims Commission Factory as the “#1 Performance Marketing Network in Asia Pacific”.

That lofty claim is up for debate but Commission Factory is a performance marketing network based in the Asia Pacific.

There is practically no review or wait time to get accepted to this network. While you do have to spend time poring over support guides and FAQs, they do provide you with as much information you will ever need to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Why choose Commission Factory

That Commission Factory gives you access to a large number of products or that it’s super easy to sign up to their network is nothing new on this list.

What does separate this affiliate network from the others here are the free events that Commission Factory regularly hosts for their merchants and affiliates.

Affiliates are also provided training even though it is only through their support center. Still, coupled with their easy sign-up process, they are a great start for affiliate beginners.

Why NOT choose Commission Factory

Affiliates who are looking for a range of promotional tools or a more up-to-date affiliate dashboard will find Commission Factory lacking in these areas.

Affiliate Support

Commission Factory is no different from other affiliate networks in having an extensive knowledge base.

You have the option to call one of their offices or send them an email.

Payment methods

Minimum payment threshold is US$50. Commissions are paid weekly through PayPal.

Commission Factory affiliates can also choose to get paid through local (Australian) bank deposits or international bank deposits.

Commission Factory or ClickBank

With both networks being extremely beginner-friendly, it’s going to come down to which products you’re looking to promote. You might find variety in Commission Factory’s product line-up, but ClickBank does score more on longevity and dependability.

MoreNiche ( 4 stars Affpaying )

Best for: Beginners

If making more money in the health, beauty and fitness verticals is what you’re looking for, then look no further than MoreNiche.

About MoreNiche

Since it started in 1999, MoreNiche has continuously grown to offer guaranteed commissions for its pool of affiliates. This means that they don’t wait for merchants to pay up before sending affiliates their commissions.

MoreNiche is all about developing relationships with their affiliates and so they hold regular affiliate marketing and Mastermind events.

Why choose MoreNiche

MoreNiche is one of the few affiliate networks that offer a dedicated affiliate mentor. As soon as you become a MoreNiche affiliate, you get the option to set a call with an affiliate mentor. This is a huge help to beginners which MoreNiche gladly welcomes into their network.

The affiliate mentor offers guidance and assistance. There are products that you will only be able to unlock after speaking with a mentor.

That is how essential, and helpful, they are to the MoreNiche system.

Why NOT choose MoreNiche

You’ll find the products here are limited to weight loss, fitness and health niches. If these are what you’re looking to promote, then great.

But you’ll probably find yourself looking at other affiliate networks with similar verticals like MarketHealth to supplement or add to the products in MoreNiche so you’ll get a variety of affiliate offers to promote on your website.

Affiliate Support

On top of the affiliate mentor, there are  informative FAQs.  There is also the standard contact form but this is more for initial inquiries rather a form for affiliates to contact support.  

Payment methods

Payment threshold is possibly the highest among affiliate networks at US$100, but they do pay commissions every two weeks.

You can choose to receive payments through Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin,  and Paxum. These are same-day payments so while you may have to wait long to reach that payment threshold, you don’t wait any longer to get the money in your account.

If you’re from the UK, you can opt for same-day bank transfers. International affiliates can choose wire transfer but this can take up to 7 business days.

There are three currencies you can choose to get paid in: US dollars, British pounds or Euros.

MoreNiche or ClickBank

It’s probably more appropriate to compare MoreNiche with MarketHealth since both have offers in similar niches.

MarketHealth or ClickBank, MoreNiche definitely falls short when it comes to the number of affiliate offers available to promote.

Neither gives you access to an affiliate mentor from the get-go though and that’s where signing up with MoreNiche is more compared with other affiliate networks. 

Avangate ( 4 stars G2 )

Best for: Beginners

ClickBank is to digital products as Avangate is to software products. Only Avangate has a whole lot more software products.

About Avangate

Avangate started in 2006, primarily as a company selling software products on a global scale. This led to them helping other software companies sell around the world.

Fast forward to 2017, Avangate buys 2Checkout to offer flexible payment options and widen their market reach. At around the same time, they rebranded themselves to 2Checkout.

Verifone bought 2Checkout last year and is now collectively known as Verifone. Avangate Affiliate Network continues to operate under Verifone.

Why choose Avangate

Arguably the largest software affiliate network offering access to 22,000 software products.

Being a software affiliate network, you can expect some powerful affiliate and reporting tools that will help you create affiliate links, track them and view conversion data. Avangate certainly delivers in that regard.

Why NOT choose Avangate

While you do get access to a huge number of products, these are software products that, more often than not, belong to specific niches. You’re not guaranteed a substantial market to promote them to so they may not be that lucrative. 

Add to that the high payment threshold: US$100.

Affiliate Support

Their Help Center has eBooks, blog posts and case studies on top of FAQs. They can also be reached through their support email address.

Payment methods

Payment options include check, direct deposit, PayPal and the Avangate Mastercard. Terms are Net30 so this means a monthly payment as long as you reach the US$100 threshold.

Avangate or ClickBank

Despite the large number of products available through Avangate, they remain tied to a specific niche. Way more specific than the digital products in ClickBank’s Marketplace.

Avangate is recommended for beginners because signing up and going around their affiliate dashboard is not at all difficult, but unless your website is about software products, it might not be at all lucrative.

Sovrn//Commerce ( 3.5 stars G2 )

VigLink may have rebranded themselves to Sovrn//Commerce, but they operate pretty much the same way as before: providing content writers with monetization and reporting tools to help them make the most out of their content.

About Sovrn//Commerce

Sovrn provides popular content websites like  CNN, Thought Catalog and StarTribune with tools and services to help them make money from their content. They acquired VigLink back in 2018, and together, they created one large network of  50,000 independent websites.

VigLink is not new to the affiliate marketing scene. They have been in attendance since 2009, helping content writers monetize their articles and posts through the use of their proprietary tool that takes any merchant mentioned on a website into an affiliate link.

Why choose Sovrn

Signing up is straightforward and relatively quick despite going through the process of getting approved.

If you’re familiar with Skimlinks, then you’ll find similarities with VigLink here and there. The VigLink Wordpress plugin, for example, works similarly to the Skimlink script that converts product links and mentions into affiliate links.

Aside from the tools and the

Why NOT choose Sovrn

This may not necessarily be a negative considering that Sovrn is a company that has to earn too but they take out 25% off your earnings.

They also have the longest turnaround time before getting paid: 90 days.

Affiliate Support

Similar to Skimlinks, the Help center is informative but stripped down to the absolute bare minimum.

There is a contact form where you can send them a message. If you feel it is a must, you can call through their US office.

Payment methods

Payment threshold is at US$10 if you choose PayPal as a payout option. You need to wait till you get that up to US$50 if you picked out the wire, check or direct deposit payment options.

Regardless, you’d need to wait 3 months (90 days), before you can cash your commission out.

Sovrn or ClickBank

Sovrn gives you access to a huge number of diverse advertisers. Using Svorns tools, you can easily monetize the links on your website without having to generate a link and then manually adding it into each article.

ClickBank offers higher commissions though so you’ll have to figure out if you value convenience or profit.

Tradedoubler ( 4 stars G2 )

Best for: Experienced marketers 

Tradedoubler lives up to its name: doubling the trade of both affiliates and advertisers alike by  crafting solutions specific to the individual needs and challenges of each.

About Tradedoubler

The About page of Tradedoubler sums up the growth of the company since it started 21 years ago: 15 offices with 260 employees, 2000 advertisers and over 180,000 publishers spread across 83 countries.

Tradedoubler boasts of big-name brands like HP, Groupon and Hugo Boss. They take pride in offering “bespoke solutions”; analyzing data and identifying challenges before creating tailored solutions that, as half their tagline says, grows their client’s business.

Why choose Tradedoubler

Aside from being able to access it’s more than 2,000 advertisers, Tradedoubler offers affiliates impressive tracking and linking tools. Using their technology, you can track affiliate sales even with the browser turning the cookies off.

Tradedoubler’s “Link Converter” tool is not quite unique but cool and convenient nonetheless. It works similar to the Skimlinks script where you place if on your website and it converts relevant links into affiliate links.

Why not choose Tradedoubler

Signing up is relatively easy but you need to be getting large amounts of traffic on your website before applying to this network. Since their main focus is the European market, the bulk of traffic you’re getting on your website should be from the UK or parts of Europe.

Unless you and your website are based in Europe, you’ll find it challenging to get a toe in and all things considered, it may not be worth all the bother.

Affiliate Support

Tradedoubler may have a wide reach online, but support staff are limited to the 15 offices they have that are located in various European countries. You can call or email, but again, you’ll be calling Tradedoubler office in Europe

Payment methods

Payment threshold is €30. Payment options are limited to direct deposits and Payoneer.

Tradedoubler or ClickBank

If you’re a European affiliate or if you have a website that is getting pretty good traffic from the UK and other parts of Europe, then Tradedoubler is for you.

Otherwise, there is ClickBank and a whole dozen other affiliate networks who, like Tradedoubler, will be able to connect you with profitable affiliate offers and help you grow your affiliate business.

FlexOffers ( 5 stars G2 )

Best for: Beginners

With 12,000 advertisers under their belt and a bunch of perks for their affiliates, FlexOffers has plenty to flex about.

About FlexOffers

FlexOffers hasn’t been around as long as the other, more established affiliate networks on this list. But they have been operating 13 years and counting, and have grown considerably over the years with 12,000 merchants spanning 25 categories.

What FlexOffers lacks in years they make up for in their affiliate offers, affiliate support and payment options.

Why choose FlexOffers

They are welcoming to new affiliates so signing up is free and easy. That is not something to write home about but access to several thousands of advertisers including credit card offers is.

FlexOffers has the Flex-Rev$share program where you can invite other new affiliates to join FlexShare. They go down the line as your sub-affiliate and you get paid for sales made through them.

Why NOT choose FlexOffers

Link creation and support are pretty much standard. Not a bad thing but it isn’t a great thing either particularly if you’re looking for deep linking options and solid affiliate support.

Affiliate Support

There’s the ever-dependable knowledge base. You can also call or send an email.

Payment methods

Commissions are paid within 30 days through bank transfers, wire transfers, checks or PayPal provided you meet the minimum threshold of US$50.

Top affiliates have the option of getting their commissions in a week’s time.   

PayPal is  the only option for international affiliates to get paid.

FlexOffers or ClickBank

They say variety is the spice of life and FlexOffers definitely serves that up. You can further expand your list of products by adding in those from ClickBank.

While FlexOffers makes a good alternative to ClickBank, you don’t really have to choose one over the other. You can sign up to both and enjoy the best of what both networks can offer.

Pepperjam ( 4.5 stars G2 )

Best for: Beginners

From Pepperjam Exchange to eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, they finally Ascend

About Pepperjam

Pepperjam started 20 years ago as an eCommerce business. It has evolved (and been bought twice in that time. First by eBay and, in 2020, by Partnerize) to Ascend, a fully integrated affiliate marketing platform.

Why choose Pepperjam

Signing up to their network is more or less, a walk in the park. You don’t wait long to know whether you get in or not either.

On top of the user-friendly link building tools, you get to promote big brands. Their advertiser list includes Time Inc, Nordstrom, and Lindt.

Pepperjam is one of the few affiliate networks that provide its affiliates with dedicated account managers.

Why NOT choose Pepperjam

The downside to Pepperjam has mostly to do with their limited payment options and a weird payment structure.

EPC metrics are common in affiliate marketing and in affiliate networks, but not in Pepperjam. You won’t find any public EPC metrics on their marketplace.

Affiliate Support

There are dedicated account managers to help you. You can either call them or send them an email. Live chat is also available during support hours (daytime US).

They have various resources on their website from whitepapers to guides.

Payment methods

Payment threshold is US$25 and you can get paid twice a month.

PayPal is not the only payment option, but it is the only option available during sign up.

If you want to get your commissions through direct deposit or checks, you have to send Pepperjam an email.

Pepperjam or ClickBank

Signing up is a breeze, same with ClickBank. You get access to a variety of popular brands but it’s really having an account manager within reach that makes Pepperjam a good alternative to ClickBank. 

Indoleads ( 4 stars Affpaying )

Best for: Experienced marketers

Hailing from Southeast Asia, Indoleads boasts of big name advertisers like Qatar Airways, the Lazada Group, and Gearbest.

About Indoleads

Relatively new to the affiliate marketing industry, Indoleads is a fast-growing CPA affiliate network.

A “one-stop affiliate marketing solution” for affiliates and advertisers, they guarantee results by reaching set goals before accepting payments.

Why choose Indoleads

Indoleads provides its advertisers with specific campaign strategies and in turn, they get high payouts that are passed on to their publishers. 

Some of their top converting affiliate programs are big names like Americanas, Tokopedias and Netshoes. They also have online store giants Lazada and Zalora.

As an affiliate, you get access to a wide range of tools to help you increase monetization within your site.

Why NOT choose Indoleads

Typical with CPA networks, you need to have a website up when submitting an application.

A working knowledge of CPA, CPL and CPS is not required but it is recommended when joining CPA networks like Indoleads.

Affiliate Support

Indoleads has no live chat agent, but there’s a contact sheet form that you must fill out if you need to reach them -- or you can directly shoot them an e-mail.

They also have specific phone support numbers for different countries.

Payment methods

Indoleads ensures timely payments to its publishers. The minimum threshold is $100 and the method they use is net15 or net30.

Quick payment method is unique to Indoleads: initiate the payment by clicking the Payout button. This generates an invoice and the company easily pays it in just a few seconds. This is only available to high-tier affiliates, but it’s still a cool feature and a great incentive to become one of Indolead’s high-earning affiliates.

 Indoleads or ClickBank

ClickBank recently announced CPA on ClickBank. While this is a great addition to the affiliate network, established CPA networks like Indoleads are ahead.

Your experience with CPA or lack of it may be the deciding factor. It might also come down to the product/s you want to promote.

Awin ( 3 stars G2 )

Best for: Beginners

About Awin

Formerly Zanox, Awin has been around for more than 20 years. They have grown to 225,000 publishers since and have truly established themselves as a global affiliate marketing network with presence in various countries.

Their lengthy advertiser list includes Marks and Spencer, HP, and ASOS. 

Why choose Awin

Affiliate it or not, you want to be able to go to a webpage and find the information you need as quickly as possible. Awin’s affiliate dashboard is one such webpage.

The website is user-friendly. You can pick out and sign up for affiliate programs with relative ease.

As with other affiliate networks, they come with their own set of tools that are as user-friendly as their affiliate dashboard. Their convert-a-link plugin conveniently transforms regular product  links into affiliate traffic links.

Why NOT choose Awin

Unlike most of the affiliate networks here, you pay US$5 to sign up. You get this back if you’re approved. You don’t get in, then you say goodbye to Awin and that US$5.

Similar to most of the affiliate networks on this list, you need to have a website up and running at the time that you submit your application to the Awin network.

Affiliate Support

There’s a contact form to send them an email as well as their Partner Success Center where you can browse through various knowledge base articles.

Payment methods

Minimum threshold is US$20, but Awin affiliates have the option to set the limit to a higher value.

Payments are through PayPal only.

Awin or ClickBank

Awin makes for a great alternative to ClickBank, having the same user-friendly and straightforward affiliate dashboard and tools.

You can join both networks seeing how easy it is to sign up. You’d have to risk that US$5 to join Awin though, but that pays off in the end when you start earning as an Awin affiliate.

How do I choose an affiliate network?

The product you choose to promote may decide it for you, or maybe the network’s sign up  process will, but here’s a few other things to look out for.

The above networks are just 20 of the more popular affiliate networks. There are a lot more out there, and so the bigger question will always be how do you choose an affiliate network? You may not be out to look for the best affiliate network, but with so many to choose from, how do you even narrow it down to a top 3 or top 5?

When deciding on which affiliate networks to sign up with, consider the following:


You usually would sign up with a specific affiliate network because they have that specific product you want to promote. Nothing wrong with that but be sure to read the fine print.

What exactly are you signing up for aside from being able to promote that product? What other brands or products does that affiliate network carry that will make signing up really worth it?


If the customers who buy the products need support, so do you as the affiliate. This makes customer and affiliate support important.

That affiliate dashboard and all those affiliate links may seem straightforward or relatively easy, but knowing that there are people you can reach out to when something is not working is more than a confidence boost.

You’d want to be able to get a hold of support representative when you didn’t get your commission on time or that it is not in the right amount.

That’s how important having affiliate support is.


Popular doesn’t mean best, but there is something to being a famous affiliate network. It can either mean the network is great to have gotten a considerably-sized following, or it’s gotten a rep so bad people are shouting warnings from the four corners of the internet.

Do the homework and read up on the reviews. Which ones are known to pay on time and which ones don’t? Which affiliate networks provide additional affiliate support? Which ones carry the best brands?

Knowledge is definitely power; the power to choose wisely.


By “tools” we mean tracking systems, affiliate dashboards, cookie duration. All that affiliate jazz.

Cookie duration is the length of time a cookie stays in a customer’s browser. The average is 30 days. If at any time within that first click on an affiliate’s link up to 30 days (or until the customer clears their browser’s cache), the customer purchases from the store, then the affiliate gets commission for that sale.

That is why cookie duration is note-worthy.

A straightforward, easy-to-navigate affiliate dashboard is something you’d want to have because you don’t want to spend a good portion of the day finding product or merchant info, when you could be spending that getting people to click on your affiliate links.

You won’t really know about these details unless you’ve already signed up with an affiliate network so reviews like this one make the work a bit easier by letting you know what to expect.

So take the time to go read up on reviews.

Forget about all that “the best affiliate network” talk because what is the right fit for you is not going to be the same for everyone else. Take note of what to look out for and see which ones match up and suit your needs.

Regardless of any recommendations or guides out there, the choice is still entirely yours.

More tips on picking out an affiliate network are on:

How to Make Your First Affiliate Marketing Sale in 7 Steps

Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

The “One” Myth

Depending on your individual marketing requirements, you could choose one or more of these networks to promote from.

If you’re looking for digital products, Clickbank is actually one of the best networks. It has high commission percentages and a wide variety of products to choose from, many of which are good quality.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for with Clickbank previously, I’d try using the gravity filter to find the best niche and products for you before giving up. You can find a guide on how to get the most from Clickbank here.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for physical products, rather than the digital products of Clickbank, the best options are:

If none of the above are calling to you, or you just have more of an interest in CPA marketing, the best two networks to apply for are GlobalWide Media and PeerFly.

If you’ve got a lot of experience and traffic or a large social following, you may wish to try your hand with promoting via Amazon and/or eBay. It’s just about having the right audience for promoting products from these well-known sites.

You’re not restricted to any one network or platform, so you might as well try any that seem like they could be of use to you.

There are many other networks than the ones that I've listed above, but these are the ones that either I know others are being hugely successful in, or I have met personally with the networks and know of the quality of their organization and offers.

I'm interested in your comments, so let me know of your own experiences and opinions below.

Common Questions

There is no one affiliate network that is better than ClickBank. There are plenty of alternatives for sure, and it is up to the individual affiliate to decide which affiliate network to go with and which one suits them and their needs best.

No. ClickBank pays commission for each successful sale of the product.

Yes. ClickBank is recommended for beginners. Signing up and getting accepted is easy; so is promoting products.

There is no one affiliate network that is better than ClickBank. There are plenty of alternatives for sure, and it is up to the individual affiliate to decide which affiliate network to go with and which one suits them and their needs best.

Definitely. There are no exclusivity clauses when you sign up to affiliate networks. You can promote digital products from ClickBank and mix that with physical products in ShareASale and CJ Affiliate.



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Linda 14 years ago
Thanks for the info Mark, You are one of my favorites!
senja 14 years ago

Thank you Mark, I currently using clickbank and cj in my website. Thank for sharing and I certainly will join the ones listed...

Nan 14 years ago
Thanks for the info. Just started with CJ. The other info will be very helpful
Paul Landry 14 years ago
Hi Mark Thank for the info. i know you need a domain name and a website but i do not know how to wright content. i'm new a don't know where to start.

Can You Help Me
Thank You
Viola Olah 14 years ago
I also use LinkShare and all you mentioned about them is true but they are still a good choice. So far I only made a bit of money through them.
william eckard 14 years ago
Thanks Mark for the info. Let me try and be successful with one avenue first and then I'll tackle these avenues :-) Thanks.

Paul, you are going to feel overwhelmed because the info that Affilorama is giving us all is overwhelming!

If you are very new, I suggest you first forget about making money quickly and set yourself up to obtain all the knowledge you can possibly get. All that knowledge is contained in this Affilorama site. Work through the whole site step-by-step, even if it takes you a couple of weeks. The picture will soon become clearer and when you are ready to start the process and you still get stuck, use an appropriate forum to get help. Nobody will laugh at you.

Also consider signing up for Affiloblueprint or premium membership which will give you more guided and step-by-step instructions and plenty of tools to use. I can assure you it is worth every penny.

Good luck
Gregory Parke 14 years ago
Is paydotcom.com any good?
Don Bengert 14 years ago
Good stuff Mark...as usual. I get alot of great advice from your emails and am implementing it into my campaign. Once the dollars roll in, Afillorama is the place to be. Thanx again, Don
Nickolove Lovemore 14 years ago
Thanks, Mark. I didn't know about several of these Clickbank alternatives. Another site to add to this list is RapBank. It's free to sign up, there's a lot of flexibility regarding how you can select products to promote and a major benefit is that it pays instant commissions.
Vojislav Gligorijevic 14 years ago
And my suggestion is to add another site RapBank on this list is a free application and flexibility.
Sandra Johnson 14 years ago
Thanks Mark I am new at this But the information look very helpful I will surely try some of these links
Paul Hooper | Consumer Wealth System 14 years ago
Thanks for posting these alternate sites Mark. I think everyone starts out using Clickbank, but if you want to get serious about your affiliate marketing then you really need to branch out and find other products to promote that aren't being hammered by the mainstream on Clickbank.

For me CJ and ShareASale are great places to find products to promote. But I will now also have a look at some of the other places mentioned in this post.
Dave 14 years ago
Great share on info, sure to be useful for most affilliates and newbies.
Thanks dude.
Trey 14 years ago
Thanks Mark for the info. I believe there is enough for all of us to ge a piece of the pie. Like many, I am very new at affiliate marketing. I don't have to earn millions, but would like to earn eanough to make a living. I appreciate you sharing knowledge to help us be successful. I will keep this post in my back pocket as I make progress.
sue sebastian 13 years ago
Great tips! Thanks ...so much to learn ...it is hard to know where to start and what to work on.
Sid Vixay 13 years ago
This is great tip, especially Market Health website site. Thanks for sharing.
13 years ago
Hi, I am a complete novice when it comes to this, do I have to set up a website to promote a product with clickbank or any others?
anonymous 13 years ago
It would be good to know also which affiliate programs offer payment through Paypal. Since some of the the affiliates live outside US. Cheques take long to process and some are not processed at all because of issues.

That aside, great list and thanks for the advice. :D
andre 13 years ago
Thank You for the information it really helps out a lot.
harjit singh 12 years ago
Thanks Marks providing these places of business-making. I am going to join Linkshare as listed by you and suggested by others, I mean your listing has one kind of authentication that these business places can be satisfactory.

Afiliados Top 12 years ago
Thanks for the info.
I use Clickbank, but I want to expand to other options.
Bill Nieporte 12 years ago
Thanks for much for the information. I use Plimus and Clickbank - paypal occassionally. It is very helpful to find the information about these alternative affiliate processors.
Robert McLean 12 years ago
I own over 1000 domain and have working to try to develop a domain buying and selling business for 3 years now. I have come to the realization that website development is the next step.

I have for sites, relatively professional that I have published and have started ClickBank on one of them.

Not a sniff. Nothing. Not one sale. I am beginning to think that this "affiliate market" promise is another hoax perpetuated by the few savvy, first to the trough marketers.

I called Click Bank several times and each time I am more disappointed that the time before.

I repeatedly ask the question, "Are there any sites owned by successful Affiliate Marketers that I may go to to see what works regarding text and page layout with ClickBank Affiliate Product Ads?"

Each time I get the response, "I don't know, we don't track the successful sites."

I then have asked the question, "Do you have record of some of the very successful Vendors and Affiliates?" and "Are there some Affiliates and Vendors that are very successful?"

Then, is there examples of how there have become successful?

Again, no.

Very strange.

This evening I typed into the Google Search Bar "example websites of click bank affiliate websites."

What is given is page after page of sites offering to sell you a "Sure Fired" 47 or 29 site affiliate package that will net six figure passive income annually.

Just Hype and Buullshiit.


Robert McLean
apcrepairz 12 years ago
I just created an ebook for my websitte and i want a place to sell it, thanks.Nice Share
Adam 12 years ago
Thnx alot, this post was really useful to me.
Robert Kilonzo 11 years ago
Great list of affiliate networks. If you are interested in creating your own in-house affiliate program you can check out OSI Affiliate Software. It is an easy affiliate software that can help you run your own in-house affiliate program.
11 years ago
Hello Mark! I'd like to add Clickbroker.com as a great alternative to Clickbank. All products found on the Marketplace are digital information products created by our fantastic community. These products are usually e-books, how-to guides, graphics and video tutorials. As an affiliate you get paid up to 75 % of every sale generated by your visitors.
Jazz Mian 11 years ago
Good info. I'm getting started with CJ and ASOPC first. Thumbs up.

Learn to Affiliate, Learn to Earn
Yons 11 years ago
I have get started with JVzoo
Its very similar to clickbank
Angelique Berger 11 years ago
Hi Mark, question, which of these affiliate companies offers AWeber?
Vivian 11 years ago
Aweber has it's own affiliate program. In order to particpate you must have an aweber account. Once in your aweber account, you can complete the affiliate process directly with the. hope that helps. :-)
james 10 years ago
Plimus doesn't exist anymore ??
Melissa Johnson 10 years ago
James -- Plimus has changed its name to Bluesnap as part of a rebranding effort, it seems.
Gonzalo Canal 9 years ago
For me was Clickbank the only one for years. Thank you for the info, I'm thinking seriously about amazon.es
Godspower Fezy 7 years ago
Thanks for the info.
Please what exactly is the reason why Clickbank doesn't allow affiliate marketers in Nigeria cos I find it a bit unfair....?
Secondly, I don't have a website, which affiliate market sites will be best for me?
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Fezy! ClickBank and several other major websites banned Nigeria as a result of the disproportionately high number of scammers there—I've heard Nigerians refer to these criminals as "the Yahoo boys." It's a real shame for all the honest people in that country!

Luckily, with Nigeria becoming a bigger player in the international market, a lot of companies are trying to take them back into the fold; for example, eBay is working with Mall for Africa to set up extra-secure payment methods and allow Nigerians to buy from eBay again. Let's hope companies like ClickBank follow their example.

For our tips on affiliate marketing without website, see this article: https://www.affilorama.com/introduction/affiliate-marketing-without-a-website

Good luck!
sachin panchre 7 years ago
great list thank you its helps for those who's just getting started
thank you
Lorenzo Bailey 7 years ago
Hi Im starting out my new business and im very new at affiliate marketing. Thank you for posting this. I grabbed everything I believe i could use in the future. However I still am not sure so I am thinking about joining Viihive => viihive.com, which my friend recommended for me. He said that it has its team of marketers and designers who we reach out to at anytime. I really need this to guide me every step of the way. But What do you think of this?
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Lorenzo! It looks like ViiHive is a relatively new and untested platform. I think it would be better to start with more established platforms that you know you can trust, and then try out the less well-known ones when you know what should be working and what might not be. It will make it easier to spot a scam if you happen to run into one.
Punascha 7 years ago
Nice article , give clear idea on market leaders .
What your study report say how much a average website can earn with daily 200 traffic?
Justin Golschneider 7 years ago
Hi Punascha! Honestly, the amount of traffic you get hardly matters at all. What matters is the quality of the traffic (are they the sort of people who would actually be interested in buying your affiliate products and have the means to do so?) and the quality of your site (does it do a good job of getting visitors interested in your affiliate products and convince them to actually click through and make a purchase?). An awesome site with 10 really interested visitors every day will make more sales than a bad site with 10,000 visitors who were tricked into visiting a site they don't care about.
krishna kumar 7 years ago

hi great website.Really great and informative post
i want to join this online marketing but how ?i cam i make agent in my country ? how many spend in this agent ? how many people involved in this site please inform me as soon as possible time my detail man e tirtha raj tiwari
nepal pokhara city
Cecille Loorluis 6 years ago
I suggest you go over our free lessons on affiliate marketing at https://www.affilorama.com/lessons

These will help you get started.

All the best!
Oz1 5 years ago
Hey, great article. I wanted to find an alternative for my niche which is all about musical instruments, audio related stuff... However, I'm having difficulties. BTW, Rakuten does not allow affiliates from EU I guess. Tried but no.

Lea Smith 5 years ago
Very well written and so easy to read! Love your summary and step by step explanations. Thank you helping newbies like me!
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Very well written and so easy to read! Love your summary and step by step explanations. Thank you helping newbies like me!Thanks a lot
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Such a useful information. Thanks for sharing :)
Anthony Garces 5 years ago
Awesome post, great article
Sam Nelson 4 years ago
Great article, but why did warriorplus not make the list?
Cecille Loorluis 4 years ago
Hi Sam,

The above list contains the more popular affiliate networks that Mark has, at one point or another, tried. There are plenty more others, like WarriorPlus, but the above are the 10 most popular that we have experience with.

All the best!
Broch Ayo 4 years ago
Am from Nigeria which one one them will accept to have me?
Cecille Loorluis 4 years ago
Hi there,

You may check each of the above-mentioned affiliate networks as not all of them operate or are available in the same countries.

All the best!
Yhong Lacson 4 years ago
Thanks for sharing this, I'm a newbie to affiliate marketing. Now I got lot of options.
Isuamfon Offiong 4 years ago
Thank you. Yeah, these are all big names in the market as far as affiliate Marketplaces is concerned.

However, one of the promising sites is Tapfiliate. Like, impact Radius, the site is clean and it's worth checking out for news affiliates.
Frank Morrison 3 years ago
You should take a look at Resellerize.com when you have a chance. It's definitely the best affiliate network for digital products. Affiliates are automatically approved to promote all products, earn 100% commission on every sale and get paid out instantly to their PayPal accounts.
3 years ago
Thank you for sharing the valuable information about affiliate programs. The affiliate program that I'm using is LinkedCamp Affiliate alternative to Clickbank. Apart, from all this, I must say that the content is well optimized and worth reading.
Many thanks!

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