2 Strong Email Promotion Plans

By Mark Ling
2 Strong Email Promotion Plans


Hi Everyone,

Today's blog post will be of interest to those of you who are already running your own newsletter list as it shows you a couple of different ways of running a promotion of a product.

Lets assume that you are affiliating to someone else's product.

Promotion method 1, the quick and easy 4 part cash generator.

This promotion plan assumes that you've either organized a 20% off discount with the product owner, or, no discount is made but you have created your own bonuses to offer to people if they join through your link during the promotion.

I say 20% because I've tested 20% vs 50% and 20% makes more money as they have similar conversion rates.

Day 1: Mail out about your special, mention there are 72 hours left

Day 2: Mail out restating your special and that there are 48 hours left

Day 3: Mail out restating your special and that there are 24 hours left

Day 5: Mail out restating your special and that due to popular demand, you've decided to extend your special for a 'last chance - last 48 hours'

From my testing, the extra email on Day 5 should increase the money that you make from the promotion by another 15 to 25%.

BTW, I developed this particular sequence about 6 years ago, before other marketers came out with similar methods. However most other marketers just go with 50% off and run it for 4 days in a row. This method above works considerably better than that plan and I encourage you to test it if you don't believe me.


Ok, so you've seen the first email promotion plan, now lets look at the 2nd one.

The second one uses the same number of emails, 4, just it does it in a different way.

Day 1: Mail out a link to a blog post, where you give away free information, perhaps even a video, encourage people to post, even offer a prize to some randomly selected people who comment. Perhaps get them to answer a question. Offer teaser about the upcoming product that will be revealed soon.

Day 2: Link back to the blog post mentioning the number of people who have commented (this works well if you have a sizable list and can get hundreds of comments with a good prize on offer). This builds social proof. Also mention you're really excited about tomorrow, mention a couple of benefits of the product, but keep the curiosity factor high.

Day 3: Tell your list about the product, your bonuses, limit the promotion to 48 hours, sell the benefits strong.

Day 5: Add a last chance, last 48 hours extension. Or, if you can't do this due to the product owner closing the doors or something, then just mail the last 24 hours notice the day before.


There are lots of ways to run quality email marketing promotions. The big key is that you focus on building a list and building a strong relationship with your list.

This works well in a lot of different niches.

For more email marketing advice and affiliate marketing secrets, see the replay of my Affiliate Marketing Secrets webinar.

As always, I welcome your comments below.

Have a great day,

Mark Ling

Gabrielle 13 years ago
This is a great place to start learning about website promotions and how to promote your website through link building. I like these email strategies you have given here! thanks for sharing great job!
cat beds 13 years ago
It’s really important to have a strong email marketing list. It will increase customer loyalty, By getting more email sign ups and learning more about customers through surveys and social media,which helps you to both send targeted emails to specific demographics.
Gary Wynder 13 years ago
Hi Mark!
What you've described here definitely sounds like a very good and solid strategy for building up those all-important email subscriber lists. I can see this as being a very powerful and effective way to be able to create a really strong sense of urgency in the minds of the recipients of those emails, and help to encourage more opt-ins. Every successful online business starts with an interested and responsive subscriber list.
Zack Lim 13 years ago
Hi Mark,

Thank you for sharing these 2 email series templates as it is definitely useful when I am planning for my next email campaign.

I definitely agree with you that having our own list of subscribers and building a relationship with them is the key to long term business.

Thanks for sharing :)

MICHAEL 13 years ago
Hi! Mark,

Very fantastic are the two email promotion plans. Though haven't yet used them, I'm highly convinced they will do the trick when used.
Thanks very much.