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facebook vs Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

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facebook vs Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

is it possible to use facebook for Affiliate Marketing
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Hi legomancave500,

This question has been answered several times on the Affilorama Forums. You may refer to the following threads/articles:

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There are plenty more discussions and articles. Just type Facebook in the Search box on the top right sidebar.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Ya .. sure you can proceed.. In fact, many branded products are already promoted by using Twitter only. For example, Dell is completely promoted using Twitter only. if you are using trusted profile, then you can make use of it for affiliate marketing.
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Yes. I think, since the day that social networks are born, so as the purpose of them evolves. There are lots of products that are being advertised or promoted to various sites and they are being piled up.
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I don't think face book will help until you create a facebook page about your products and get more likes.But if you try face book ads it may get some results
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Yes it is as long as you don't spam.

SMM is effective if you target your market and be able to build trust by helping them of what they want/need rather than just making awful sales talk.

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Facebook is a best partner for affiliation as I may see. This has gone worldwide except China. They banned this site for everybody to know. Twitter is more on famous people. You can't receive any updates unless you follow each other. I am more comfortable in using facebook than twitter.
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