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Which affiliate network is the best?

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Which affiliate network is the best?

Now, as an advertiser, we are considering using an affiliate network. However, faced with many different choices, we are not sure which one is the best for us... Can you guys give me some advices? Among the names listed below, can you choose the one you think the best?
    1.Commission Junction
    2.Click Bank
    3.Amazon Affiliates
    7.Others(list the one you like)

Thank you guys!
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It depends on your product. Commission Junction is one of the largest and most highly regarded affiliate networks which is best suited for “non-digital” products. For digital products, you could choose ClickBank. Both are good choices for finding affiliate marketers in general.

You could find some data on the top affiliate networks on these pages:

Top 50 Web Rankings: Affiliate Networks

Best Affiliate Networks - February 2012

All the best!
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There is no one company or service that is BEST from the list provided. Each of the above companies has strengths as well as weaknesses. This is true as to the service companies and the companies or products they represent.

Finding products, companies to affiliate with requires research on your part. Your research must be completed by you to determine which product or service fulfills the needs you wish to address using your website.

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If you can get accepted, commission junction all the way. Will make other's efforts so easy because so many merchants are on commission junction. A few other good ones not on your list are google's affiliate network, pepperjam network and Linkshare.
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I personally like Clickbank because they have a simple system set up. Joining as an affiliate is quick and easy. They have an extensive FAQ that answers all questions you have about affiliate marketing and their affiliate system. There's also both affiliate and customer support.

Our blog post on alternatives to Clickbank gives brief information on 10 other affiliate networks aside from Clickbank that are worth checking out. You might want to go over that as well.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I am very happy that I have read this post - as I am about to join Clickbank and it is good to read from a professional that Clickbank is good.
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