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Biamo Partners - direct gambling and betting advertiser

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Biamo Partners - direct gambling and betting advertiser


Hey there!
We’re Biamo Partners - a gambling and betting affiliate network from Biamo.bet!. For
a long time we’ve been a private program but now we’re ready to offer our converting
product to anyone who’s interested.

High conversion rate
The conversion rate for a repeated deposit hits up to 40%. We provide the best ad
materials and lucrative offers, we encourage the audience to invest and support our
webmasters throughout the entire traffic driving process.

Welcome bonuses, free spins, free bets, coupons and promotions - partners are given
the best tools to increase the conversion rate.

Lifetime payouts
Even if you stopped referring customers, we will continue to pay up to 60% from the
profit made off of each previously referred player. Build a base of loyal and dedicated
gamblers and get a lifetime stable income.

We update user and revenue data in real time. You will be able to continuously monitor
the effectiveness of your bundle and optimize it.

Weekly payouts
We pay our partners every week. We work with any payment systems, from bank cards
to cryptocurrencies.

Exclusive conditions

We are confident enough in our product to offer you conditions no other AP will by the
end of the year. Register through this link. Verify your account and contact your manager.
And we guarantee that you’ll be able to test our offers with maximum profits

Contact info:
email: [email protected]..
Skype: live:.cid.e353d3f3d1b4325e
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