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AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1300

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AIVIX - Financial offers with CPA up to $1300


Greetings, all. We are Aivix — the leading financial affiliate program in CPA

For over 5 years, we offer our affiliates the best terms and the highest CPA rates from
direct advertisers.

Why working with Aivix is profitable. We:

- Offer premade bundles
- Provide CPA rates up to $1300 for FTD
- Make guarantees in terms of traffic
- Teach and assist with adaptation for our vertical
- Work with all traffic sources
- Offer a wide selection of withdrawal methods

Register and start working with the most relevant and trendy vertical.
Still have questions? We will answer all of them in our
official chat - Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain


Welcome to our arbitrage traders - we keep exploring the fundamentals of digital finance.
Today Aivix will share everything you need to know about blockchain.

Blockchain – just like the name indicates, is a chain of blocks which stores information
about transactions within the entire system.

Blocks are data structures within the blockchain database, where transaction data in a
cryptocurrency blockchain is recorded.

Blockchain is mades of data blocks linked together to form a continuous chain of
information records that follows some rules.


Let's take a look at a banknote. The moment when the note was printed indicates the
beginning of its history. Imagine if every wallet-to-wallet transaction in the entire history
of this note was recorded on the note itself. Digital currency is exactly the same, but with
recorded transactions in a digital form. It becomes the blockchain measuring unit. For
example, in the Bitcoin blockchain (BTC), the unit is bitcoin. In the Ethereum
blockchain - Ether and so on.


Blockchain technology works as a decentralized system. The rules are decided ahead
of the launch; and no one can change them. All transactions are autonomous, requiring
no human intervention. All work is done by mathematical code.

Only the owner has access to the blockchain wallet. All wallet's transactions are visible
in the public domain. This domain shows the transaction history: every input, withdrawal
and transfer. Even though the transactions are easily traceable, they do not reveal the
identities behind the wallets. Therefore, the blockchain is considered to be trustworthy
and transparent system.

Blockchains can be divided into three types:

1. Public/open.
2. Private/private.
3. Exclusive.

Blockchain allows complete strangers to use this technology and complete transactions
with reliance. Blockchain is recognized to be useful in corruption prevention as it is
impossible to secretly forge data inside the network.


Blockchain is an unbreakable digital storage of actions. Network's reliability made it
applicable in improving the monetary transaction efficiency and to exchange information
among individuals, corporations and even the public sector.


Advantages of blockchain transactions:

• Fast international money transfers.
• High liquidity.
• High anonymity and privacy.


• Smart contracts.
• Making of public registers.
• Proof of ownership and copyright.

Check out our chat with more advice on how to work with financial offers
here: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Cybersecurity for Digital Finance

We welcome our arbitrage traders. We have already covered the types of digital finance
fraud, so today, we will talk about safety regulations.

The basis for safer digital finance:

1. Connect your wallet only to trusted sources. Beware of scam apps and websites.

2. Check the website's authenticity. You can check real decentralized exchange links on
CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

3. Choose the correct transfer network. Make sure to know the network before
confirming the transfer. Be mindful to check whether the end-exchange works with
the network you use. Otherwise the funds can get lost. Make sure that the transferred
coin's network has been added to your wallet. If you complete the transfer before
adding the token's contract, it will be displayed in your wallet after adding the contract.

4. Check all the characters of the wallet address before each transaction.
Some viruses can replace your copied wallet's number with a fake wallet's digits.

5. Do not be fooled by offers of trust management and other offers of
help, advice, etc., from strangers. Do not click on any unknown links.

6. Discover new coins on similar sites: honeypot.is and check first project transactions
in blockchain. If you see massive token overflows to several wallets, do not buy. Review
listing information only in official sources.

7. Never share your usernames, passwords and private keys with anyone. Do not
mention your main wallets in the public and media spheres. Check the wallet's balance.
To diversify, use multiple wallets for different purposes.

8. Do not interact with coins whose origin you do not know. If they appear in your
wallet – do not click on any buttons. It is better not to touch it and forget about their

9. Never tell your seed-phrase to anyone. Do not enter it anywhere on the web besides
the original exchange website. Always disconnect the wallet from the service. Always
create a separate wallet for AirDrop, new games and other stuff. Keep the seed-phrase
in a safe place. Do not keep it in chats, apps, or any electronic devices in general.

Check out our chat with more advice on how to work with financial offers
here: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Why it's never late to enter the finance vertical

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. If you one of believers that everyone have already
skimmed off the top the finance vertical. The Aivix affiliate network prepared this
content just for you.

Digital finances – assets known to all, but not everyone knows how to use them.

Currently, the turnover in digital finances has surpassed investments in gold.

About 40% of exchanges are made by using digital currencies.

Some countries (Netherlands, USA and others) officially pay salaries on digital

Concepts like move-to-earn, learn-to-earn, play-to-earn, and drive-to-earn are all
around us. You can earn an income while living your life.

We can order goods from anywhere by paying in digital currencies instead of using
banks and payment systems.

You can keep your money in a tax free place.

We could hardly imagine that 15 years ago. One could grab a laptop and work in a
cafe. Today, you get visas for digital nomads.

Global brands are becoming partners with digital finance projects.

Every day the level of involvement is growing. There’s hardly anything in the world
that can stop the integration of digital finances into our daily lives.

4 reasons to join this vertical right now

1. High rates and relatively low competition. A broad selection of offers and
GEOs, along with a growing audience. Acquire knowledge that you can use in your
daily life to increase income.

2. A young market. A young market means potential and growth. When Amazon
appeared on the stock exchange, not many people believed in it. The cost was in
line with its popularity. However, now it's the biggest corporation in the world.
You can name numerous examples like this – Tesla, Apple and much more. Back
in the day, we would have more likely bought Nokia shares than Apple.

3. Bear cycle. There’s a rule: “Buy low, sell high.” A bear cycle is the perfect time to
buy good shares at a low price. So, why not use the chance?

4. You can start with small amounts. The diversity of offers is increasing with each
coming day. Currently, the market has assets with unimaginable growth potential.

You will always have the option to enter the market at the growth stage when it will
be easy, but most of the profit will already have been acquired by others. The
choice is yours. Joins us

Find more useful information to improve work efficiency with finance offers, and to
learn more about digital finances in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Perspectives of WEB3 development

Greetings, our dearest affiliates! Today Aivix will tell you about WEB3.

WEB3 - is the third-generation Internet. Its main role is assumed by blockchain

Blockchain is not only about digital currency. It's about new Internet standards, types
of financial systems, and ways of saving data.


Web 1.0 was the first stage in the development of the Internet (WWW).
Most of the users were consumers.

Ads were prohibited, and you would hardly encounter any. Web 1.0 made it possible
to search for information.

Web 2.0 is the second stage in development of the Internet and social networks.
It is the Internet that values user content, the user-friendliness of the website, and
functional compatibility. Innovations are focused on interfaces to increase user

The Internet is becoming an assembly point for online tools and platforms.
Published content is starting to get controlled.

In return for access to convenient resources, users agree to share personal
data, which providers of such services rightfully use for commercial purposes.

Web 3.0 – the result of the evolution of Internet usage and the interaction with
its limits. The Internet has become a database.

One thing that has become a feature of Web 3.0 is that data no longer belongs
to specific people or organizations. It is mutually exploited by users. Smart
contracts enable users to automize managing these databases and data flows as
they see fit.

Innovation emphasis is on the backend processes:

- Data transfer and storage via blockchain databases. Ownership rights to
content and assets always belong to the creator without intermediaries.

- The semantic Web is the improvement of technologies for creating, searching,
and sharing content not only via keywords but also by using the meaning of
the content.

- Artificial Intelligence - improved information and language processing for
quicker and more appropriate interaction with people.

- 3D graphics - creating virtual spaces, which range from games to museum
guides, stores, maps, and other metaverses.

- Connectedness - information is available from different devices and everywhere.

Using new technology in everyday life leads to a symbiosis between machines and man.
Big data will be increasingly used in virtual reality. And, sooner than later, WEB 3.0 will
be replaced by WEB 4.0.

Find even more useful information for increasing the effectiveness of financial offers
and exploring the vector of digital finance in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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P2P trading and P2P arbitrage

Greetings to all our affiliate marketers! Today, together with the Aivix team, we will look
at P2P trading and P2P arbitrage.

P2P trading (peer-to-peer) is buying and selling digital currency between users
(physical persons) with no third party involved. That said, the exchange or whatever
other platform represents a guarantor for the deal.

P2P is trading on the local market. This method of buying/selling is one of the most
profitable and available among others.

Arbitrage in digital finances is an economic term. It means obtaining income from
the difference in value. Your earnings are the difference in selling and purchase value.
That is what arbitrage is all about.

P2P arbitrage involves closing short-term deals that are directly concluded between
users, without the involvement of an intermediary. P2P arbitrage is part of internal
exchange arbitrage. The point is to profit on the difference in the digital currency

Steadily developing technology has resulted in the possibility to conduct these
operations in a short time, which means risk-free profit.

Digital finance arbitrage cons

You will need imposing starting capital. The rate difference between the buying and
selling value is tiny. Also, some part of the profit gores for commission fees. So, you
can earn a large profit if only your starting capital is large.

The complexity of the process

Arbitrage only seems easy. However, you can only work successfully if you select
services and bundles carefully, have the necessary information, constantly analyze
the market and quickly conduct transactions. Use referral links to minimize
commission expenses.

A P2P trading model (purchase)

1. Access the P2P interface.

2. Select the seller of the digital currency using a filter.

3. Click the “Buy” button.

4. Read the information about the transaction and decide on the final amount.

5. Enter the desired amount and click “Buy” again. Your tender is processed.

6. The interface changes as follows:

а. Write in the chat: “Hey, you here?”. NEVER transfer funds to the seller until
you get a reply in the chat.

b. After getting a reply transfer, the funds using the credentials provided in
the transaction description (ONLY use the ones in the description. If you are
offered other information, report this to the administration).

7. After you transfer the funds, click the “Paid” button and wait for the digital
currency to be released.

8. Transfer the digital currency to your spot wallet once you receive it.

Find even more useful information for improving your efficiency in our
chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Anti-detect browser for affiliate marketing

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix has prepared a selection of
antidetection services for affiliate marketing.

An anti-detect provides confidentiality, substitutes browser fingerprints, and allows
the launching of several accounts with different IP addresses simultaneously from
one profile. It also allows one to work in various accounts within one app, but the
traffic is counted as coming from different devices.

Anti-detect services combine the following functions: multi-accounting, bypassing
anti-fraud systems, granting multiple users access to an account, artificial growth, and
referral farming.

Sign up and get promo codes for anti-detect browsers in your account.

INDIGO BROWSER – an anti detect is perfect for working with antifraud systems
comfortably and safely. It is designed for affiliate marketing on Facebook and Google

Use our promo code to get 50% cashback on your second payment.
50% cashback on your second payment

DOLPHIN ANTY – this antidetect browser has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.
You can create up to 10 browser profiles using the free plan. They feature various
cookies, user agents, browser languages, geolocation, and proxy. It also substitutes
the hardware: memory, processor, and screen resolution. This service is ideal for
teamwork and process automation in Google, Facebook and TikTok.

Our promo code will give you a 20% discount on your first payment.
20% discount on your first payment

GOLOGIN – an anti-detect browser that allows a webmaster to create and manage
several accounts from one spot.

Use our promo code to get 2 weeks of any subscription free of charge.
2 weeks of any subscription

MultiLogin – used when working with over 100 accounts. Inside you will find 2 personal
browsers: Mimic replaces Chrome; StealthFox replaces Firefox. Operates on all
operating systems and features a free trial period for 10 profiles.

HydraHeaders – a completely free anti detect for Windows. The program enables you
to simulate various mobile and desktop devices, choose the browser language, and
set a proxy for every user profile.

Incogniton – use 10 profiles for free on Mac and Windows. You need to register on
the website and download the installation file from the Download section.

AdsPower – an anti-detect browser designed for Windows and Mac. A version with 2
browser profiles will become available upon registration and account verification.

Ghost Browser – an anti-detect browser based on Chromium and featuring Mac and
Windows versions. You can set your user agent when creating a profile or select one
from the offered options.

IDENTORY – suitable for most websites and services.

Sw Spy Browser – allows configuring a proxy for every open tab and generating a
user agent and cookies for them.

Accovod – a program that is used to manage multiple social media accounts

If you haven’t yet joined us, sign up and get promo codes for affiliate marketing
services in your account.

Find more useful tools for increasing the effectiveness of working with financial
offers in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Account farming

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix has prepared an article about account
farming specially for you.

Accounts are one of the basic consumables in affiliate marketing. Without them it
is impossible to test funnels, launch ad campaigns and scale up.

Account farming – this is the imitation of activity on the user page. It is used to bypass
antifraud systems and increases trust levels of social media bots. In turn, this offers a
chance to avoid manual investigation of the account and end bot moderation quicker.
That said, the better “warmed up” the account is, the moer trust it will get from the
moderators of an ad platform.

Types of accounts

Selfregs – accounts that are manually registers and warmed up.

Autoregs – accounts that are registered using software. They can be clean, which
means they have no personal user info. Or, they can be artificially promoted, which
means that up to 80% of user info is filled in. You need to warm up an account to
increase its lifetime.

Rented accounts – these are active accounts that belong to a certain person or store.
After the campaign launch, the owner of the account simply continues to use it and
increase social activity.

PBAA (passed ban on advertising activity) – these are accounts that have been
restored after a ban on advertising activity. They have a certain level of trust from the
platform’s moderators.

Brutes and logs – accounts that have been hacked or stolen using hacking software.

You can mix and match various types of accounts to improve the result. Either way, you
will either have to buy accounts or farm them yourself.

To farm accounts yourself, you will need: antidetect browsers, SMS activators, emails,
physical SIM cards and a lot of time.

General advice on farming accounts yourself

1. Carry out random activity in each account. Try to vary the farming period on each
one, too.

2. Don’t click on everything you see. All activities need to make sense.

3. Don’t try to save on quality farming and warming up.

4. Don’t access the ad cabinet in the first couple of days. Also, don’t use a direct link.

What you must consider when using accounts

1. The creation of the account. How was it created?

2. Time (period) of creation. The “fresher” the account, the more suspicious its activity will be.

3. The usage history of the account.

4. The browser fingerprint of the account. Will the change in fingerprint be too noticeable?

Find more tools for increasing the effectiveness of financial offers in out
chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Telegram – features of using paid ads

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, together with the Aivix team, you get to
explore another traffic source – Telegram.

Telegram is an effective traffic source for those who know how to work with it. It
has loads of potential but quite underrated for affiliate marketing purposes.

Telegram has its own ad platform Telegram Ads, yet this isn’t the best option.
Here, you will find that either the entry threshold is too high or you can only place
ads via large advertising agencies.

A more relevant option is to place ads on other channels:

1. Find channels in catalogs. Catalogs are services that provide a complete list of
channels with detailed analytics:

- Telemetr.me

- Tgstat.ru

- Catalog-telegram.ru.

2. Choose a category:

- Ad cost = reach, at a ratio of appx 1:1;

- If a channel is losing subscribers or not growing, best avoid it;

- Note the ER and audience engagement;

- A red channel is a channel that is involved in fake engagement.

To choose an ad platform, you must consider channels with an active audience
and minimal artificial bots, views and votes.

The ad buying process takes a few days:

1. Select and analyze platforms. Contact their administrators and find out the
cost of placing an ad;

2. Observe the channel’s activity for 2-3 days. You can set up sound notifications
to alert you of new posts in the channel. In this way,you can track the growth of
views. If you notice sharp fluctuations in the number of views (like 10-12 times
more than usual), then the channel is using fake engagement;

3. Now you can either agree on placing your ads (you can negotiate a 10-15%
discount, if placing several ads) or continue searching.

Features of using Telegram for financial offers

1. Telegram doesn’t have a strict editing policy and censorship. The audience
doesn’t experience ad fatigue, so it will react neutrally to affiliate marketing creatives.

2. As a rule, the channel’s administrator acts as an “expert.” In turn, this helps to give
that extra conviction to leads.

3. Practice shows that posts that look as follows work best: “text with link + video”
or “text with link + GIF.” A dynamic footage always works better than a static image.

4. It is essential to buy ads on topical target channels. However, don’t do this with
competitors. Instead, make use from overlapping themes, like psychology, business
channels, freelance chats, etc.

5. No point in driving traffic on holidays.

6. It is critical to conduct a thorough analysis and test templates in order to avoid
blowing your budget.

Find more useful information on increasing the effectiveness of working with
financial offers in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Ad networks for affiliate marketing

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today Aivix prepared a list of ad networks for
affiliate marketing and promo codes for them.

Sign up and get your promo codes in your personal account.

Advertising networks are intermediaries between traffic buyers (affiliate
marketers, webmasters, PR specialists, marketologists) and sellers, like owners of
platforms, mobile apps, websites, et.

DAO.AD – a unique platform for converting and monetising Video, Push, Popunder, and
In-Page Push traffic.

Use our promo code to get +10% on your first deposit.

RICHADS – an ad network with GEOs across the globe offers opportunities for
automatic optimization. It provides a large audience of 4 million impressions from
over 200 countries. Main ad formats – push, pops, calendar, in-page and domain redirect.

Use our promo code to get +10% on your first deposit.

Evadav – an ad platform with naitve ads, push notifications, In-page messages and
popunder traffic for 250 geos working via CPM and CPC. In Evadav, over 2.5 million
ad campaigns are created, and more than 100 billion impressions are made on a
monthly basis.

PropellerAds – the leading ad network and the largest source of Push, Popunder
and Interstitial traffic that sets rate real-time. The platform boasts 600 million real users.
Features: tools for A/B testing and optimization; good protection from fraud;
24/7 moderation and technical support.

MGID – an international teaser networks that is in the top 3 companies in the world in
terms of traffic volume. Use it to launch ad campaigns and track conversions in
200+ countries in 70+ languages. Features: action-based pricing system; AI
technologies; MGID smart widget in push notifications; a personal account manager
if you deposit $500.

Adsterra – a large ad network with a custom approach to each client that offers a
quick start. It supports over 30 billion monthly impressions and works with more than
18 000 direct publishers across 248 geos. Adsterra has over 20 targeting filters and
a 3-stage anti-fraud protection system.

You can find all the promo codes in the special section in your personal account.
If you haven’t joined Aivix yet, here is where you can do so: https://aivix.com

Find more tools for increasing the effectiveness of financial offers in our
chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Trackers in affiliate marketing

Greetings to all affiliates. Today Aivix prepared a list of trackers and promo codes for

Sign up and find your promo codes in your personal account.

A tracker is a tool that tracks and analyzes traffic
They can determine:

- Type of device;

- GEO;

- OC;

- IP address.

You get cloud trackers, which don’t require installation and you can use them after
authorization. Server trackers are designed for the server GEO, but most services offer
a discount for an additional license.

Here’s a list of up-to-date trackers:

PEERCLICK – a cloud tracker that analyzes and optimizes ad campaigns in
real-time, creates detailed reports, organizes operations and distributes traffic.

Our promo code gives you $50 to buy any plan.

KEITARO – one of the most renowned complete trackers for working with traffic.
A convenient interface enables you to distribute target traffic using various filters.

Use our promo code to get a 20% discount for your first purchase of up to 3 months.

BINOM – one of the leaders of tracking solutions for affiliate marketing. Binom is
second globally by the volume of mobile traffic it processes. It also offers
cloaking services, reports and data analysis.

Our promo code gives you a 40% discount on paying for the second month and
the first month free.

BEMOB – a tracker that helps to manage traffic and track all marketing companies
in a single service with the most user-friendly interface.

Our promo code gives you a 20% discount for one month of any plan.

ADSBRIDGE – a modern TDS, est. in 2013. Apart from the tracker, Adsbridge offers
a wide range of landing templates you can edit using the website constructor and
the most up-to-date statistics.

Our promo code gives you a 50% discount on monthly plans, starting from the
Professional Monthly and up.

OCTOTRACKER – the most powerful and flexible tracker for affiliate marketers. A
professional tool that contains strong analytics and a multicurrency income calculator.

Our promo code gives a one-time 30% discount on purchasing the first month for
Profi plans.

REDTRACK – a tracking service for affiliate marketing that handles process
automation very well. It also tracks and optimizes ad campaigns.

Use our promo code to get 30% off for 2 months.

You can find all our promo codes in the special section in your personal account.
Join Aivix here: The Affiliate Network - Aivix platform

Find more affiliate marketing tools in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Dear friends!

?The year is about to end, and we'd like to congratulate you on the New 2k23 Year.

❄️This year, we have written many articles about traffic arbitrage, and hope they have
helped you understand this complex business better.

☃️ Big thanks to everyone who joined Aivix and started working with us. We
are happy to have new partners - we will try to do our best to make our work strive!

?Wish all of you big profits in the New Year!
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Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today Aivix compiled a list of cloaking services and
promo codes for them.

Register and find the promo codes in your account.

Cloaking distributes traffic, displays white pages to bot moderators, and the necessary
financial offers to target users. It helps conceal the contents of the webpage from spy

CLOAKIT – a cloud-based cloaking service that doesn’t need to be installed onto your
hosting. It doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge, which makes it easy to use.
One of its main features is that it is universal, so you can work with Facebook and Google.

Our promo code gives you a 40% discount.

ADSPECT – a reliable cloak for Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, and other sources. The
cloud-based service protects ad campaigns from undesired traffic.

Our promo code gives you a 20% discount.

HIDE.CLICK – a reliable tool for protection from spy services, advertising
competitors, bots, and moderators. It features a trial period, a referral program, and
lots of other useful bonuses.

Our promo code gives you a 25% discount for the first month on any plan.

CLOAKING.HOUSE – a professional solution for filtering traffic and protecting content
based on Machine Learning. It works perfectly with any traffic source: Google,
Facebook, Yandex, MT, TikTok, and other advertising platforms.

Use our promo code to get a 30% discount on any plan.

IM KLO – enables cloaking in FB, Google Adwords, and Yandex Direct. IM KLO offers
numerous features where you can customize the settings. It has a lifetime
license, i.e., pay around $330 once-off, and it’s all yours.

Our promo code gives you a 15% discount.

BLACKHOLE – a cloud-based solution that doesn’t require installation or technical
skills. The main advantages are simplicity and low price.

Use our promo code to get 33% off on 5 activations.

MAGICCHECKER – an online solution that helps digital marketers and advertisers
guarantee the security of their campaigns from spy services, competitors, and bot

Our promo code gives you access to an extensive trial version and a $200 bonus
for a minimum of 2 payments.

You can find all the promo codes in a special section in your personal account. You
can join Aivix at https://aivix.com if you haven’t done so already.

Find more tools for increasing the effectiveness of financial offers in our
chat: https://t.me/aivix_official
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Features of iOS traffic

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, we will talk with Aivix about traffic features
of iOS devices.

99% of the global market is owned by mobile devices that run on Android and iOS.
Of these, 70% are Android, and only 29% are iOS devices. That said, App Store expenses
are higher than that of Google Play by more than 1.5 times.

iOS has a more pay-worthy audience, while the average cheque and retention rates
are higher than on other devices.

Mobile applications for affiliate marketing are a trendy way to run traffic from iOS

Mobile apps for iOS allow one to promote ads to Tier-1 countries since conversion is
guaranteed. However, the finance vertical can be tested in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries
due to high audience engagement.

The audience of Apple devices is more selective and doesn’t tolerate bad visuals.
That is why it is essential to create maximum-quality content.

You need to configure traffic for iOS apps according to the following parameters

- Type of device: smartphone, tablet, button phone.

- Device manufacturer.

- Device model.

- Operating system.

- Type of connection: mobile data or Wi-Fi.

- Mobile network operator.

- Device GEO.

Traffic from mobile apps of iOS devices can broadly differ in terms of
conversion, depending on the operating system and operator.

You need to run traffic via channels or platforms that are convenient and displayed
on mobile devices without any errors. Pay attention to ads in:

- FB, VK, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube (keep in mind the diversity of
formats, approaches to the TA, and various methods of audience analysis);

- Yandex and Google;

- UAC;

- Apple Search Ads;

- Google Ads;

- InApp (promoting an app via other apps).

Before starting, try to analyze the market of your competitors and the most
popular apps in the App Store. Use new approaches in app design and creatives.

Try refraining from standard approaches and running ads to a slightly wider audience
than the one targeted. For example, increase the age range for the male audience
and increase impressions for the female audience, which converts just as well as the
male one does.

Advantages of traffic from iOS devices: long-term communication with the user, a
loyal attitude of users, large selection of traffic sources.

Users trust App Store apps more due to a more closed Apple system. As a result, we
can observe an improvement in the CR and other indicators. But do not forget about
the additional action the user has to go through, which is installing the app.

Find more information on traffic sources in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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ASO optimization in affiliate marketing

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix will tell you about ASO optimization in
affiliate marketing.

ASO (App Store Optimization) – is the optimization of the app page in the store. It
increases the impressions of the page and, thus, installs.

Advantages of using ASO optimization: increases CRI; increases number of
installations due to organic search; improves visibility and accessibility; better profit.

In an environment of growing competition your app will be hard to notice without
ASO optimization. It is because everyone chooses from the search results or the feed.

Main optimization elements – name of the app and its keywords, semantic
kernel, icon, screenshots, reviews, rating operations.

ASO optimization is divided into two parts:

Internal – this concerns working with key and app indexing. In other words, we
select keywords, phrases, and descriptions so that Google and Apple raise our app
in the search results and place us in the appropriate section. The keys must be
readable and comprehensive. You can use subtitles to increase the number of
keywords and add more indexed words.

External – this is a direct connection to the potential user through the correct
information and visual elements. Apart from the right content, the purpose of
the visuals is to increase conversions from impressions to installations.

Recommendations on working with ASO optimization

1. Use localization for different languages. Even if your app works in only one
language, you can still make copies of the app’s pages in various languages to
acquire additional users.

2. Choose and compile a semantic kernel separately for Google Play and the
App Store. There are several fields in which you can enter indexation keys that
are different all over. You can expect the frequency to differ, too.

3. Make regular changes, observe trends and continuously improve your product.

4. Constantly test design options and change it according to the season.

5. Don’t apply too many changes at once. Alter one thing at a time and what
effect it gives.

6. Check the original optimization data and try to use several sources

7. Use Suggestions.

8. Use reviews.

Effectiveness indicators of ASO optimization

- ASO-index;

- Key request ranking;

- Effectiveness of visuals;

- ASO auditing;

- Tools like App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

Find more information on affiliate marketing tools in our
chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Deeplink in affiliate marketing

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, especially for you, Aivix prepared content
about deep links.

A deep link is the specification of a web portal’s section (e.g. /trade/), which redirects
the visitor to a specific part of the website, instead of the whole. The purposeis to
facilitate the multi-stage process of clicking on a link and providing the visitor with
access to the end goal. This increases conversions and makes ad budget spending
more efficient.

Such an approach in affiliate marketing prevents losing about 50% of potential traffic.

A deep link is placed: in ad campaigns launched on social media, messengers, and
search engines; in push notifications, SMS, and email newsletter; in action buttons on
the website’s “Contact us” section; in referral programs; in electronic business
cards; in QR codes of external ads.

Types of deep links:

*Regular — a URL that redirects to a section/app when installed on the

*Delayed – the user is offered to install the app via the Android or iOS
store in case it is not done yet, and the link is followed after installation;

*Contextual – these operate the same as delayed links, but they save the
data about the redirect and collect statistical data;

*URI – operates similarly to one’s “in-house Internet,” where the resource
path is used instead of https://;

*Mobile – functions based on the Apple Universal Links or Android App
Links, which have the option to check the availability of the application
and its download, if needed.

The main purpose of using deep links in affiliate marketing:

*Redirecting the visitor to an app on a mobile device instead of a
webpage, including from emails and SMSs;

*Redirecting leads to the desired website section instead of the main

*Indexation in search systems;

*Exchanging invitations or URLs between users;

*Collecting statistics on clicks, plans, etc.;

*Integrating into QR codes to collect data and save the user’s time;

*Optimizing marketing campaigns.

An approximate algorithm for creating deep links via special services:

*Add the end link to the exchange buffer (copy it);

*Select the service able to perform the task;

*Add the copied URL to the form and click “Edit/Change”;

*Get the deep link.

You can also create deep links for applications manually; if you know how
to write scripts and codes. Use our special guide for tips.

Find more information on deep link services in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Stablecoins and digital dollars

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, together with Aivix, we will explore
one of the basics of digital finances.

Stablecoins (payment tokens or real cryptocurrencies) are digital tokens with
a stable exchange rate tied to, let's say, the dollar.

They are a universal accounting unit, which are convenient for trade and
storing capital.

Their main feature is the presumed absence of volatility. The value of the
stablecoin is tied to the cost of a base asset instead of supply and demand. For
example, 1 USDT must always cost 1 dollar. However, market conditions might
make it fluctuate slightly.

There are 4 main types of stablecoin:

-Tied to fiat;

- Tied to physical assets;

- Tied to cryptocurrency;

- Algorithmic.

Stablecoins tied to fiat are digital assets that have financial reserves in fiat
currency, and are stored in a regulated establishment, e.g., a traditional bank.

Stablecoins tied to assets are grounded on physical assets, like gold, precious
metals or Swiss real estate. As a rule, these stablecoins are tied to a specific
amount of goods. They are stored in a place that gets externally audited

Stablecoins tied to digital currencies use something like over-collateralized
loans to ensure that their value is properly tied. They are backed by a basket of
one or more digital currencies. They use over-collateralization and require
buyers to block deposit tokens in smart-contracts. These will be liquidated if
the deposit value drops too much. You can get this deposit by exchanging it
for stablecoins.

Algorithmic stablecoins are generally baked by 2 tokens. The one is a
stablecoin, and the other is a digital currency which backs the stablecoin.
So, the algorithm regulates the ratio between them. The algorithmic stablecoin
system decreases the token supply, if their price drops below the tracked fiat
currency value.

Digital dollars are considered to be the largest stablecoins available. They
represent the value of a US dollar, but are not a fiat currency tied to conventional
banks. Another factor that makes them more convenient is that they are quicker
to transfer than traditional money. Stablecoins help to make payments and
transfers worldwide and get passive income for staking in the DeFi ecosystem.

Find more useful information on increasing your operations efficiency in our
chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Insurance in digital finance

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix will tell you about the possibilities of
digital finance insurance.

You get specific insurance protocols in digital finances providing insurance for your
digital assets. It is especially relevant for DeFi, which, in fact, are considered high-risk
and are prone to hacking.

Currently, less than 1% of digital assets and around 3% of decentralized finances
have insurance.

Only in 2022, hackers managed to steal assets worth more than 4 billion USD. That’s
thousands of victims that could have got their accounts back with the help of insurance.

Insurance of digital finances isn’t so different to regular insurance.

An example of an algorithm for digital asset insurance:

1. Specify the smart-contract address – what you want to insure exactly.

2. Then, choose the amount and period for which the digital finance insurance will
make an offer.

3. Next, with your agreement your funds will be fully insured for the specified sum
and time.

Insurance protocols can protect from:

- stablecoin unpegging (stablecoin doesn’t get untied from its rate, for example the
dollar, which results in fixed parity loss);

- smart-contract hacking;

- custodian bankruptcy/hacking (digital asset «holder»);

- a broad range of exploits (various malware, codes, command sequences, attacks
and manipulations – minting vulnerability, flash-credit attack, a trojan token, proxy
manipulation, mathematical errors, repeated attack, etc.);

- IDO risks (for example, IDO transfer or cancellation);

- digital finance wallet insurance.

You can find a good tool for risk hashing if you study insurance products carefully.

TOP 3 insurance protocols where you can find the necessary insurance:

1. insurace.io.

2. nexusmutual.io.

3. solace.fi.

Insurance will cost you around 2-5% of the asset value yearly. As a rule, it is settled
in the respective insurance protocol tokens.

InsurAce is one such company that has paid out $11 million to its 155 clients that
lost funds in algorithmic stablecoins.

Find more useful information on increasing your operations efficiency and learning
more about digital finances in our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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Affiliate marketing on Telegram

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix will tell you about affiliate marketing
through Telegram.

Telegram is a rapidly growing messenger, attracting more and more new users who
can become potential leads. You can use it as a traffic source and as a preland. Let’s
take a closer look at the major affiliate marketing methods via Telegram.

1. Promoting your own channel.

The hardest yet most reliable way of enticing traffic on Telegram. Traffic sources
on TG are organic (internal channel search) and commercial (advertising on
cross-themed platforms).

A typical algorithm of promoting a channel:

1. Create the channel;

2. Fill the channel with a little bit of content;

3. Artificially increasing the number of subscribers to 1000;

4. Purchase ads from other channels and chats.

After you are successfully able to promote your channel, you can start driving traffic
through Telegram. As a bonus you have the option of earning additional income
from ads on other platforms and channels.

2. Affiliate marketing through other channels.

If you aren’t up to it to invest in a long-term growth of your own channel, you can
use other channels to post ad creatives with an affiliate link. Telegram traffic is
target and high quality, but the conversion depends on the selected offer. Leads
cost less than those on social media and other platforms.

To select an advertising platform, it is essential to pick Telegram channels with
an active audience and a minimal number of artificial bots, views and votes.

3. Affiliate marketing via Telegram bots.

Today, bots are used to drive traffic on Telegram. The obvious advantage of a bot
is that there is no need to engage in communication with the user because the
process is fully automated. You can configure a bot in such a way that it will
display an affiliate link based on lead replies or without them.

4. A channel or bot as a preland.

You can use a Telegram channel or Telegram bot as a preland. It makes it
possible to upload many links simultaneously and to retain the audience if
someone subscribes.

Telegram channels similar to prelands are used in any vertical, since Telegram is
a free platform. This factor increases offer selection and can serve as a tool
for “warming up” traffic.

You can also use targeted ads just like standard targeting, but specify the
Telegram channel as the landing page.

Find more information on traffic sources for working with financial offers in
our chat: Aivix - chat [ENG]
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A/B testing

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix is going to discuss A/B testing.

A/B testing (split testing) is the comparison of two or more effectiveness variants.
In the testing process, one element of the ad campaign is


altered. Then, the variants are evaluated in terms of performance under a single

Elements that usually undergo A/B testing:


- Titles, subtitles;

- Texts and product descriptions;

- Amount of content on the page;

- Images;

- Appearance and CTA-button texts;

- Reviews;

- Signup forms;

- Page design and layout;

- Prices, promotions and other business components.

Stages of A/B testing

1. Select what you’re going to test based on the set goals. For example, test
elements of creatives to increase CTR and forms, buttons, discounts,
promotions, etc., to increase conversions. Test one element at a time.

2. Analyze initial data. You can use any tracker or statistics to do this. You need
to compare your results to the initial data.

3. Select the element you’re going to test. E.g., the title, description, button or CTA.

4. Create options.If you’re testing the CTA, change the color of the button or its
position. In terms of the title, you can opt for a second one.

5. Select tools for A/B testing. Most make do with Google Analytics, but you can
also use services, such as VWO and Optimizely.

6. Create the test. Configure the main parameters of two identical ad campaigns
with a single variable and determine the testing period.

7. Collect data. At this stage there is no need to jump to conclusions. Wait for
the test to end.

8. Analyze the A/B testing result and choose the best option. Compare the KPI
of both results and choose the most effective one.

Main recommendations

-Test the parameters individually.

- Don’t terminate the testing too soon.

- Don’t ignore external factors.User behavior can be affected by an ongoing
crisis in the country, the macroeconomy, holidays, seasonality, etc. Opt for
neutral periods for testing.

- Track the primary (CR, CTR, etc.) and secondary indicators to evaluate the
overall effectiveness. After the test conversions take place, assess the general
outcome of the campaign, not just the tested element.
Find promo codes for services that can aid you in testing in our chat.
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How to promote finances via apps

Mobile applications are an effective traffic source for financial offers.

Users are more lenient to ads that are integrated into mobile apps. Besides, the
app, along with the offer, stays on the phone. This preserves the communication
with the audience, unlike landing pages, which the user forgets about, as soon as he
closes the tab.

Mobile app traffic can vary in terms of conversion, depending on targeting.

Targeting for promoting mobile apps:

- Type of device: smartphone, tablet.

- Device manufacturer.

- Device model.

- Operating system.

- Type of connection: mobile Internet or Wi-Fi.

- Mobile network operator.

- Device GEO.

Specialized traffic sources for promoting mobile apps include:

- Google UAC;

- InApp (using other apps to promote your app);

- ASO.

You can use other methods to promote mobile apps, if you pass the ad
platform moderation criteria. Take note of ads in:

- FB, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok, YouTube (take into account the difference
in format and TA);

- Apple Search Ads;

- Google Ads.

Don’t forget about motivated traffic: the more times an application
is installed, the better it is ranked.

Usually, you get the following categories of mobile apps that are suitable for
financial offers:
games, utilities, shopping apps, catalogs, wallets, simulators,
educational apps, various financial apps and others.

Features of promoting digital finance offers

There is a seasonality in the vertical of digital finance – periods of sharp growth or
decline. In these periods you can earn more than during flats, but traffic costs will
be higher, due to competition.

Direct advertising of digital finances is prohibited on social media platforms and
search engines. You need to use cloaking tools, antidetect browsers, proxies and
quality account farming to bypass moderation, if you’re working with a traffic
source with strict moderation (FB, IG, Google).

You also need processed creatives with a CTR of no less than 0.5.

Advantages of affiliate marketing through apps:

- Long-term communication with the user;

- Lenient attitude from users;

- A large selection of traffic sources.

Drawbacks include:

- Need to create an application;

- Lengthy moderation in the store and possible bans;

- Apps are hard to come by.

Pay attention to the KPI and stay in touch with the affiliate network:
Aivix - chat [ENG]
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How to drive white hat SEO traffic to finances

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, the Aivix team has prepared some content
about white SEO traffic for financial offers.

SEO traffic are clicks done from search engines to the target page. The website must
appear in the top search results. To do this you need smart promotion and SEO
of the web resource that can bring passive leads and stable, long-term

Depending on how the promotion methods adhere to search engine rules, they can
be divided into white, gray and black.

White SEO is working on a project that does not offend any search engine rules.

This includes external (increasing the authority of the promoted resource for better
ranking in search engines) and internal optimization
(working with content based on user requests).

Internal optimization - processes that include:

- Optimizing the resource to keywords of various frequencies, and ranking

- Removing technical errors: main mirror setup, creating robots.txt file, erasing
copies of pages, etc.;

- Working through commercial factors: price, correctness of transactional element
implementation, etc.;

- Working through usability: analyzing the user-friendliness of using the
resource, logic of consecutiveness and form completion, etc.

External optimization – actions connected to developing a natural link profile:
registering in various directories, catalogs, placing links on various thematic resources, etc.

Creating quality content

To optimize content you need to understand the ecosystem of the search results. The
basis is always relevant content and user-friendly websites.

The website must be genuine, with an interesting way of presenting information.
Make use of various useful and thematic media files. The content must have practical
value with an emphasis on introduction, education, and must meet the requests of
users. This method will help you get into the top search results.

Effective ways of acquiring SEO traffic for digital finances:

- PBN network or a special multi-page website;

- News website featuring the main trending topics;

- A review-website;

- Catalog-websites.

Quality results take a long period of time and sufficient financial investment
into search optimization. The investments are recouped once your website hits the
TOP 10 in the search requests. Initially, it’s best to combine SEO with contextual
ads and other additional means.

Find more useful information on traffic sources in our chat.
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Digital identity

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix will tell you about the concept of “digital
identity” that emerged as the Internet became popular.

Digitalization has a number of pros: e-ID, electronic driver’s licenses, “smart cities”, etc.

That said, a digital identity shouldn’t pose a threat to real identity. Leaks of information
that shouldn't be available for public access can threaten your reputation and other
aspects of your life or business company.

There are at least three aspects that describe a digital identity:

- IP address;

- Personal information and logins;

- Digital signatures and metadata.

Digital identity and cybersecurity

The main technical tools to protect your digital identity: creating an IP address; using
encryption and having a system of passwords.

A security system has only two weak points: your device and your own head. You can
solve the first problem with technology, and the second with conscious
behavior, aiming to improve your personal security.

Protecting your device:

- Update your operating system and make sure all the security functions are

- Install a good antivirus and anti-spyware program;

- Connect to the Internet via a VPN.

Protecting your data

Your everyday information could be stored on a device that is protected by a reliable
password system.

What about your business data, it should be stored on a special storage system
that can provide reliable protection. It is accessible only from a protected device.

Essential information, including business info, passwords and confidential info
should be stored on a USB drive in a secure location, so that you can get access to
it only when you need to.

Be cyber-hygienic

The main concept of cyber-hygiene presumes avoiding excessive informational

Don't leave information for hackers in various stores. You can use a separate card
for purchases.

Limiting online information about your life and real location is the best decision
you could make. Alternatively, get a separate set of devices for communicating
with people who you know well in real life. Use another account with a
made-up name for anyone else.

The less devices contain your personal information, the better. Do not
download suspicious third-party apps.
Delete all data from printers, TV-devices
and other smart devices as often as possible.

Find more useful information in our chat.
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Features of Yandex and Google algorithms

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, together with Aivix we will discuss the
features of Yandex and Google search engines.

Knowing the fundamentals and algorithms of search systems is the basis of successfully
promoting a website and quickly reaching the top search results. Besides optimization,
you also have to consider important factors, such as expertise, content quality, quick
page loading, and no sketchy promotion methods. To successfully prevent problems
and apply filters, consider your TA, emphasizing on syntax and your website’s
technical characteristics.

Features of Yandex algorithms:

- Values unique texts and images;

- Tracks behavioral factors;

- Likes websites that are in Yandex.Business, Services, Q and Zen;

- Ignores new websites that don’t have behavioral factors and determines
artificial promotion;

- It’s better to opt for long low-frequency search requests and synonymical

Yandex YATI algorithms: displays the relevant page to the user, even if the
entered search request has no key words; takes into account not only the quality of
the text, but also how user-friendly it is, and how well-developed the topic is. YATI
is based on machine learning and targets improving the quality of voice search.

Features of Google algorithms (Bert algorithms):

- Likes well-structured longreads with subheading that are relevant to the

- Values high key density;

- Internal relinking;

- Behavioral factors are closely connected to the user’s experience;

- Ignores new websites without an external link;

- A quality URL profile is essential;

- The subtitle and description that is used to create a snippet are critical;

- Core Web Vitals determine not only the loading speed, but also the
optimization level of domain interaction.

You can get leads by developing your profile on Google.MyBusiness. Google
also introduced new criteria for determining the website comfortability and page
loading speed: LCP – loading speed of main content; FID – waiting time until
first interaction with content; CLS – cumulative layout shift.

Google is suspicious of digital finances websites, due to the YMYL
(Your Money or Your Life) rule.
Here is a complete list of ad restrictions on
finance products.

Despite contextual restrictions, Google displays a lot of trusted digital finance
resources at the top of the search results, and supports a convenient platform for
traders – Google Finance. It has a section for digital currencies, comprehensive
analytics and highlight news from Google News.

Find more useful info in our chat.
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Affiliate marketing of digital finances

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today Aivix prepared for you some information
about a topic everyone has heard about, and that’s trading in digital finances.

Trading is an economic term, which means earning from a price difference. Your
income is the difference between the buying price and the selling price.

Consequently, trading with digital currency is a method of earning based on
the difference between assets. In other words, you buy digital currency there where
it is cheap, and sell it there where it is more expensive. The spread is your profit.

Basically, trading is searching for operating and profitable bundles of buying an
asset with the goal of reselling it profitably.

Types of trading:

Intra-exchange trading – this is the easiest and simplest and affordable trading, which
consists of reselling digital currency within one exchange.

International trading is the use of bundles, where currencies, payment cards,
exchangers and local exchanges of various countries are used.

The development of technologies allows us to do these operations in a second
and get secure profit. Also, you can repeat the same bundle several times over.

Cons of working with digital finances

You will need large starting capital. The difference between buying and selling price
is very small. Commissions also use up a part of the capital. This means that you can
only earn a large sum of money, if you have large capital to work with.

Difficulty of the process

Trading only seems simple. You can be successful only if you work through the
services and bundles you’re going to use, have the necessary information, constantly
analyze the market and quickly conduct the necessary operations. Use referral links
to save money on commission.

Go to our chat to find even more useful information about improving the
effectiveness of your digital finance offers, and to get more information about digital
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Popular GEOs for financial offers

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. The Aivix team has prepared a list of the most popular
GEOs with short descriptions.

Switzerland and Germany have one of the highest living standards in Europe, and thus
they have a good conversion rate. The popularity is driven by the integration of
blockchain technology into banking and other payment systems, as well as the high
level of financial literacy of the population. Digital currency is officially recognized as
a financial tool, while digital assets are deemed as private funds. Legal platforms have
been established for developing digital start-ups and business in this sector is popular
overall. The population has a high level of interest in investing with the goal of working
less and earning more. Passive income and capital growth offers work well.

Great Britain is planning on creating a digital currency hub and the king is in favor of
blockchain tech. They set up the first NFT ATM. Quite soon, guidelines for the regulation
and licensing of activities will come into effect.

Searching for additional income is a relevant story for the population of Spain and
. A tenth of the residents own BTC. Spain has a large number of crypto ATMs. The
locals are careful about ads and study the offered product. Facebook is the main source
of traffic.

Digital finance has recently started to gain popularity in Poland and Czech Republic,
but it is still yet to be licensed. The banking system is well-developed. The majority of
the population is interested in earning money online and more than 11% of them invest
in digital assets.

In Canada local and foreign digital asset platforms have an MSB status
(money business service). More and more traditional financial establishments and
services are joining in on the digital currency sphere. This country is one of the leaders
in crypto mining.

Australia is amongst the leaders in terms of the popularity of digital finances that are
equated to foreign currency. Exchanges must go through a licensing procedure, while
an increasing amount of funds is being invested. It is important for the population to
be able to securely store digital assets.

Offers on trading and education are popular in Brazil. The emphasis is on easy earnings
and the possibility of improving your living standard. Crypto ATMs were set up here not
long ago. The acceptance rate of digital currencies is growing.

Every month we post the TOP 10 most popular GEOs and weekly reviews on each
country individually. You can find info about a specific GEO in our Telegram chat, or
chat to an Aivix personal manager.
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Friends, vote for Aivix!

Aivix is a nominee of Sigma Awards Eurasia in the category AFFILIATE NETWORK OF
We are happy to be a part of it and we are aiming to win, hope very much
that you will help us to do it!

Voting has already started and will run until February 27th, which means that we have
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What are they?

AivixCoins, of course! For each vote we will credit your personal account balance with
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3. Select Aivix in the AFFILIATE NETWORK OF THE YEAR category (third in order).

4. Please also vote in other categories, either making a random choice or one
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5. Click Submit at the bottom to submit your form.

Done! To receive the vouchers, write to your Aivix account manager and don't forget
to make a screenshot. Let's win this award together!
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Smart Link

Greetings to all affiliate marketers. Today, Aivix will share information about its own
“Smart Links” tool, which you can access in your personal account after signing up. There
you will also find a list of special promo codes and bonuses for affiliate marketing
services and ad networks, as well as useful tools.

“Smart Links” is presented in one of the web platform’s self-made sections, which you
can use to distribute traffic among 20 main triggers of the inbound traffic.

The Smart Link technology is a “smart” multilink, which analyzes user data when he
clicks the ad link, and selects an appropriate app, based on his technical data.

The process algorithm is based on analysis and traffic distribution. The system
consistently conducts tests on a certain part of the traffic and optimizes content
based on the number of received conversions. The whole process is automatic
throughout the whole traffic stream. Data is analyzed and redirected so quickly that
the user only sees the offer that the algorithms calculated to be the most appropriate,
and he doesn't notice any other processes. If a situation occurs where the main offer
gets disabled, the system connects the next best converting offer with no delays.

The main concept of Aivix’ “Smart Links” operations: automatic distribution of leads
by user IP to the most relevant landing pages. The affiliate is given a single link, which
receives traffic from all sorts of countries.

This tool can be configured in a flexible manner as follows: brand, GEO, device type,
operator, connection type. After code integration, it will display offers with the best
conversion indicators at the time. Instead of testing several landings, you only need
to get access to “Smart Links”, launch the ad campaign and start using the most
converting bundle.

Contact the personal manager to start using “Smart Links” to promote apps.

Also, per affiliate request, a “multilink” is provided for 1 brand. Once it is used, the
traffic outbound for different countries will be navigated to the relevant location, per
the user IP. If the “Smart Links” technology presumes that one link contains many
different brands, the “multilink” contains only one. Every brand is designed as a unique
offer, but if the webmaster needs to separate the traffic on his side, then the ad
network will distribute the “multilink” traffic. Another interesting solution is landing
pages with language localization
, which are translated into the various languages of
the available GEOs and are based inside the “multilink”.


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