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Feedback on Commission Blueprint

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Feedback on Commission Blueprint

Anybody on here heard of this or know if it works well? Thanks for any imput.
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Yes, Mark just did a webinar with the owner.
Check it out....
https://www.affilorama.com/blog/solution ... -recording
He has some bonuses there too..
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I have been using the original Commission Blueprint From Tim and Steve and it is awesome. I suggest you get Commission Blueprint 2 If you are serious about Affiliate Marketing. These Guys are the real deal not just some quickly put up coures great info and great support products in the back end.
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I would love to hear from people who have purchased the product!~
Please share your thoughts and your review!
This would be MOST helpful!
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Just in case anyone is wondering, here is a question that I recently answered in an email to members:

Question: What's the difference between CommissionBlueprint, and

Answer: AffiloBlueprint is MY blueprint for becoming a super
affiliate. CommissionBlueprint is created by Steven Clayton and Tim
Godfrey who are also 7 figure a year super affiliates.

They have their own method, software, and secrets to share. It goes
really well with AffiloBlueprint but there is at least 30%
crossover of information.

Don't join if you aren't ready to expand your knowledge yet. This
is for people who either have never joined AffiloBlueprint and are
ready to become a super affiliate following these guys training OR
for people who are progressing well with AffiloBlueprint and are
ready to take things further.
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I am a beginner and want to start here at affillorama...I am thinking about buying affiloblueprint which I have decided to order....my question is I also found steve and Tim and clickbank blog,the same place I found affilorama......do you guys wirk together?and how can I use both(commisionnlueprint and affiloblueprint?I think they both have good deals but which one can I start with ?
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Both programs work well together. AB shows you how to make a site, do some basic, effective SEO and then moves you on to PPC. Commission Blueprint 2 goes a little deeper into SEO adn PPC and provides some tools to help. The orginal commission blueprint is a blueprint for marketing a clickbank product via PPC.

My personal opinion is you will learn more of the basics, like the details on how to develop a website and some of the technical stuff in AB, which you won't learn in CB. If you know very little, I would start with AB and then look to compliment that with CB2.
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