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Solutions to Important Affiliate Problems Webinar Recording

Solutions to Important Affiliate Problems Webinar Recording

Hey Guys,

If you were fortunate enough to join me and Steven Clayton last night for our Solutions to Important Affiliate Problems Webinar you know Steven really knows his stuff and completely overdelivered on content!

He covered a lot of valuable information including:

* The FTC crackdown on certain types of affiliate sites and what to do about it.

* How to get high quality incoming links to your website

* Affiliate nexus laws and how to get around them

* Google Adwords pay per click tips

* Quality score advice

* And lots more.

Fortunately, for those who missed out, I now have the recorded webinar avaliable for download as well as a pdf of the slides Steven was using!

You can check them out here:

Recording of Solutions to Important Affiliate Problems Webinar

PDF of Steven's Slides

Also, during the webinar Steven mentioned his and Tim Godfrey's new product that they're launching on Wednesday called Commission Blueprint 2

I've had a chance to look through this product and I have to say it's pretty darn impressive. Pulling together all their collective knowledge about affiliate and online marketing, Steve and Tim have created a massive product that will provide incredible value no matter what your experience level.

In addition to the training material, they've also thrown in the in-house tools that they developed and have used themselves to make thousands upon thousands of dollars every single week.

In fact this product is so suberb, I've decided to pull together one of the most massive bonus packages I've ever done - valued at $9976!!

To check out Commission Blueprint and details of my bonus package, click here.



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  • Reply 3597 days ago

    This information is very good. I'm very new to Internet Marketing. I just started a wordpress blog and I need to get some traffic started and its a lot of information to get me started. Also I have a website, well I'm an Avon Independent Sales Rep., My question is would this help me to get traffic to my website? We just started a blog through my Avon site and I really don't know how to get it off the ground and on top of that we also have live chat set up now which I need to learn how to do also. But I really enjoyed the the webinar. I have alot to learn. Thanks

  • Reply Davidaffilorama Galan3597 days ago

    Thanks for this great webinar. It is way better to know in advance what could get you in trouble, even if you thought you weren't doing anything wrong.

    David At Portland Internet Marketing

  • Reply Michael Smale • 3597 days ago

    Steven is giving some amazing highly relevant content in this webinar recording. Thank you to Mark for bringing this to us. Mark Ling is awesome!

  • Reply David Derry • 3597 days ago

    outstanding content. Adds great clarity to the Nexus and FTC buzz that is too often just an excuse to sell an "info" product that offers solutions that have nothing to do with the actual issues. Thank you.

  • Reply Matthew DC • 3597 days ago

    Great webinar! Tweeting this one now and i'll add a post to my blog. Lot's of interesting info and a few little SEO secrets to boot. Thanks guys!

  • Reply Fakhrul Alam • 3597 days ago

    I have checked out the whole video and it is great webnair which I have missed because I could ask some question but never mind I have seen the recorded one.


  • Reply Andi Putra3597 days ago

    Really love this. Thanks Mark and Steven for such a great webinar.

  • Reply Jonathan Treby • 3597 days ago

    Fantastic-I have been pouring money into Adwords,this video has really opened my eyes to what I have been doing wrong-Thanks guys-A must for anyone to see before they start a Adwords campaign-Thanks again for the great information.

  • Reply Joaquin Kenyon3597 days ago

    Nice to be able to download the video and get the PDF.
    Now that is quality being given access to the training call.
    When I have the opportunity and time towards winter
    I'm going to join AffiloBlueprint 2.0.
    That is of course if I get an invite.
    One thing in my 53 years of life I would like to think I've learned is not to assume and not to take for granted anything.
    Thanks Mark.


  • Reply Graeme Pearce • 3596 days ago

    That was Great

  • Reply HAL • 3596 days ago

    Thank you for organizing this professional webinar Mark!>>>> and thank you to Steve Clayton for the content.

    My feeling is this: Perhaps there should be a Commission Blueprint 2.0 light and a full bore version.
    The pricing and the content Commission Blueprint 2.0 is too Rich, Clayton's expertise notwithstanding. At a minimum, he needs to offer a clawback provision if the purchaser can not earn a stipulated ROI.
    The devil is in the implementation. Forums help marginally.
    Global Affiliate
    I would also ask Mark to host another affiliate webinar focusing in on the offshore affiliate marketer.
    I'd like to learn more about successfully pioneering affiliate product marketing in "3rd" countries starting with the U.K and Australia.
    What is the growth like in these markets and what are the watchouts?
    Not to close on a sour note : - ) , Steve has given us excellent guidance in this webinar. I have no doubt that the product he and his partner have produced is of value but when you have people on the call that don't know what link juice is or SERP you have to consider the reasonably monetizable use value of Commission Blueprint 2.0 for the target purchaser.



  • Reply John Lagoudakis • 3596 days ago

    All I can say is WOW! I'm so glad I watch that presentation! That stuff about backlinking is pure gold. I can't believe he gave that away. And also knowing that I don't have to stress out about my content is giong to save me heaps of time. A BIG thanks from me Mark!

  • Reply Allan Martin3594 days ago

    Thanks for hosting this webinar and Steve Thanks for providing such valuable information. Finally a pleasure to be part of a webinar where there is some useful content given, rather than a chest-pounding pep rally.

    Kudos to Mark, Steve, and Affilorama.


  • Reply MONTE ROMANO3594 days ago

    Hello to Mark and everyone!

    We’ve been walkabout and just got back online. The computer is burried in wambats and coolabah (that’s emails and other green-gooie-growths, for the tenderfooters out there).
    But I will tell you this; the very first thing I was looking for is emails from Mark and the Affilorama!
    Haven’t see the webinar yet. Can’t wait!!!
    HooRoo Everyone

  • Reply Guruworkz • 3594 days ago

    Great presentation and some awesome tips. I missed the live one (was registered, but got stuck in a meeting).

    I recommend everyone watch this - it is an hour and a bit well spent....


  • Reply Wilbur Woods • 3593 days ago

    loving your blog,

    I'll sure come back more often!

    keep up the great job,

    Wilbur Woods

  • Reply Dean Esquire • 3592 days ago

    That was awesome content. It is always a good business practice to always keep abreast of changes within your industry. Especially one with as many changes as internet marketing.

  • Reply Graham in UK • 3553 days ago

    Hi Mark
    I've only just listened/watched this recording, and unlike most other webinars that are really just 'pitch feasts', this was full of very useful information - especially about getting 'backlinks'.
    Full kudos to you and to Steven for putting on such a good presentation!
    The idea of being able to download the pdf of the slides from Steven is a great idea as it's very difficult to follow a presentation and try to take notes at the same time.
    Well done and look forward to more
    Graham in UK

  • Reply Bill Blakemore3549 days ago

    I am going back through the linking section in the video and I was checking out the commenthunt.com site and saw that they have a paid service to post blog comments for backlinking. My question is that if someone bought their 100 comment package the comments would be posted over 12 to 15 days according to their FAQ and I am just wondering if that would seem unnatural to the search engines? It seems like a good deal if my site would not be penalized.

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