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Dynzol Restaurant POS Software - Scriptzol

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Dynzol Restaurant POS Software - Scriptzol


Dynzol Restaurant POS Software is a versatile solution for restaurant operations. It's designed to work seamlessly as a computer application or a web-based system. Developed using PHP and the CodeIgniter framework, it includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files. This software is compatible with a range of browsers, including IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. It simplifies and automates restaurant management tasks, and you don't need coding skills to use it.

[list=]Admin Panel
Employee Panel
Categories Management
Products Management
Restaurants Management
Table Management
Orders Management
View Total Earnings, Paid and Unpaid Bills
View Monthly Reports
Print Invoice
Profit/Loss Report
Manage Company Information
View and Update Profile
Advanced Search
User Groups Management
Users Management
Users Roles Based Access
24/7 Support
30 Days Free Support
Our products are Easy Installation & Configuration
Our Codes are reusability
Our products are Safe & Secure[/list]

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So how does this POS software thread relate to the SEO?
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