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4 days and no clicks on my Google ads campaign

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4 days and no clicks on my Google ads campaign

Hi, can someone explain to me why google isn't delivering clicks. I found a keyword in the food industry, 1 cent low and 1 cent high bid, at first I had a bid of 5 cent/click and no raised it to 10 cents/click, the maximum/per day was first 5$ and now I raised that too to 10$ a day. The landing page is about the food industry too but does not contain the exact keyword and the domain does not too. I started the campaign about 4 days ago but still nothing, just learning still. Can someone please give an answer. Thanks, Chris
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Hi Chris,

There are so many reasons why but you may refer to this article here: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2019 ... ot-showing to check and do your own troubleshooting.
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