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4 days and no clicks on my Google ads campaign

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4 days and no clicks on my Google ads campaign

Hi, can someone explain to me why google isn't delivering clicks. I found a keyword in the food industry, 1 cent low and 1 cent high bid, at first I had a bid of 5 cent/click and no raised it to 10 cents/click, the maximum/per day was first 5$ and now I raised that too to 10$ a day. The landing page is about the food industry too but does not contain the exact keyword and the domain does not too. I started the campaign about 4 days ago but still nothing, just learning still. Can someone please give an answer. Thanks, Chris
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Hi Chris,

There are so many reasons why but you may refer to this article here: ... ot-showing to check and do your own troubleshooting.
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Maybe you don't have enough experience to write in a way that people want to read your articles. I don't know what kind of material you're working on or how good you are at it. But the thing is, people pay attention to the content of the articles, not to empty slogans. You may have made the same mistake. But really, there can be many reasons. Hopefully, the article above my comment helped you. Good luck to you, you'll be fine!)))
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The more relevant, the higher you rank. So if your Google ads aren't showing, it could be because your ad groups' keywords and ads aren't relevant enough to one another.
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