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How to Fix Daily Limit in Google Adwords?

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How to Fix Daily Limit in Google Adwords?

Several times I advertised via Google Adwords. Although I was partly successful in getting signups for some of my offers and programs, the major issue I had each time was 'fixing the daily limit'. To this day I am not sure what amount I should fix as daily limit. I look forward to getting valuable suggestions in this regard.
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The daily limit will entirely depend on how much you can comfortably spend on an ad. You should be able to compute how much you can spend vs your earnings. I suggest you compute your ROI to set a workable daily limit for your ads.

You can also refer to Google FAQ here: ... 5083?hl=en
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A temporary daily spending limit may be applied to your account if your account uses and Google Ads detect unusual or suspicious activity from your account.
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