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How Do You Do PPC?

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How Do You Do PPC?

Could you SEO your PPC campaign? And does traffic increase?
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PPC or "pay per click" is different than SEO. Both are marketing strategies and the difference is with PPC, your search engine rank/ online placement is paid, while SEO, you optimize your website to rank on search engines.

To have an effective/working PPC campaign, you need to know how to do keyword research and how to bid on those keywords. You may find these resources useful: ... 9883?hl=en
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When considering the SEO or PPC, there are two main differences. The first is that paid ads display at the top of the website, above the SEO-influenced organic lists. The second is that organic traffic via SEO is free, whereas PPC traffic has a cost for each click.
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Nice question, if I know the answer, it will help me a lot.
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You can log in to AdWords account and can start making various types of campaigns. PPC, CPA, Display, Re-marketing.
but for that you should have good knowledge over AdWords otherwise you will end up wasting money.
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From Google

How to Launch a Successful PPC Campaign For The First Time

Let the brainstorming begin.
Use keyword tools to check the demand.
Structure and organize your PPC keywords.
Include negative keywords in your first PPC campaign.
Know your budget and work backwards.
Research the competitive landscape.
Write better ad copy.
Create a powerful and relevant call to action.
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