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What is ok to board Emirates?

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What is ok to board Emirates?

If you are planning a trip to the Emirates, you should know everything about Ok to Boardalso known as OTB. While traveling to the Emirates, Indian citizens do not only need to get their Visas approved but also need the ‘OK to Board’ approval.

You must be hassled by reading so many technical words. We urge you not to be. We will be jotting down all the required information you need to know and understand regarding the concept of emirates otb.

Concept Of OK To Board

OK to board is an airline requirement that is required to board your flight to the Emirates. The very first step, in order to visit the Emirates, is obviously to Apply Emirates Visa. Once your Emirates Visa is approved and is granted to you, it is shared with the airline authorities, with whom you have booked your flight tickets. The airline further scans your Emirates Visa and if no objections are raised, then they mark OK to Board on your flight PNR.

Countries That Require An OK To Board
Countries like:
Sri Lanka
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Thanks for the heads up! Clear info on OK to Board for Emirates travel. Visa approved, then OK to Board – got it. Appreciate the details!
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