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How to increase your follower base in Social Media?

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How to increase your follower base in Social Media?

In order to increase your follower base, you have to first work on increasing your visibility. And, engaging content is required to keep the audience scrolling through your page. Be as active as possible on social media and engage with your followers and other brands to increase the chance of bagging a backlink to your page.

Five Quick hacks to follow gain more followers
*Generate engaging content
*Influence and promote
*Make good use of hashtags
*Have a growth strategy
*Give back and be a follower

let me know your thoughts.

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Here is a small tip:
you can try to make cross promo with some groups in social media that provide content in the same niche. But, for sure, this cross promo should be valuable for both sides.
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Agreed, buying followers will give you numbers but not any particular result. Try to avoid it if possible. Anyway, you can buy some hundreds of followers if you haven't any - it can help ppl to decide to follow you if you have 100-200 followers rather than 0.
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Social Media constitutes a very important part of online marketing. Known as the best way to promote your business or brand, it allows you to target your posts to your potential customers endlessly. Not only that, but we can also reach a large audience to increase brand recognition, improved customer loyalty, and higher conversion rates.

Here are the few tactics that brands are using to win on social media

-Choose the right social platform- Identify where your audience is hanging out.
-Analyze your competitors- See what other brands are doing to capture their attention.
-Complete your profiles- Give away the information that you want your audience to know.
-Be consistent with your brand-Engage with your customer every day, showcasing products, services, and interacting.
-Share awesome content-Capture their attention with engaging content.
-Include Social Media Follow Buttons Everywhere Possible-Invite them to your social media pages everywhere.
-Follow Influencers and Share Their Content- Influencer marketing prove very helpful for Social Media, indulge in that.
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here is simple ways :
Be Regular and Consistent.
Speak to Your Market.
Match the Message and Format to the Proper Network.
Include Social Media Follow Buttons Everywhere Possible.
Follow Influencers and Share Their Content.
Remind Your Email Subscribers About Your Social Accounts.
Respond to Your Followers.
Use Hashtags Where Appropriate.
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How to Get More Followers
Create and optimize your profile.
Designate a content creator.
Follow photography and editing best practices.
Set a regular posting schedule.
Curate some of your content.
Use a consistent, platform-specific brand voice.
Write engaging, shareable captions.
Optimize posts with relevant hashtags.
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I just started with social media but I have to say it is a time consuming job. I'm really considering relinquishing this.

Any idea if this is even wise for beginners to do?

At the moment I am inventing the wheel myself ..
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To Get More follower on Social Media, you have to be active on social media platforms
1. Do Regularly postings and those posts should be more engaging to the contacts
2. Regular Engage with your contacts and be active in groups, or community-based sites
3. Track the performance of your posting
4. proper use hashtags as it can get your more engagement on your post
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At the very beginning you need to understand whom you want to see among your followers. Then, you need to define your target audience and start using Facebook ads to create promotions. If you want to do it faster find similar to your business/product (which you promote) influencers on instagram, for example. This is the most effective way. Remember, now, unfortunately it's almost impossible to promote for free. For sure content makes sense, but not as a huge number of followers. I've been working in this field long years and have quite good experience, so if you have more questions - text me)
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