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Blogger.com Question

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Blogger.com Question

Hi everyone,

I was given advice to add a guestbook or lead capture info to create a mailing list, but I can't see that option to add it to my blog. Do I add it as HTML code?
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Yes , you can do that. I prefer using Aweber for email capture, it's just so easy. Also there are some premium email capture plugins available:

http://wpemailcapture.com/ - WP Email Capture Premium is an all in one email marketing plugin for WordPress. With tracking of leads, multiple list building and template functionality, we’re confident that your search for an email marketing solution for WordPress is over.

http://www.popupdomination.com/ - The World's Leading Lightbox Software.
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You can do that through HTML Option. You just need to know the HTML from awber or similar services and then add that into side bar to see the magic...
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I can help you with anything blogger but first of all, at least tell me what you really want to do. Do you want a popup that captures email addresses or want to get free ways to create a mailing list?
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Jaky Astik
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I also think that you may edit that in the html if you have good knowledge about coding.
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Blogger is have new HTML customizing option where you can change the entire blog through HTML coding.
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