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Why You Should Buy and Shouldn't Buy New Programs

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Why You Should Buy and Shouldn't Buy New Programs

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to add something about the Post Upsells and the Post-post-post distraction email program upsells.

As soon as you buy into any program, you're on an email list. That list is usually important because you need to know when there are updates or bugs or fixes etc... However, the LIST has another purpose and in "some" cases that purpose is to distract you from success. I say "some" but sadly, it is a high percentage of people who want you to fail.

I think I'm on a mission. It is a mission to help people AVOID FAILURE. I have failed so many times and now that I am succeeding I want to help others do it to. I'm so frustrated by these jerks I just want to smack them upside their greedy fat heads. But... since I can't actually do that. Instead I'm going to help by opening up your minds to what is going on so you can hopefully get past it and avoid putting more and more money into their greedy fattened bank accounts.

These guys are always going to have something new. I mean like just about EVERYDAY something new is coming out. I am only on the list of the programs that I need the updates for. That's it. Yet I still hear about these things so I know they are out there. This morning I read a post in the Auto Cash Content forum that motivated me to post this thread here. I really hope this helps steer as many of you as possible away from failure.

There are some programs that are worth buying. Programs that will help you automate tasks. Like the article spinners or article submission tools and programs like AMA that will take one article and post it to lots of different blogs. Programs like Web2Mayhem or SENuke are good for those who can afford it if they need SEO work done and can't afford to outsource yet.

Those things are worth saving your money for and investing in. Therefore, unfortunately we'll always be connected in some way to learning about these new toys, programs and systems because we're always going to be on someones list.

However, if you spend money on a "system" like AB or ACC etc... then invest your time and energy into following the instructions. Create a goal for yourself. That goal should include NOT buying anything new until you finish the current course.

All of these programs come with money back guarantees. GET YOUR MONEY BACK if you don't succeed and have followed their system and you are not happy with the results. That is THEIR guarantee so put it to the test. But you MUST actually follow through if you're going to request a refund. It's not fair to request a refund if you allow yourself to get distracted and never even try it.

Okay, next....

You will in most cases hear of other ways to make money online from the very person who sold you on an idea or system for making money online. Sometimes, not always, they have cool things to share. I personally have built AB sites and they make money but I find they are labor intensive and I decided to try Auto Cash Content. I LOVE and highly recommend AB. I think it is an excellent way to learn the ropes so if you are doing it, keep going, it's well worth it and it works.

But... do NOT buy something else until you are a success with AB. Or, if you moved on and want to try something else like ACC, do NOT buy anything else until you have followed through with that program!!!

How will you learn what works for YOU, if you never really follow through with anything you try? Believe me, I was that person. I was that person who would get distracted over and over again. Mark Ling's program saved me from this path of failure. I OWE him and so I want to pay back by helping as many of you as I possible can to succeed.

Once you learn AB, you can try something eles. At some point you'll have enough success behind you so you can decide which program you like best. Then you just have to decide which one brings in the most money for your time and energy spent.

I purchased ACC about 10 days or so ago. I've been on vacation this past week so I have only built my first site. That site was built for cloning. It took me about a day to build it. Now I'm going to be building about 10 to 20 sites per month and spending about 30 min's to an hour per site once they are cloned. Then I can "set it and forget it" for about a month. Once a month or two go by I'll check in on them, do a little makeover and then forget about them - forever. I LOVE this system.

I have a list of over 30 domain names for this process already. I'm all set. Now all I have to do is follow through.

The question is - Will I???

Now then... I got an email a few days ago from the same guy (not Brian) who is promoting ACC and apparently also in control of the update list. I have also received several emails of updates for ACC which have been great. So, I can't exactly cancel my subscription to this list - but I CAN ignore the promotions of "other" programs.

I actually did ignore this promotion. I only resurected it when I was in the forum for ACC and I read someone's post about this new program being promoted. They asked "WHY" it was being promoted when it was so close to ACC. Was that NOT a conflict of interest???

YES, it was a direct conflict of interest. I took some time to look at what it was - NOT to buy into it, but to add to my "mission" to help others avoid failure. I JUST posted an article on my website about this very type of thing. Other people who could care less about whether or not we succeed at anything are bombarding us with the next new JOINT VENTURE they found in order to ...... help us make money online? - NO, in order to make money for themselves without doing any hard work!

There are TWO reasons why people promote other programs to you when you already purchased their program.

1. To make more money the easiest way possible - yah, well, it's obvious, but it needs to be said.
2. Because they KNOW you will not succeed at THEIR program so they want to be sure you get distracted onto something else before you realize their program is too hard and costs you too much time and money to succeed. Plus, they also want to milk as much money out of you as they possibly can because they know the easist way to make money online is NOT BY FOLLOWING THEIR OWN PROGRAM/SYSTEM but by selling to their list OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This doe not apply to ACC, I have 100% faith this program works. Plenty of testimonials already coming in, in the forum.

My personal goal right now.

Work SEO on all the AB websites I have set up.
Build 10 to 20 ACC sites per month.

As soon as I'm earning enough money with my ACC programs I'll be outsourcing all my work to build more AB sites.

So, I have a goal. I will NOT buy anything else. The other programs out there.. ... . I don't care HOW easy, how fast, how better than this or that they are - I DON'T NEED THEM!

I hope this has opened your eyes up and saved you thousands of dollars over the next few years. Remember, if you're going to purchase something, be sure it will enhance your current project, not distract you from it. The grass is greener right here, not over there.

Wishing You All Great Success,
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The last few weeks, the pastor at my church has been doing a sermon series on courage. During most of them, I saw how I could apply what he was talking about that week directly to this business.

The reason I bring it up is because in the next to the last sermon in the series, he made a statement that I found interesting. "Don't be distracted by what God has in store for others, focus on my mountain." He went on to say "I will never have 'go-for-it' courage as long as I am more interested in what God has for someone else than what he has for me."

The point I got from this sermon in particular is exactly the same thing you are saying, Chrisi. Keep focus on conquering my mountain!

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Nice post Chrisi,
I made a post on my blog talking about Guru Promotions.. so I know where you are coming from.
I do think however that sometimes Guru's ( and I hate that word..lol ) just push whatever they can.
However, other Guru's promote similar programs to their own because they know that people are different and relate to different people.
Mark has promoted some blueprint courses similar to Affiloblueprint because maybe, he knows everyone will not relate to him but may relate to other people who teach similar stuff and yes there is the money side of it but I don't think that is the motivating factor for him promoting a similar course, just my opinion.
Anyway, nice post.. I always go grab a cup of coffee before reading your posts because I know I am in for a good novel..lol
That's a compliment by the way..

P.S Grady, I enjoyed your comment too, really got me thinking, thanks alot.
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Thanks Grady and Troy. Yes, I do tend to write a mini novel. :) I type really fast and me brain is like on fire sometimes I just have to get it out.

But yes, I really believe in Marks quest to help us. He is one of the few who actually DO what he teaches and still does. Plus, I agree, great programs are mentioned in the teleseminars that he provides us. It is up to US to realize when we are ready to move forward. I myself now am working more than AB and I do take a peek at things, but only to see if it will enhance my current goals.

Hm... coffee... that sounds good. Think I'll cook me up a cup. :)

Best Wishes,
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Need help? Looking for answers? I've coached 70+ students to 5 and 6 figure success. Private message me on FB for details on a one on one session for help knowing where to start your success or end your failure. https://www.facebook.com/netwoozy.gal
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Hello everyone, probably won't have any answers because these were posted over a year ago but it doesn't matter. I just felt the need to write a little something anyway...

I fell unto that post by typing the word "COURAGE" in the search box and "WHY YOU SHOULD BUY AND SHOULDN'T BUY NEW PROGRAMS" was the first on the list so I clicked on it.

I typed in courage because I needed some...I feel sometimes like doing my AB project is a lot of work beside my regular (night shift) job...and it's not going fast enough for me I guess...I become tired...

But don't get me wrong. I love AB because that's what it has done for me too. It has stop me from that scary pattern of buying every new OPPORTUNITIES waving at me out there. IT'S SO VERY EASY TO BE DISTRACTED.

It's the first program that actually get me to see real results. Not much yet, but still...I'm seeing something....

But I guess like I've said, it's not going fast enough for me...my dream to get out of that night shift job to work from home sometimes seem very far....

But anyway, I really enjoyed reading your posting (all of you), it lifted me up a little...

All the best to you,
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Hi Chrissi great post and I totally agree I am working now still on the jetpack site you helped me promote to start with it is still getting signups and a few sales.
I am not building any more jetpacks for a while because I am doing a Amazon course and building websites for that I have been doing it all along. It is different because a lot of the marketers I work with on skype are developing this course at least we have had a hand in it .
I am still promoting my jet pack and just getting a reasonable seo plan outlined for it. Some times it is just a time thing .
What I do not really understand about most programs is they never really talk about the length of time it takes to get a website ranking and getting good traffic even here it is sort of not really out lined or set up on a realistic time line. I have been reading webinars and watching videos her and the information is here but it is never put into perspective.
I listened to a webinar with Mark Ling and Matt and they both mentioned it took them at least two years to start to make things happen in online marketing. They started with education and a good knowledge of computers and spent a lot of cash and time getting it to work when the world economy was doing a lot better than it is doing now. For people learning this you think it can all be done in one month or one year even ?
Think about it if it takes a knowledgeable marketer and a good computer person two years and lots of help in a great economy to get this business working why are you quitting after a few months or why did you ever start?
I have made and had a lot of success off line and it took a lot of years and a lot of 20 hour days but I own my own business that runs consistently in the black. People say how lucky I am but my luck I find is always directly related to the amount of 16 hour days spent creating this luck!! I do not see a lot of difference online.
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