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What to give my starving crowd

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What to give my starving crowd

I discovered that there are hundreds of Facebook groups where you can post an ad for MMOL, Biz-op, or MLM "business" for free.

I am 100% sure I can get 30+ leads a day into my auto responder of people who have bought into a biz-op, or MLM that are looking to get people to join under them but don't have a clue about email marketing.

I would make my lead magnet so it was only attractive to someone who has already spent money on something. In other words I could build a buyer a buyer list.

I think there are many more biz-op / MLM people out there than there are Affiliate marketers in the MMOL niche.

I wrote a 6 part mini-course going over Magnetic Sponsoring principles and the need to have their own email list.

Here is the problem. I simply can't find a simple Affiliate Product to promote to them that just teaches the basics of creating a newsletter and setting up an auto-responder.

I can find all kind of products aimed at people who already have a list, and how to make money with no list.

I can't find a single product on Clickbank or JVOO that just teaches the basics of list building.

I know someone will suggest that I promote Marks Products. I know they do cover setting up a lead capture page and auto-responder but the thing is Mark teaches SEO. I don't believe that is the best course for anyone in any of the MMOL niches as it is so competitive.

Anyone know of an affiliate product that covers the basics of list building?

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Hi JC,

Affilojetpack is probably the closest course you can use to promote list building. The traffic strategies used in AJP do include SEO but also other methods like solo ads and paid ads. These are all discussed under the marketing strategies in your AJP course.
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Why do you say there is no good Clickbank product at all for list building for example. I was on Clickbank for like 10-15 years ago and it was shit ton of products like that. All they were teaching how to do list building with Aweber and Getresponce with good open rate of e-mails.
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