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What method of advertising to use in affiliates?

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What method of advertising to use in affiliates?

Is there a steps or it depends on the particular product?
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It is recommended to promote products through your review pages and by placing affiliate links on your articles. But you could also promote using these marketing ideas or do affiliate marketing without a website.
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SNS, blog, forum...all are the good way for promotion.
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There are several different ways to advertise affiliate products. As mentioned above, review sites, blogs, SNS, these all work. The key here is to try to find an angle which would make interested people go the next step and actually buy. Try to look around similar sites and see how they promote the product you are thinking of promoting. You can use these as ideas on how you want to promote it yourself...
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Mobile marketing is gaining momentum and promises to offer big opportunities for those that are willing to come to terms with mobile.

The figures are astounding - Game on. Although traditional marketing methods will remain important for targeting desktop users, mobile is destined to take the lead.

My personal thought is that it's much easier to market to a mobile user... people LOVE fiddling with their devices, right, but there's much more to it than that.

It's obviously wise to develop strategies that include mobile marketing campaigns which if executed correctly, can produce spectacular results in a very short space of time.

Right now, this marketing medium presents a pretty level playing field for those that take it seriously...

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There is no set or fixed way to use in advertising.

The most honest answer that anyone can ever give you, is to try out the one which WORKS for you!

There are numerous ways....

Paid methods to generate traffic are
- PPC marketing
- Ezines
- etc

Free methods which work include, but are not limited to:
- Forum Marketing
- Article Marketing
- Video Marketing
- Social Websites
- Blogging
- etc.......
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Video Submission
backlinks from related websites
Press Release submission
Do Follow Blog Posting
signing up for networking sites
participating in forums
Submit to search engine directories.
Using ezine ads
Creating and publishing articles.
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Here are some additional method of advertising.

> forum commenting
> blog commenting
> social media

Also try this:

> Public and Media Relations
> Writing Your Ad
> Using Direct Mail (this includes mailings directly to your customer)
> Mailing Lists (it's useful to have lists of people who are likely to buy your product)
> Signs and Displays
> Classifieds of Newspapers and Magazines
> Advertising on Radio and T.V.
> Online Advertising and Promotions

Hope it can help..

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Social media is a fantastic way to get traffic quickly to your site. Especially with twitter it allows you to get targeted traffic to your site
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To me the best ways of promotion are article marketing and forum marketing.However if you have a website or blog with useful content then it would add an extra value to your promotional campaign.
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There are different ways but it is very important that you will set a strategy.
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ericlreid1 wrote:Is there a steps or it depends on the particular product?

The product counts. However the method are quite the same for all products.
What is important in order to make sales: promote the product on similar niches, to people that might want to buy.
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