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What kind of experience have you had with eBay?

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What kind of experience have you had with eBay?

I just signed up with Ebay. This will be a source where I can suitably replace some of the ShareaSale links if the application is approved. The bad news is I won't be able to advertise VTEK 300 chess clocks. Neither Ebay, nor Amazon, nor House of Staunton advertises them.
ShareaSale failed to respond to my ticket that said they were fundamentally dishonest and were cheating bloggers out of commissions and I did not want to continue doing business with them.
What kind of experiences have people had with Ebay?
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Ebay is a reputable company. There are a lot of people who've already established their own business on Ebay. But just like any other businesses, you need to find a good niche to promote to be able to get the same success as others.
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Personally i have nothing but good things to say about Ebay - It really is a great company that is not only reputable but always has good support.

If you have any questions regarding anything in sales or your account then you should definitely send them an email just asking what you need.
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Hi there! As for me, I have to agree that eBay is great, but the one thing that sticks into my mind when you mention this company is when I got scammed for buying fake stuff. A seller tried selling something and passed it off as a legit product. I for myself was confident enough to believe him knowing that we are making our transaction in eBay. But I learned the lesson the hard way... Overall, the company is excellent. But I suggest you check out other companies as they might be able to provide you better services to help boom your business...:)
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