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Vitoman Affiliate Program! 40% sales commission + 50$ Welcom

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Vitoman Affiliate Program! 40% sales commission + 50$ Welcom


We present you our affiliate program, with which we are sure that together we will achieve great results.
The product we offer is called Vitoman and is intended for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, have problems in bed or just need a slight push.
The product is 100% herbal and natural. Made from high quality herbs that are proven to work!

What sets us apart from other programs is:
Highly effective product
Exceptional support (for clients and affiliates)
Personal attention to each client. We offer an individual approach to each customer.
We have an additional tool (A personal 1-minute test), through which we determine the various degrees of the customer's problems and it also detects if the product can satisfy the clients. The mission of our company is not just to sell the product, but to build long-term relationships with customers and our affiliates.

The conversion we achieve among people who complete the test is 1:5!

What will you get if you decide to join our program?

- High product conversion
- 40% sales commission
- 10% referral commission for brought affiliate
- 50$ Welcome bonus
- Lifetime cookies
- Real-time sales tracking
- Payments every week
- Affiliates are not tied to any chargebacks or refunds
- Gifts and prizes for the top sellers
- Excellent support
- Available Resources with banners and pictures

Payment Methods - PayPal and bank transfer.

Expect a 1:40 conversion with our product

For more information and questions you can PM me!

Also we have a very well developed dropshipping system and wholesale is possible.
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Do you have an experience with creating effective and converting PPC ads? I'm asking because I'm looking to work closely with an affiliate manager on a scaled budget.
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Our program is more focused on Pay per Sale ads. You can PM me if you are interested in looking around :)
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Hello buddy
Nice post, Thanks for sharing with us..
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