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Traffox | Monetize any traffic, pay more than competitors!

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Traffox | Monetize any traffic, pay more than competitors!

Hi! Let's get familiar :)
Traffox is a next-generation advertising network that monetizes and sells traffic on favorable terms. Thanks to the team's more than 5 years of experience in the traffic industry, they have been able to implement a high-quality product that combines the best qualities of similar projects, including:

    Profitable monetization of any traffic – RevShare 90-98%, fast payouts from $10, various advertising formats, and security;
    Guaranteed high CPM for publishers, both through active development of xml/json/oRTB integrations and direct advertisers;
    Individual integration for each publisher, taking into account their preferences for monetization, with flexible settings for each format;
    A modern anti-bot system that eliminates fraud and click fraud for advertisers;
    Effective and fast support at all stages of partner cooperation.
Now we are actively developing and connecting new partners, at the moment we have open registration for publishers.

⏳ Soon we will also open registration for advertisers, we will inform you about it in the future!

? To be honest, we have opened a while ago, so we are actively trying to connect new partners and work on our reputation in the first place. That's why we have maximum interest in making sure that you are pleased with monetization, write a good review and recommend us to your friends :)

Unlike big affiliate partners, we are willing to personally connect your site, choose the best advertisers and monetization formats for your type of traffic, so that it turns out to be both pleasant in terms of profit and safe.

If something will not suit you - always open to dialog, strive to solve any problems or shortcomings as quickly as possible.

Our main advertising formats:

[size=85]1. Classic push notifications

Advertising notifications natively displayed on the user's device.
They suddenly appeared and have proven to be one of the best formats for additional monetization for all websites.
They work on all Chrome-based browsers, including mobile devices (IPhone, Android, etc.). Since they are official tools of Google, all IPs treat them absolutely loyal.

? Bonus to push notifications:

    Direct Link - Don't have your own website? Not a problem - choose our landing page, drive traffic to it, collect push builder and monetize it profitably on RevShare[/li]
    TrafficBack - Get additional profit when working with Direct Link - each user after subscribing/unsubscribing will be redirected to a certain offer and you will be paid for it
    Deeplink - another addition to Direct Link, allowing you to redirect the user to your offer or to any other page. It is often used by sites with downloadable content.
2. In-page push

Static Push notification in the corner of your website that is shown to your visitors. The displayed offer inside depends on the user's GEO, device and other parameters. The user can close it at any time, which reduces the annoying and spammy nature of the format.
Format with one of the highest CTR and profit levels. A very good alternative to boring teasers or banners, which have already created "banner blindness" among users.

3. Popunder

Pop-up window on the user's screen after his 1st click on the content on your site.
A format that has been working for decades, and still brings good profits for publishers and conversion for advertisers.
Works across all browsers and devices.

You can read more about the formats and see examples of work on our website - traffox.net.

What to Expect?

We definitely succeeded in getting you interested, moreover, we are sure that with us you will simply get more $$$ doing the same thing as with competitors.

Let's just give it a try ✅

To all new partners who will start working before 01.12.2023, we guarantee 98% RevShare forever, daily withdrawals after checking the quality of traffic and individual support during the whole time of cooperation.

Registration - traffox.net

Telegram – https://t.me/traffox_support
Skype – live:.cid.73bfbf6f5b8d756e
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