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Hey Everyone,

Curious if any other Affiloblueprint members out there have picked up the newly updated book called, "The 4 Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss? The original print of this book was in 2006.. translated into 40 languages.

*This guys principles, wisdom and the information he shares is TOTALLY UP EVERYONES ALLEY who is involved with affiliate marketing.

Mark when are you going to have him on one of your webinars? Hahahaha

Read this overview on his blog.. Phenomenal book

Peleliuvet / Norcal

PS>> This isn't a plug.. I don't work for his company.. just really excited about sharing this phenomenal resource.
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Yes, I picked up that book in the summer of 2008. I was working a really horrible job that involved me violating a lot of my personal values. I got the audio version and listened to in probably 15-20 times while driving to and from work. I nearly have the whole book tattooed on my brain.

Honestly, I'm here because of that book. It really encouraged me to consider other ways of living my life (ie. not working for a huge company).

I just got the new version, but haven't had the time to dig into it just yet. I'm sure it's just as good or better than the first.
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Great book. Even though it goes to a bit extremes of virtual life but the concepts are good. I liked the book mainly because it kicks ass and is highly motivating.
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I haven't picked up the new one yet but I should since my old one is tattered and torn. The 4 Hour Workweek is the ultimate motivational guide as far as I am concerned and directly speaks to us as Internet marketers. Highly recommended!
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