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Rocket Languages vs. Pimsleur Languages

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Rocket Languages vs. Pimsleur Languages


What would you promote on a language learning website if you were me: Rocket Languages or Pimsleur Languages? And why?

Many thanks!
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I would look for information products like ebooks, video lessons, and online courses. Promoting language apps is also a good addition.
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Who's saying that you can only promote one? As an affiliate you can promote as many products on your site as you like.

If you're trying to choose a product to recommend as your "first choice", you need to consider the details of each affiliate program, as well as your own feelings towards each product.

If you contact Rocket Languages, they will probably be able to give you a copy of their software to try. (Or you can sign up for their free trial and get a taste of what's included.)

For Pimsleur you can probably go down to your local library and borrow a copy of their software. Or see if they have a trial. Or look at what other people say.

Then decide which one you think is going to sell better. You can look at their sales pages, look at their gravity/EPC statistics inside the affiliate network, consider how big the commissions are, etc, etc.

I get the feeling that Rocket Languages will probably give you bigger commissions than Pimsleur, but I haven't looked into it lately.

But then Rocket Languages is another company originally founded by Mark Ling, so we might be a little biased :)
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