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Rejected from CPA programs please help

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Rejected from CPA programs please help

Hello every one can any one help with cpa offers I have applied to join cpa offers but they all rejected me how do you guys get offers? Please help thank you
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Have you tried calling them after you put in your application?
Calling them makes a difference.

Also, they want to know that you are serious and know what you are talking about when it comes to CPA and affiliate marketing and not some black hat marketer.
They also like you to have a site that you can show them.
Prepare what you are going to say and never be nervous with them, you are their customer and they need you.
Tell them your site gets 10,000 vistors a mth and you do PPC in various Niches... but want to expand into CPA.

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A few things to check out
1) Your signup country
2) The site you are using to sign up. It might be having something negative e.g. a malware infection or some redirect to a bad site. Anything slightly blackhat or grey hat will get kick you out.
3) Something in the application form.

Call them up or sned them an email and ask the reason.
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You definitely need to have a running website before you can apply to these programs

There is a very good Free ebook by Gauher Chaudhry with a seperate chapter on "Applying To A CPA Network" You can check it out by clicking the following link.


Of course there is also an opt in.

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I would definitely call them right after you hit the submit button.

Be very confident, but not arrogant.

Tell them you promote using ppc. They may ask you for a website. This is to trip you up. Emphasize you are driving traffic using ppc.

Ask them, "What's hot?" and "Any good exclusives?" If you know, tell them what offer(s) you plan to promote. If you can tie the offer with a news event...even better. Let them know you are a player in this game and not some tire kicker.

But here is one secret, that will get you approved, I've never told anyone this and it works every time....


Say something like, "Yeah, I been around and was coached by Amit over at PPC Classroom"or "I was trained by Gauher...let's make some money..." Something like that. They all know Gauher, Mark Roth, Anik, Amish Shah, Keith Baxter. You can also start dropping their competitors names, ie "Yeah, I'm over at Azoogle and wanted to know what offers you guys have.". For you copywriters out there, this is using social proof at its best!!!

Hey that just reminds me. Call modernclick.com. They are owned by Keith Baxter. He'll let you in. If you have any problems with modernclick...PM me!

Hope this helps

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