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Regarding CarbonCopy Pro

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Regarding CarbonCopy Pro

hi! has anyone here got personal experience with carbobcopy pro ? Pls share your views on the subject.
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Always been curios myself.

Have a felling it's some sort of MLM, or pyramid thing.

Don't know for sure though.
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JC Dean
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You can find some CCP members' feedback on these threads. Most say the system works but is very expensive. It's not MLM but is similar in some ways because you earn by selling the distributor licenses to others who want to make money:

Is anybody a member of CarbonCopy PRO?

Anyone Know About Carbon Copy Pro?


Has anyone used Carbon Copy Pro???

Is Carbon Copy Pro only for the rich? Is it MLM?
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Customer Support

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CarbonCopy Pro is not MLM but was built for the direct selling industry,

The folks behind Carbon Copy are good marketers, although saying this, that was about 4 years ago when I was using it for a direct selling program. Things may of changed alot since then.
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I was with Carbon Copy Pro for one year...the length of time they recommend to start seeing results. No results, although I followed the system exactly as far as possible. I am still sure the system works if you have buckets of seed money (although the jury is out re the product they promote - "Wealthmasters" which you need to buy to promote Nett price = US$1400) End of the day, as a pensioner on a limited income and lots of money already spent it was recommended to me by "the millionaires club" that if I invested a further US$500 per month I would see benefits within 3 to 6 months (obviously not guaranteed) That is when I decided to cut my loses and move on. As a matter of interest my sponsor also resigned a month or two later.
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Ed Lange
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CCP (Carbon Copy Pro) has a product called Business in a Box. It is a tool for the other side of Internet Marketing; the Network Marketer sometimes referred to as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). It is a good product and tool for Network Marketers however it can catch people out who do not understand how to integrate Network marketing with Internet marketing.

If you are with Affilorama then you have, more than likely, gone down the path of the Affiliate marketer. The two paths are very different so my recommendation would be that if you are an Affiliate marketer, leave CCP alone as it will be of no value to you and probably cost you a considerable amount of money.

Network marketing has its place in that most MLM programs create a residual income if you know how to build a network of distributors. As an Affiliate marketer you may consider Network marketing as an additional stream of income and you can use your Internet marketing skills to build your network and get good results creating residual income.

If you are considering CCP; check out Magnetic Sponsoring first as this was designed for the Network marketer by one of the most successful in the business; Mike Dillard. Better still, do a Google search for MLSP (My Lead System Pro) and you will find many Network Marketers out there eager to sign you up. Jay Kubasek, who created CCP uses the MLSP system, go figure, and is one of the top marketers.

MLSP has an affiliate system built into it to help Network marketers generate an income stream to pay for lead generation, build a network of people and then find a primary program to promote (which may include CCP, Amway, Herbalife, ACN, etc). MLSP provides an excellent system to help Network marketers with lead generation plus it is the best training facility online for Network marketers. It includes Magnetic Sponsoring as part of the training and is one of the affiliate programs promoted by MLSP. The core of MLSP is Attraction Marketing which is what Magnetic Sponsoring provides.

How do I know this? I tried Network marketing and used MLSP; I made some money promoting MLSP and the best money came from Magnetic Sponsoring however, I later found that Network marketing was not for me so I switched to Affiliate marketing.

I hope this helps.

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John Albrett
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Good review, John! Very thorough.
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