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Physical Product Criteria

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Physical Product Criteria

Hi Guys,
In AB, Mark teaches us the specific criteria to note when deciding which clickbank product to promote e.g. what gravity and payout to look for etc.

Is there any criteria when looking for physical product? I see in one of the lessons that the commission should be at least $40. Are there other things e.g the monthly search volume etc etc?

Also do you think AB lessons are good for promoting physical product or does anyone has a course on physical product affiliate marketing to recommend.

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Hi Mag,

I woud recommend consumer wealth system.


It can take a while to get going but they have a super quick plan that you can follow if you're super dedicated. They recommend a minimum $30 commission. I would also get AMA to go along with it as a method of promotion.

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You can get an overall guess at the value of a products key word phase by how much people are paying per click in adwords. The more people are willing to pay per click to be at the number one spot the more likley the product is selling.

I look at the value of the key word more so than the product.

I also try to judge the amount of effort it will take to get to the number one spot, on the serps and the amount of traffic there is to be had with SEO

If you promote something that sells well, and get it high in the serps with little effort, and make one sale a day and recieve $2.00 commision, that is over $700.00 per yer.

Now say that you spent a total of 3 hours to make the site and add a few links, you would be earning $200.00 and hour for your time.

CWS is good, I also like Deadbeat Super Affiliate,
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Hi Mag,

You can still apply the AB lessons to promoting physical products. Of course, there might be slight differences, but the basics are the same. I would have to say JCDean's suggestions are very, very good. It is definitely true that if the keyword value is high and the PPC statistics are high, it only means that the product is very saleable, and highly competitive. The main reason why Mark prefers selling digital products is because the commissions are generally higher, and you don't have to deal with product defects or delivery issues as everything is done on the Net. So, I guess the main criteria for you to look at would be basically the same.....high gravity, and high commission payouts....
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