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Niche for first website

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Niche for first website

I want to start off with a Halloween theme for my first website and feature costumes as my commionable merchandise. If I start building the web site now... do you think I'll be poised to rake in some money come October?
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Wow! This scares me a little bit, no pun intended.

I would recommend you start by finding another niche, do keyword, keyword phrase, long tail keyword phrase research, find a solution to a need/want product, throw up a simple website through blogger, squidoo, hubpages, weeble, etc. and get sales coming in now.

Having said that, I'm not familiar with your skills or level of expertise. Once you have made some sales learning the "process," you will then be in an excellent position to buy your own domain, get a host, build virtual real estate you own using WordPress for your website. You will be amazed how quickly and well you will be set up for the Halloween season.

If I even thought it would take you from now until October to accomplish your goal, I would say you need some serious training and learning right now. There are many fine training products and locations to learn out there, at little or no expense. Affilorama is a great place to start.

If I have totally misjudged, misinterpreted, or assumed wrongly your post. I apologize. Let us know, please.
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greetings, all1

i've just joined affiloblueprint program and am thinking about antivirus, antispyware or registry cleanup as a first project. there's a lot of great keywords, some good affiliate plans, etc but a lot of competition.

suggestions, thoughts, comments, anyone?
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Cnpearce, that market has a lot of competition. You can break into that market using Mark's techniques but that is a very very competitive market. A lot of keywords have a large SEO competition and that is mainly because the PPC for the keywords in this market is expensive. If you're going to go for this niche as your first site then you better be ready. Any market has competition and competition is good. That is where the money is. But I believe that there are also markets that are too competitive to start with. If you dont have the skills to attack a very competitive market like this one then you have to be ready to achieve success longer than you are visualizing it right now. You will there eventually. So if you're ready to grind it out and take the road less traveled by most newbies then go for it!

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