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Need more niche-specific Affiliates - Where can I find them?

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Need more niche-specific Affiliates - Where can I find them?

I need more niche-specific affiliates for my sites. I only have a couple and they convert so-so. Any resources to finds some good converting, high paying commissions out there?
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Are you able to tell us which niche youre after? Clickbank has tons of products and theres a decent affiliate directory here too.
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Have you tried Google-ing and Yahoo-ing - "your niche" +affiliate
That's where I usually start before I search around the affiliate networks.

You can also snoop around your competitors sites to see who they are linking to, Traffic Travis to the rescue :lol:

Good Luck,
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Which affiliate sites have you signed up for and looked through?

Are you using cj.com or linkshare.com? There's also kolimbo.com.

Mark gives a list of affiliate Web sites in one of his tutorials.

Going beyond the big affiliate sites, I have found, if you do a search on your niche product and find bigger companies with products you want to sell, many of them have affiliate links on their sites or, if you contact them, they will give you information.
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Check out this site. http://www.cbengine.com Is like an advance tools for you to choice which product to promote from clickbank.

Hope that helps.


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