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Maximizing earnings with the Saily Affiliate Program

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Maximizing earnings with the Saily Affiliate Program

As I am always on the lookout for all kinds of passive income and money making opportunities, I recently came across the Saily eSim affiliate program, a new product offered by NordVPN, a well known and trusted brand, so I gave it a shot as my content is rather travel focused and fits the brand.

The signup https://saily.com/affiliate/ to the affiliate program is a breeze, it is really easy. The program is great for any kind of traffic you have, so definitely worth joining just for that. Simply fill out a brief form on their website, choose your payment method, and you're set. The whole process took just about 5 minutes and I immediately got promo ideas to get me started.

Benefits of partnering with Saily:
- Like mentioned above, ANY type of traffic and visitors work, an eSIM is needed for everyone who’s traveling so it’s a great product to promote.
- Saily being one of the cheapest eSIM options gives you higher conversion rates than its competitors.
- You’re getting 15% commissions from all sales, which is a decent rate for this kind of product. Their account manager also told me that if I drive higher volumes, I can expect a higher revenue share.
- Saily is not technologically complicated, so it's easy to promote and explain to even not tech savvy users. Moreover, it’s relevant for everyone - from travelers to remote workers.
- Payouts are made every month, they are also making payouts in crypto.
- They give a lot of promo material, from banners to even prepared texts that can easily be converted to articles with minimum effort.
- Very good support and communication from the partnership managers - all my questions were answered in max 2 business hours. To compare with another quite big eSim provider, it took about 1 week to get a response.

This program is an excellent entry point for anyone interested in making a buck on the side, whether you're just starting out or are an experienced affiliate marketer. I posted Saily content (a few reels, a set of stories) mainly on my Instagram and saw clicks almost immediately. With the traveling season just beginning, I think it’s a great opportunity to integrate Saily into your content because it's an easy product to work with.
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