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Make 25% Recurring Monthly Commissions On SEO Plans

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Make 25% Recurring Monthly Commissions On SEO Plans

SEOJuice is a highly popular and extremely effective search engine optimization company.

We have been around for the past 5 years and have seen everything from Google Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, and not only survived but excelled above our competitors to provide affordable SEO that provides a first page Google guarantee!

My name is Dave Adamson and I actually started my career through creating and ranking affiliate websites through Mark Lings lessons about 5 years ago,

Our plans start from $200 per month up to $500 per month and are extremely easy to attract clients due to the fact that we offer a 1st page Google guarantee AND no contracts. This gives potential clients the peace of mind and confidence to sign up very easily.

Give it a try. We are sure you will start closing your first clients within the month and lock in your massive commission rate of 25% per client.

High percentage recurring commissions truly is where the money is at. It allows you to accumulate your earnings each month which gives you limitless commission potentia that grows each month!

> http://seojuice.net/affiliates

This commission rate has only ever been reserved for affiliates who have sent us 20 or more clients, and they start on a 10% commission rate.

We are now ready to offer this maximum commission % to Affilorama members who sign up as an affiliate with us.

This will allow you to lock in your 25% commission rate for life!

Affiliate Example

If you're not really sure what you will realistically earn, here's a conservative example.

(Keep in mind we have only been open for affiliates for 6 months, and currently only have 8 affiliates - we have not been marketing this, UNTIL TODAY!)

John (not his real name) is a web designer, he lets his clients know about SEO whenever he completes a new website.

He has sent us between 1 and 3 clients per month for each month since he started 4 months ago. This is VERY conservative and with even a little promotion you can expect double these results.

So far, this has given him 10 active clients with us that he is earning commissions on.

2 clients are paying $200 per month, 2 clients are paying $300 per month, 5 clients are paying $400 per month, and 1 client is paying $500 per month.

We have recently upgraded him to 25% commission, he is currently earning $775 per month in commissions just by swinging some lazy clients our way

Even if he stopped promoting us altogether he will still be earning $775 every month that our clients are actively on their SEO plans without doing anything.

Suitable For Anyone

As you can see, being an SEOJuice affiliate is suitable for the casual affiliate marketer looking to compliment his monthly commissions, or the serious affiliate marketer looking to earn thousands per month in recurring commissions.

Most other affiliate services give you a commission per sale, giving you a once-off boost. But everyone knows the real money is recurring commissions which allow you to leverage your commissions and accumulate earnings each month regardless of how much time you put in.

We Make It VERY Easy

Our goal in raising our commission level to 25% is obviously to attract more SEO clients to our service and continue to grow our business.

This means that we want to make it VERY attractive for our affiliates to sign up and get started right away.

We want our affiliates to have the best experience possible and completely whitewash any other SEO firms offering affiliate services.

This is why we are giving affiliates this massive commission level to start with, and we have streamlined our sales-funnels and service offering to entice your referrals and make it extremely easy for clients to sign up on our site and provide you with plenty of recurring monthly commissions.

We are also not putting any minimum cap on commissions before payouts, we will be sending you commissions of ALL earnings every month regardless of the amount.

How to get started!

Step 1: Head over to our affiliate portal: http://seojuice.net/affiliates

Step 2: Sign up as a new affiliate (your commission level will be 10%)

Step 3: Send me an email or Affilorama PM with your affiliate username

Step 4: I will increase your referral rate to 25%

Step 5: Check out your affiliate portal to get your unique affiliate link, get banners and other promo material to add to your promotions/website

Step 6: Regularly check your affiliate portal to check referrals, commissions, and payments.

Affiliate Portal: http://seojuice.net/affiliates
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"This gives potential clients the piece of mind and confidence to sign up very easily." I stopped reading at "piece of mind." To give someone a "piece of my mind" has always meant to explain something rudely and harshly. To offer "Peace of Mind" has meant to ensure that your customer feels safe and secure in spending that much money a month. I am NOT the vocab cop. I AM a salesperson. First impressions are the most critical. Yours fails to provide "peace of mind"
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Thanks for that. Typo fixed.

I am a salesperson like yourself, we can sometimes tend to skim over the grammatical bits ;)

Let me know if you have any further questions.
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