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Looking for Best Pay Day Loan Programs

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Looking for Best Pay Day Loan Programs


We are looking at getting into lead generation and see payday loans could be a good start. Anyone know of the better affiliate programs for this, template sites, etc?

Thank you
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Hi John,

I haven't tried the PayDay Loans niche so I can't really recommend one. I did a little research and PayDay Mansion is at the top of the search. I'm not sure if they're any good as most of the reviews I found are most likely from their affiliates. Other members might be able to give you better feedback.

You might want to try posting this on the Affiliate Programs section of the forums so you can reach more members as only Affiloblueprint members have access to this area.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hey John,

Neverblue's affiliate network has one of the top payday loan verticals in the business. We have several advertising partners in the niche, and our campaigns have a variety of "actions" that produce conversions -- ranging from simple e-mail signups to full-form completions and sometimes credit checks (all with their own respective top payout).

I encourage you to contact me and sign-up to Neverblue (for FREE) from this URL: http://www.neverblue.com/affiliates/get-an-account.

**Although here at Neverblue we don't accept just anyone as an affiliate, if you sign-up make sure to contact me and let me know so I can work on getting you accepted quickly and hassle-free!**

Good-luck with everything, and I hope to hear from you soon so we can take a look at Neverblue's payday loans campaigns together!


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Joao Alhanati
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Hi John,

I'm the affiliate manager for CashAdvance.com. We've been one of the most trusted names in online payday lending since 1997, and have a great affiliate program where we offer our publishers $100 per lead, and we often run contests with cash bonuses.

I would love to chat with you if you're still looking for a payday loan affiliate program. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and we can set up a call!

Or you can apply via CJ by going here: http://www.cashadvanceinfo.com.

I'm here Mon-Fri and check our new applications often and am always around to answer questions! If you apply through CJ, make sure you have your sites listed in your profile that you intend to drive traffic from, or email me and let me know what your sites are so I be make sure to approve you.

Looking forward to possibly working with you!

[email protected]
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