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Looking for a truly GREAT I.M. coach!

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Looking for a truly GREAT I.M. coach!

I have a website that is pulling in north of $1000/month with MEGA potential to triple or quadruple sales. My goal is to get to 10x current sales but I am in need of PROFESSIONAL help. I need the best advice because I don't want to do anything to hurt what I got going on.

Does anyone know of a truly great person who offers professional internet marketing coaching?

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why would u need to find a coach if u already have managed to make 1k/month from your site.. does not make much sense at all. just duplicate the same things you have done with other sites , or with more pages
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Just upscale/duplicate what you have done so far.. is that possible in your niche?
It also really depends on how you are making the income.
Affiliate sales, adsense, advertising, JV's etc..

But a coach can be good for mindset and to run things by, so you know if you are on the right track.
Hope you find someone good.

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I have to agree with what others said above, you really don't need a coach. the biggest thing to do is spend that money on outsourcing instead of coaching. Pay other people to do the work for you and it will scale pretty quickly.
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A successful Affilorama member, Sean Morrissy, is offering coaching services: SixDayWeekend

I think James also does personalized coaching. ;)

All the best! :)

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing or recommending these services. I recommend that you do proper research and try to ask feedback from other members.
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I agree to the comments above, you have to spend a big amount for that. Just try to research on it if you doubt.
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