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Let's Disrupt The Entire Self-Help Industry!

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Let's Disrupt The Entire Self-Help Industry!

The Manifestation Revolution has started, wanna help us spread it?

We have are Joy Unfold and we have created Affirmations 2.0. A new, highly-effective forms of affirmations that will change the entire self-help industry forever.

Never in the history of self-help products like these were sold. This will transform the way people heal, grow and manifest. These products appeal to the the Law of Attraction/Spiritual niche, the self-development niche, and the mental health niche as well. In other words, insanely large pool of people to sell to and thus lots and lots of money to make. 

Main Product: Folded Affirmations, $77, 65% commission.

This is card #1, Intent (The Drowning Room):

Rewiring negativity needs only 2 quick steps:

Step #1: Read the negative part. Recognize its present and deny its power over you.


Step #2: Unfold the card. Read the complete affirmation and implant the image of the door in a seemingly closed room in your mind.


All cards are part of one story and each card rewires a specific negative trait in the mind using positive self-talk and positive imagery.

When you rewire negativity, it removes resistance thus making manifesting very easy and swift.

10 printable cards, for a 10-part journey of healing, growing, and awakening.

Customer gets a free I.M.U. (Initiation. Mending. Unfolding) ritual guide with 13 Raising Affirmations to combine with the Unfolding Process of Folded Affirmations.


It doesn't end there. There are two upsells:

- 2-Step Affirmations, $57, 50% commission.

- Thankful Affirmations, $37, 50% commission.

These products will sell faster than hot cakes because they're new, disruptive, and highly effective. This movement will spread like wildfire. Get in on the action now, and offer your audience the chance to purchase solutions that are still exclusive before other affiliates jump in and start promoting them.

You also have the opportunity to gain 10% commission from every Folded Affirmations sale that an affiliate you refer to us makes.

For more information:


[email protected]

We hope we join hands and help each other spread this unique movement all over the globe.

The Joy Unfold Team
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The Manifestation Revolution is starting, be part of it now.