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Is WakeUpNow An Affiliate Network?

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Is WakeUpNow An Affiliate Network?

is it a good idea to pay to be an affiliate i already join a company called Wakeupnow all i have to do is recruiting and promoting once i receive 12 people my commission $600 a month
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That sounds more like a network/multi-level marketing (MLM) program than an affiliate marketing program. I would be very cautious.

There are tons of affiliate networks out there that you can join for FREE. Neverblue (the network I am an AM for) and Commission Junction are just a couple of my favorite networks.

My main tip... do extensive research before buying any product -- especially a product you can get for FREE somewhere else.

What does everyone else think?
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Joao Alhanati
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Yup. Joao is right. Tis a MLM scheme. Here's some dude's discussing whether it's a scam or not:

http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2013/09/27/ ... s-opinion/

Here's a bit more about multi level marketing from ye olde Wikipedia.

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Much thanks to Joao and Aletta. A true sign of multi-level marketing is that the product you are selling does not pay your commission; the people you get to sign up is the basis of your commission. In the end, you are being paid to sell people not products or information. My advice, from a person who has done it all, is to research and learn about true affiliate marketing until you feel comfortable enough to know what you are signing up for.
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