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Is Affiloblueprint still up to date?

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Is Affiloblueprint still up to date?

Hi, can someone help me? Is Affiloblueprint still up to date? It looks like it's been around for a long while. Is it too late to start now or I still have a good chance?
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Yes, the AffiloBluePrint course is still up to date. The program provides a step-by-step course in creating an affiliate website. The course provides the information necessary to fullfill the on-page SEO requirements for websites.

Off-page SEO information is available on AffiloRama along with the company's forum. The AffiloRama members are very willing to assist in search engine optimization as well as backling traffic creation.

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Hi davidlew123,

Welcome to Affilorama! :)

Affiloblueprint is still current but some of the lessons need updating like the PPC section. The course provides good background on building a website and driving traffic to it regardless. You might also find this thread helpful:

Affiloblueprint: Is it still current?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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yeah, its still upto date.
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