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I'm only making money from Adsense

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I'm only making money from Adsense

Dear Affilo-buds and Budd-ettes,

Here is my honest to God status right now. I have been making about $200.00 to $300.00 a month off of my electric bikes -n- scooters site just doing Google Adwords.

I would like to make money off of other affiliate stuff, but I have been getting a few checks from Clickbank but nothing major there.

I don't use PPC because I figure that if I am making money without it, why bother? By the way, Google has just changed its rules concerning Adwords. I just saw the notice today. I would tell you what it said but I didn't understand it, anyway.

The problem I have been having is that it is hard to sell stuff that is related to electric bicycles and electric scooters because there just isn't enough stuff there. The best I can do is sell through Amazon and possibly Walmart. I have only made $3.00 off of actually selling someone's electric bike stuff.

I want to start making money off of different avenues of this. I'm getting OK traffic but I need to do more than just Adsense stuff. Any suggestions??

Anyone that is making money off of just one source, should not sleep well at night. -Dan Kennedy

God Bless,

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Mark Ellis a.k.a. "ELMO" Owner Ellistrations http://www.ellistrations.com
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Hi Elmo,

I highly recommend that you persist promoting Clickbank affiliate offers as they have high payouts (60-75% are the better ones), compare that to amazon.com (5%) and there really is no comparison.

That's great you are making money from google adwords though, at least that's a start. I know some people earning over $10,000 a day from adwords, so it certainly is possible to scale that area up. But as far as affiliate income is concerned, there are a lot of high profit affiliate programs in the clickbank marketplace that I'm sure you could earn a great commission if you are good at driving relevant traffic.

Did you listen to my interview about web 2.0 traffic strategies on my blog? That might help you get more visitors to yours sites.

If you are looking for profitable affiliate markets in clickbank, here are a few:

Learn Japanese
Body building
weight loss
Wholesale Supplier databases
learn french, spanish, german etc
learn guitar
learn to sing
learn songwriting
learn piano
turn your car into a hybrid (water & fuel)
conversational hypnosis
dog training
cat training
attract men secrets
attract women secrets
save marriage tips
learn sign language
how to get pregnant
world of warcraft strategy
and many more...

Hope this helps, keep up the good work, and great to hear from you again!

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I really appreciate the advice that you give and the time that you have taken to give it.

I tried like crazy to make money with click bank, but I barely made any money with it. I guess I wasn't doing it correctly.

I used the strategy you taught me for building a site but I can't find too many products on click bank that are compatible with my electric bikes and scooters site to promote. The closest thing that I have to that on my site is a water to gas conversion thing. However, I really don't like promoting that item too much because it seems too good to be true.

Yeah, I'd love to do the click bak thing but I just don't know how to approach it. Should I build sites around that specific subject or just try to use the one we already have.

Thanks again Mark!

God Bless,
Mark Ellis :twisted:
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Mark Ellis a.k.a. "ELMO" Owner Ellistrations http://www.ellistrations.com
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You are right there doesn't seem to be much in Click Bank related to electric bikes.

Are there any other subjects that might be of interest to electric bike owners?

An example of what I mean is I have a dating and relationship site, and a subject that a lot of them are interested in is fitness. After all it's easier to get a date if you are in shape.

So what I'm getting at is can you think of any products other than bike that fit into your site topic?

Have you thought about writing your own book and selling it through Click Bank?

As for selling the other products, you want your site to be related to the product you are selling. If people are visiting your site to find out about electric bikes they aren't interested in eye makeup.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post. Yeah, it is always hard to find products to promote through click bank when you have a site that is dedicated to electric bikes.

As for making my own book, I don't know what type I would write or if I would have the time to write one right now. Anyway, thanks again for your comments!

God Bless,

ELMO :evil:
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Mark Ellis a.k.a. "ELMO" Owner Ellistrations http://www.ellistrations.com
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Howdy guy's... I hope you have found a way to boost your affiliate commission's... I am leaving a post here in regard to the water for gas thing,

This has been of interest to me for some time, and like you I do not want to promote crap! But the fact of the matter is my friends that it is not to good to be true, and that technology has been around for years now...

So I recommend anyone to promote the legitimate site...

(broken link removed)

any feedback for on my site is appreciated...

pugsie malone :twisted:
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Elmo, so you are making $2-300 a month with adsense? You have done it once why not try it again?

If you can make 5 of these, well you can do the Maths plus one of these might bring in some good revenue from clickbank.

I have one good affiliate site and I use the money from that to buy other IM products or try new things, I dont think I can make any more with my affiliate site so am always looking at making more but you have to spend what you are making on it.
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