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How to promote our in-house affiliate?

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How to promote our in-house affiliate?

We just launch our inhouse affiliate( affiliate.gearbest.com). But we do not how to promote our affiliate program. We have cooperation with some affiliate directory websites. But it seems did not increase our traffic.

Is there anyone could give us some suggestions?
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You should also incorporate different traffic strategies to your website such as SEO, SMM, or invest in paid ads. The more time you spent on promoting your website and the more effort you put in branding your site, the better.
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Have a look at below, how you can go about it.

1. Try to turn customers into affiliates. You can do this by simple marketing your affiliate program to your customers. Put it in the follow-up series via email or in the product itself. Turning customers into affiliates makes them stickier, and they are low-hanging fruit to go after.

2. You can seek outside influencers simply through direct outreach. I like to combine it with content marketing. So for example, if I go to write a guest post somewhere, I will invite the influence to become an affiliate. It makes sense because I will be promoting my product through the post, and therefore why not have that link be an affiliate link for them.
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